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To All New X2 Players - Starting Out * SPOILER ? * UPDATED

Posted: Wed, 11. Feb 04, 00:16
by Nanook
My advice to neophyte X2 players:

Start your game is easy mode. You will receive a fully maxed Discoverer with most essential avionics. Then do the first two plot missions offered. The first mission will net you ~15K credits. After you land at TerraCorp HQ near the end of the second mission, strip and sell all equipment from the Express you were loaned. After finishing the mission, sell the beatup Mercury you were given as a reward at the shipyard in Argon Prime.

You should now have close to 400K. Now fly to Kingdom End, which is west-north-north-north of Argon Prime. This is the Boron homeworld sector. Dock at the Royal Boron Dry-dock. You now have a decision to make, fight or trade. If you opt to fight, buy a Boron Mako, which is an M4 class fighter. If you opt to trade, buy a Boron Dolphin, a TS class freighter.

Whichever one you chose, fully upgrade the speed. Now, if you bought the Mako, get the best weapons and shield you can afford. If you got the Dolphin, go for the best shields you can afford. Don't be afraid to spend all your credits.

Once you have your ship of choice, transfer all the equipment you can from the Discoverer and then sell it. This will give you about 30K. Next, fly to the local Equipment Dock and sell the shields and weapons you stripped from the Discoverer. This should net you about 30K more.

If you have the Mako, you can use this cash to further upgrade it, or just save it for later. You are now equipped to go hunting pirates. Good Hunting! :D

If you have the Dolphin, you now have enough credits to start trading. This early in the game, you may be lucky to find a full silicon mine in Kingdom End. If so, buy as much silicon as you can. Now fly through the East Gate into Rolk's Drift. There are four stations there that buy silicon. With luck, you may be able to double, or even triple your investment. You are now off to a profitable trading career. Good Profitsss! :D

If you find this thread useful, please give a short reply so other new players will find it. Thanks :)

EDIT: Updated for 1.4. Note the change from 'Manta' to 'Dolphin' for the freighter choice. This is because TP ships are limited to L-class cargo in the latest patch, which precludes buying silicon and ore. Also, the price on the Mantas have increased dramatically, making them less attractive for starting out.

Posted: Wed, 11. Feb 04, 15:42
by pixel
useful tips :)

Posted: Wed, 11. Feb 04, 22:34
by Nanook
Thanks pixel. Over 400 views and no replies. I was beginning to think noone cared :( Thanks for bumping it up :)

Posted: Wed, 11. Feb 04, 23:51
by Lutzie
Or... you could start on normal and after you've stripped the hired express buy your own SPP...

Posted: Thu, 12. Feb 04, 00:58
by djunker
do you have some tips on setting up a nice factory as well? :)

Posted: Thu, 12. Feb 04, 01:04
by MarJay
I think not many people replied because they've all gone to put the tips into practice! :)

Posted: Thu, 12. Feb 04, 01:09
by MrA
Thanks for the suggestions Nanook :) .

djunker, try & go to Downloads & then X2 Universe Economy. Very good articles IMO.

Posted: Thu, 12. Feb 04, 01:18
by Nanook
djunker wrote:do you have some tips on setting up a nice factory as well? :)
Yeah, make lots of credits as a trader or fighter, then set up a SPP (Solar Power Plant) almost anywhere :)

Except President's End :lol:

Lot's of good info at the top of the board and other places on setting up factories. :)

Posted: Thu, 12. Feb 04, 01:19
by BDC
Cool, thanks for the tips!


Posted: Thu, 12. Feb 04, 01:25
by RustiSwordz
Yeah ditto, thanks dude.

Another tip from a neophyte

Posted: Thu, 12. Feb 04, 07:10
by strain601
If you forget to strip and sell the equipment from the Express TP that you're given. You can pick up some odd-jobs from any Free Trading station.

I particularly like to take the jobs where people ask for rides to different stations. It's quick and easy and all I have to do is set my autopilot to dock at the destination and turn on the SETA.

A bit time-consuming at best, but it's still money in the bank.

Posted: Thu, 12. Feb 04, 09:05
by xaviertwav
thanks man, i found this to be really useful coz i m NOOB!!!!!
haven;t played any space sim in ages, (last one i played was FreeSpace 2) which was pretty good. Finally i can start some trading..heh 8)

Posted: Fri, 13. Feb 04, 05:14
by Nanook
If you find this thread useful, please give a short reply so other new players will find it. Thanks :)

Posted: Fri, 13. Feb 04, 13:49
by Orrah
Thanks a lot for the tips there! Makes it a lot easier to get started off :D

I bought myself a Mako and have been capturing Pirate ships to fund my brand new SHINY power plant. :lol:

Thanks again!

Posted: Fri, 13. Feb 04, 14:39
by squidinc
cheers :)
really useful tips, I think I'll have a go

( new to this game, almost gave up )

another quick question ( probably been asked before a million times )
is going through the whole story really necessary? do the khaak attack any way if I don't go beyond mission 2? I've no real interest in the story :)