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Post by BoronSticks » Sun, 18. Sep 05, 18:54

Mazruk wrote:Hey TD, it's about time someone updated the guide wrt the 1684 trading station bug - it no longer exists.

Most of my SPPs are set to buy crystals at 1794 (makes an insignificant difference to costs vs profits) and they still buy from trading stations when they have stock.

However, the reason I set it higher than 1684 is that when trading stations are out of stock (a frequent occurence!) I can still buy direct from crystal fabs. Basically, I get a double shot at grabbing all available crystals which means the AI SPPs struggle to get a look in, which in turn means more demand for e-cells from MY SPPs :twisted:
You seem to be misinformed. On 2 counts.

1) As xria points out, AI SPP's won't really give a hoot.
2) The 'bug' still DOES exist, my empire counts on it and hasn't been let down yet.

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Post by yingjai » Fri, 30. Sep 05, 08:53

I would have to point out that Shore of Infinity isn't as good of a place to put your SPP as they rated.

The defence there pretty much sucked. 17 Khaaks appeared in the sector with no Boron military in sight. My Demeter on a trip selling ecells with 2x25mw shielding didn't stand a chance. I had another Demeter with no shielding docked there with an APSG so I used the Jumpdrive and bought 3x25mw shields and went back to fight off the Khaaks. Managed to kill off some of them when they were in a big group. After about half an hour realtime, a single Boron M6 sector patrol shows up and joins in. After a long time, the both of us finally defeat the last Khaak. Oh yeah, I had my SETA on at 10x all the way. During combat, I just used the "attack all enemies" command and watched at 10x.

Also, the area is so short on crystals. I had to employ 2 Scorpions to buy crystals and they sometimes go as far as 4 sectors away to get them. Maybe I'm inexperienced with SPPs (3 in total so far), but the other 2 SPPs are always fully stocked on crystals even when they have a lower rating.

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Post by Mazruk » Fri, 30. Sep 05, 10:17


When you say the bug still exists - in what way? The bug is described in this thread as being the only way you can buy from trading stations is to set your price to 1684. Well I can buy from trading stations with ANY price from that or over (with normal station bound TSs using buy at best software).

What version do you think the bug still exists in? I'm using 1.4 and it doesn't exist as described previously.

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Post by Tiddlywink » Mon, 10. Oct 05, 15:20

I thought Red light was quite a good sector for a SPP.
(Hope this helps :)
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Post by gmoney202 » Sun, 7. Jan 07, 22:01

First let me thank you for an execellent tuturial. Second. i have only been playing for 2 days now so im brand new. I just bought my first ssp and placed it in argon prime-maybe not the best choice but a nice solid starting point with high security. the problem is that the avg sector price (im guessing what the (##) next to my selling price is) is only at 13. can i sell energy at 13 and still make a profit? and is it worthwhile to buy up all the energy at other stations to drive the price up?

on a secondary note-i think the problem to the economic system in the game can be traced directly to the wheat farms. they just dont produce enough fast enough and it causes a bottle neck that slows everything else down and stops making other stations profitable. is there a script out there that would alter the cylce speed/output speed of the wheat farms? on another post in the future ill post my reasoning im kinda in a rush but I think if u fix the wheat production u could make other stations more profitable.

thanks again for the tuturial

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Post by Danno » Sun, 7. Jan 07, 23:48

Boy gmoney202, you revived an old one here!

If you're playing X2, you can't go wrong following this guide. If you're playing X3, then there have been a few changes.

Argon Prime... Not the best location. Red Light or Herron's Nebula might have been better, but you still might make it work. You're going to need to get a selling ship. Then set your selling price to 19 or 20cr., limit your ships to traveling 1 sector and let her rip. Don't forget to make your crystal buying price 1684.

Don't expect to make any profits for a while though. It'll take a while for your factory to fill up on Crystals. Good Luck!

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Post by gmoney202 » Mon, 8. Jan 07, 17:02

Well luckily for me having been playing for a short time it wasnt too much work for me to simply restart the game:) i think this time im going to set up in kingdoms end like everyone else and we ll see what happens then. The reason i had to restart is simple-there were NO crystals available within 5 sectors. i waited 2 hours before decideding that im better off just restarting the game(buying the spp about broke the bank) and doing things correctly this time. I am a playing x2 v 1.4 btw.

Also i m still wondering if there is a way to "Fix" the wheat farms? Im not sure what the cycle time is for wheat farms but i know it seems to be alot longer than the cattle ranch. and only producing 10 units a cycle is insane. in order to make the economy work it would need to produce closer to ~80 a cycle condsidering all the diffrent stations that rely on wheat as a prmary/secondary resource. Im going to post on the mods section too just figured id also ask here.

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Post by Shaf » Sun, 16. Mar 08, 00:22

Thank you TD for making it real easy and fun to make CR :)
Now i have a problem... Earlier today i got a SPP set up in Herron’s Nebula. My first one was in Kingdom's End which has been working great.
But in Herron’s Nebula iv lost 1 Argon Express (buying crystals) and 1 Boron Dolphin (Selling energy). How can i keep the Khaak from making my ships into dust? Im not getting a big profit out of needing to buy new ships all the time :P
Thank you for your help!
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