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Posted: Thu, 1. Jul 10, 08:14
by Alex Corvis
Aaaahhhh, :oops: no we don't need to go on. I checked the viewer version and didn't realize that the actual version is and not which I used :oops:

With the newest version everything is fine.


A. Corvis

Posted: Thu, 1. Jul 10, 20:55
by exogenesis
Ah ok then,
all well that ends well :)

Posted: Sat, 21. Aug 10, 18:18
by orion_1394
i know this is kinda random but is there anyway to view the models on a computer without the game installed? as in is there only specific files i need in order to view them?

Posted: Sat, 21. Aug 10, 19:28
by exogenesis
A small fraction of the file count, but >50% of the total file size is needed for full functionality:

full TC install (no mods or backup files) :
Total Files Listed: 895 File(s) 8,433,881,235 bytes

min files needed for viewer to work:
Total Files Listed: 30 File(s) 4,651,618,269 bytes

The file list seems to be :

all the .dat/cat files (currently 24 files)
X3TC.exe (can be a dummy file with this name)

All files above with '44' in them are for English, if you want other languages you need other files,
e.g. the '49' ones for German, & then the text file lang.dat would need to contain 49 instead of 44
(or use the 'change language' in the viewer).

Anyway, not sure why you want to do this since you need >50% of the disc space & the files can
only be got from an installation anyway, so not sure what you looking to do exactly...

Posted: Sat, 21. Aug 10, 19:52
by orion_1394
just want to keep the files on usb so i can view them cause i wanna model out some concept ships so having the 3d model view of them would really help in inspiration as well as understanding some modelling of ships for certain effects

linux wine X3 models viewer

Posted: Sun, 12. Sep 10, 21:16
by Draics constant

Posted: Tue, 14. Sep 10, 00:15
by exogenesis
Not ignored, PMs, but....

No Linix WINE no love - probably too long a haul.
Maybe we can work it out long term, perhaps.

Posted: Sat, 2. Oct 10, 10:55
by rkrisher
Well, I tried it in wine on a Debian system but it crashed. If I config wine to run the program as "Windows 98" the main screen does pop up but still dumps an error file. Don't know how to get the dump file to you.


is what appears in the dump file.

Posted: Sat, 2. Oct 10, 15:08
by exogenesis
Almost went as far as installing a Linux (Ubuntu flavour) + WinE,
but stopped cos I can't see any likely way to get MSVisualStudio
compiler/debugger to work within that environment.

So although the dmp files are showing when/what crashed,
(running MSVisStudio debugger under Windows),
I can't run a debug session of the viewer under Linux to find what's wrong.

This incompatibility (?) crash is most likely to be solved by a Linux version of the viewer,
but can't see me doing that atm, sorry...

Posted: Mon, 1. Nov 10, 08:56
by Litcube
Hm. The app won't load. It shows the loading screen, but hangs.

Compatible with Windows 7?

Edit: No .dmp file was created.

Edit: I got it to work, but I had to strip everything except the required files going by your guide:

all the .dat/cat files (currently 24 files)
X3TC.exe (can be a dummy file with this name)

Posted: Mon, 1. Nov 10, 20:45
by exogenesis
Shouldn't really need to do that obviously,
what files are in your mods directory ?

Scripts don't affect the viewer,
but mismatched/missing xml files for a mod might
(whether the pck/xml is in a cat or uncompressed in t dir),
certainly a missing .dat file for a .cat file (& vice-versa) will.

Posted: Mon, 6. Dec 10, 00:14
by Andr3as

first of all a BIG THANK YOU for that great tool. I have a suggestion (maybe it is already included and I'm to stupid to find it):

- It is possible to rotate the ship with the mouse but it would be also great to shift the view to all directions (left, right, up and down) with the arrow keys:

for example: you rotate the ship to the position (e.g. horizontal) you want, then you zoom in (maximum) and then you can move around with the arrow keys (e.g. to view the left front in max zoom).

Best regards,


Posted: Mon, 6. Dec 10, 03:53
by exogenesis
Hi Andy,

joined May 2003 and 4th post ?, that must be some sort of record :)

This has come up before, but I never got around to doing anything about it,
it's a good idea cos it's annoying not being able to see some bits of the models
you really want to focus on.
Shouldn't be too difficult I guess.

I'm unlikely to get to the thing I was hoping to do, i.e.
combining the model-viewer/asteroid-seeker/complex-calc/other-things in one package,
so perhaps I should review this & various other past suggestions for the
viewer with the aim of making a new version at some point.

I'll see if I can allocate some time/effort...soonish

Posted: Sun, 12. Dec 10, 22:31
by exogenesis
Had a go at Andy's suggestion to see if was useful,
turns out to be quite an improvement, more so than I thought.

New version :

EDIT: made this the main version, no point in delaying for comparative testing.

All changes from previous version are as described below,
download link is in original post in this thread.


Example with Elite M4 ship detail:
(a) initial view
(b) shift-clicked on round light on wing-tip (and mouse-wheel a bit):
(c) click-drag to rotate - it rotates around the clicked point:
(d) further mouse-wheel, get's it up close, which is the effect Andy was looking for I think:

(a) Image (b) Image
(c) Image (d) Image

When the viewer is in 'mouse control' mode (white mouse button in the toolbar) then :

1. you can now shift model(s) up/down/left/right/in/out in the screen axes (i.e. orthogonal to your viewing-plane)

2. you can now roll/yaw/pitch model(s) in their local axes (i.e. as in-game)
Image or Image

At any time (& the most useful change) :
3. you can now 'Shift + Left-mousebutton-click' anywhere on a model & that 3D-point becomes the centre of 3D-rotation.

4. The rotation given with left-button-down-mouse-movement (click-drag) is now more intuitive, it used to be
a bit confusing, now rotation 'follows' the mouse-cursor more closely which is hopefully clearer.

Other bits:

Pressing Ctrl key is now used for 'move/rotate all models together' (was the right mouse button),
applies to all the above & to mouse rotations (ie left-mouse-button down & move mouse around)

While right-mouse-button is down, each view shows a marker indicating the centre of rotation for each model,
you can rotate models like this as well (i.e. don't need to press left-mouse-button at the same time).

The clock toolbar-button (Reset Animation) 'resets' all of the above transforms,
maybe it needs a separate button for each tranform set (?)

Relevant things that are still the same :
1. mouse-wheel still makes the camera to model view distance larger/smaller.
2. everything else...

I'll have to update the manual at some point if this beomes the new OP version.

Might need feedback about my choice of buttons though, not sure it's optimal,
or even available on all keyboards (?)

Posted: Mon, 13. Dec 10, 03:34
by kotorone1
Thanks! this will really help me figure out how the turrets shoot