X3TC: Repair Laser + SETA... huh?

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Solomon Short
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X3TC: Repair Laser + SETA... huh?

Post by Solomon Short » Sat, 12. Sep 09, 17:45

Here on the forums I've seen numerous mentions (or I've seen the same mentions numerous times, can't be certain) of using the Repair Laser & SETA in conjunction to repair ships in a timely manner, however I can't work out how to use the laser without disrupting SETA, & my search-fu (I'm a search-fool) isn't upto finding out how this is achieved...

Help? (NB: Already "Modified", so if I need a script that isn't a problem)

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Post by Technojerk36 » Sat, 12. Sep 09, 17:51

Well normally pressing and holding left control and j at the same time works for me.
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Post by Gazz » Sat, 12. Sep 09, 17:52

The auto aim script lets you set the laser to autofire without having to hold down anything. =)
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Solomon Short
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Post by Solomon Short » Sat, 12. Sep 09, 19:05

Thank you gentleman, I'm embarrassed to have to say that Technojerk36's solution was too simple to occur to me... :-(

I will also try Gazz's script since I have so many others of his. :-D

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Re: X3TC: Repair Laser + SETA... huh?

Post by X3DW » Sat, 29. Dec 18, 18:42

Answering this, not for the sake of the original poster (more than 9 years ago!) but because:
1. his original question was not resolved,
2. I came here just now searching for the same exact info,
3. I took some time to figure it out

So go ahead and shout necro all you want; I don't really care.

To answer the question, then: Apparently code exists somewhere that assumes the default key configuration, because it is true that this trick won't work (or at least I and perhaps the OP couldn't get it to work for this reason) with some modified keys.

I changed my SETA to shift-T and my boresight (normally unused) to right-ctrl. This does not work. I tried various combinations, even O and L, respectively, and they did not work, either. The only combo I was able to get to work was ctrl + one character. I settled on boresight (B) and SETA (right ctrl). Interestingly, reversing the two keys does not work. Strange stuff.

So there you have it.

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