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Posted: Sat, 13. Feb 10, 15:54
by bob4356
Found a nice blind hole on the Khaak corvette too. Dead behind the engines at about 150m range, it can't hit you too often. Nothing quite so satisfying as taking out a corvette class in a Terran Sabre.

Posted: Thu, 18. Feb 10, 13:07
by RyuKazuha
Updated to include Gazz' approach.

Posted: Thu, 18. Feb 10, 13:28
by Gazz
Heh. Texas Chaingun Massacre.

Very entertaining writing style all throughout. A lot of guides are such terribly dry reads.

Posted: Thu, 18. Feb 10, 15:05
by perkint
A drawback to the EBC approach is that, since the cap guns will be equiped, they will never be dropped as bounty.

Just thought it was worth mentioning :)


Posted: Thu, 18. Feb 10, 15:08
by RyuKazuha
This is a combat guide, not really about scrapping enemies for salvage, so I'll not add that as a downside.

Posted: Thu, 18. Feb 10, 16:16
by Gazz
Maybe pointing out the obvious but if someone doesn't look up a shiptype in this list but only scans an enemy ship and sees that there is no top turret in the list, it takes very little imagination to figure out that the top might be relatively safe.

But if I have learned one thing then that there is no "obvious" when explaining something. =P

Posted: Thu, 18. Feb 10, 17:02
by RyuKazuha
You said it yourself, explaining something means pointing out the obvious above all other. I've seen various Profs now, that have several doctoral levels yet don't figure the reason for their PC not starting is simply the main power switch turned off. (It's really funny to see your !computer science! prof open a computer for that very reason and turning him into a tomato upon being told the truth...)

Posted: Wed, 2. Jun 10, 02:41
by Nexuswolf
Here's some tips from when I managed to take a Kha'ak corvette out in my Terran M4 near the beginning, one shield missing and only 2 guns.... plus a load of retries :P

It's rotating 'fins' will play havok with you, it's difficult to track if the main body has rotated or turned, and will mask/cover it's turrets when your attacking it from behind, which may seem a good thing sometimes, but you could be blasting away thinking your safe and suddenly it's slamming you with it's beams. Watch this carefully.

I noticed that it used beta and alpha emitters, betas (white/blueish) on the top, alphas (purple) on the bottom. You wont be able to always avoid them, you probably will always be getting hit, so make sure it it has to be one, make sure it's the alphas.

This is part of why it's spinning 'fins' are annoying, they can end up disorientating you and lining you up for the betas, which will hit and hurt unless you at it's range limit and your strafing your little thrusters off.

Keep your distance too, if you loose your position just retreat, it's much better that way.

Bottom line, your going to get hit, make sure it's just the alphas, and retreat when your low on shields, 50% to be safe, your shields should regenerate faster then it's, just take your time :)

Posted: Mon, 5. Jul 10, 21:32
by dctrjons
Don't ignore strafing with 'vettes, there is a chance with smaller ships that they miss and the further you are the better.

There is a travel time, by appearances it's just a delay between the beam appearing and the 'trigger' pulled and by the figures that delay is 350ms or less depending on distance. (-Beta, Alpha is much harder to dodge, but only because it's range is shorter)

However, you can strafe a good ~10-20m in the delay between the ship firing and the beam forming. That is enough for a miss, as long as you keep changing direction.

You will still be hit, there is a momentum delay any time you change direction and the ROF will catch up to you, so I recommend a smooth cycle strafe. I've had a good 5 seconds of misses ~2-2.5km before the distance was too short. But by then the shields are down.