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X3 Printable Minimaps ; TC: 2.7, R: sometime

Posted: Sun, 21. Jun 09, 00:46
by Aro
No longer hosted on Mediafire.
Map versions are the same as the game version they are updated for. The PDF version are also searchable :wink:. Just save these links to your computer.

X3:R Minimaps Version 2.5
Flat (GIF 134kb): X3R Basic Map
Printable (PDF 149kb): X3R Print Friendly

X3:TC Minimaps Version 2.7
Flat (GIF 192kb): X3TC Basic Map
Printable (PDF 180kb): X3TC Print Friendly

Please check for other stuff too.

Posted: Sun, 21. Jun 09, 00:53
by Shagsbeard
All sorts of virus warnings went off when I went to that site.

Posted: Sun, 21. Jun 09, 01:02
by Skite
Shagsbeard wrote:All sorts of virus warnings went off when I went to that site.
Might be some ads running there, I use AdBlock for Firefox and Avast! for malware protection. Neither was giving any warnings, but AB might have blocked the faulty ads.

ON-Topic: Nice map, Aro!
I prefer grid-like maps, though.

Posted: Sun, 21. Jun 09, 23:31
by Aro
Grid maps are a dime a dozen :wink:.
No virus warnings here either, wouldn't have put it there if any happened. So has anyone printed it to comment on my questions?

Anyone else getting virus warnings from MediaFire?

Posted: Sun, 21. Jun 09, 23:56
by TTD
No virus warning.I have Zone Alarm Free,AVG Free and Spybot Search and Destroy.

Downloaded and viewed. Out of ink but it looks good on-screen.

Well done. Plain and simple if all you want to know is where a place is and how to get there.

Grid maps are more informative,but yours is more in keeping with the in-built universe map.(but color coded for race info).

Posted: Mon, 22. Jun 09, 23:04
by Aro
Yeah, these versions are minimaps. After this version is finalized work can progress to step 2 and possibly step 3 (being a map with far more information and not printer friendly, though it would look cool if printed).

Posted: Tue, 23. Jun 09, 10:08
by TTD
There is one for X3R that has a Nebula background.

Don't know if it was updated for TC.

Now that would look good as a large wall poster.

Posted: Tue, 23. Jun 09, 10:20
by EphemeralDeception

As a topological map it is an excellent representation and is great for people wanting to know how tp get from A to B quickly. Print is OK with smallish text but I do not like that the Earth sectors are perpendicular.

However the map is of little use to me personally. Other maps show Shipyards, core sectors, Eq.Docks etc. In other words a custom map that adds value to the in game map.

Posted: Mon, 14. Jun 10, 03:19
by Aro
Just a little post to inform everyone that the TC map has been updated to version 2.7.
And Reunion version 2.5 maps are up.