TNBT who posted the link I saw a few days ago

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Post by nstarun » Tue, 14. Sep 10, 19:12

sorry to revive a long dead thread, but what makes people think egosoft will announce this game when the superbox is released?

i also want to know what tnbt is, it could influence when i buy a new desktop (i've been rocking a laptop for years...)

please not an MMO!!

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Post by EmperorJon » Tue, 14. Sep 10, 19:33

Well, it wasn't long dead. Less than a month.

We've had several years before... 5 is the record IIRC?

Anyway, it's annoying to know they've been working on TNBT for 4 years now, and that all their employees know what it is... and we don't.

But I'll tell you what, when they release it it'll be worth the wait.
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Post by you_rebel_scum » Tue, 14. Sep 10, 19:34

seems to me that w.e it is that they have planned was not possible 4 years ago and may have just been an idea, perhaps they have been waiting for the technology in gaming to advance to a level by which they can tackle the concept
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Post by rafaelskywalker » Thu, 24. Feb 11, 14:30

Well, it's 2011 now, they've just released the X3TC 3.01 patch, saying that their efforts is directed towards this TNBT.
Despite being a bit obvious, I state sincerely that all I can hope for in this game, is what i've hoped for X3TC and unfortunatedly didn't happen, and in my oppinion really killed the great capabilities of the game: Make the game engine multicore capable dear Egosoft, please.

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Post by Shootist » Thu, 24. Feb 11, 17:00

More than anything; please, please, please, stay away from consoles.

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Post by Nanook » Thu, 24. Feb 11, 19:36

And one more thing, please don't dredge up six month old threads. :roll:
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