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Posted: Sun, 11. Jan 09, 21:48
by Thelic
Don't worry. You don't want to see the Valhalla. Ship is fugly. XTM Valhalla is a beauty, though.

Posted: Mon, 12. Jan 09, 01:06
by AjRyder
Gavrushka wrote:
brucewarren wrote:Atreus Shipbuilding in Queens Space gave me a Prototype Skate
Give it back - My least favourite ship - it's got such a big profile it's like flying a barn door at a turkey shoot.... Although it's good for hiding Capital class Ships behind..
Thats good news mine blew up!!!! :lol:

Posted: Tue, 13. Jan 09, 21:36
by VincentTH
I think they have changed the rewards. I am currently OTAS Legend 100% and they just ask me to do more work for them. I have received the OTAS M6 at OTAS Hero (one level below Legend).

Fingers crossed.

Posted: Mon, 16. Mar 09, 23:29
by TTD
lastebil asked

"Anyone been able to do missions for dukes buccaneers?"

Done three build missions from the Dukes Haven.

Difficult though. Still having trouble with renegade Dukes Military.
Sometimes the Paranid assist or sometimes the Dukes "blue" millitary assist in routing the "reds".

Posted: Tue, 17. Mar 09, 01:32
by Kapakio
Actually corporations don't offer build missions. This has to be a regular mission offered by a guy in dukes haven , but not an official corp mission

Posted: Tue, 17. Mar 09, 02:56
by TTD
I did one build mission.Put a station in same sector as Dukes Haven.
The station I built turned red.
did another....the same happened.
Paid to have a station hacked and both were opened to me.
The third,also in same sector,did not turn red. Now my UTs get fried every time they try to trade there.

Posted: Tue, 17. Mar 09, 08:15
by Jan Zapletal
Its looks like Duke HQ is broken, same as Strong Arms HQ - they give starting mission in ver. 1.0, but since game is patched they dont offer work any more.

Posted: Tue, 17. Mar 09, 09:16
by Mars Mug
Jan Zapletal wrote:Its looks like Duke HQ is broken, same as Strong Arms HQ - they give starting mission in ver. 1.0, but since game is patched they dont offer work any more.
That's the situation I'm in. I wanted to complete the Duke's one first because many other race missions involve upsetting pirates by killing them, they don’t like that.

Posted: Tue, 17. Mar 09, 22:43
by TTD
Just for the record, I am using v1.4.

Waited for 1.4 before trying to do much more than explore a little.

I can get any number of mission briefs from Dukes Haven and now the subsequent stations they ask me to build there....if I want to risk a battle.

Got other plans for now...finish FF and Hub missions and try pirate missions from other bases.

Posted: Tue, 17. Mar 09, 23:54
by Kapakio
Again, those are not corporate missions, just regular missions offered from people that happen to be in Dukes Haven. Corp missions are offered by a guy with dukes haven written at the side

Posted: Fri, 20. Mar 09, 20:56
by Targ Collective
Corporations are broken? Surely Egosoft can fix this?

Posted: Fri, 15. May 09, 18:41
by BigRuckus
I know this is a little old, but I've taken build missions from OTAS HQ before (from my OTAS contact).

Later I had to perform an OTAS defend mission on the AdvSatFact I built for them.

Posted: Mon, 1. Jun 09, 00:52
by Solomon Short
As I Understand It, there are Two requirements to get the starting Dukes Mission from 1.4 onwards (possibly earlier patches too).

1) You must be in a Paranid Ship when you comm the station (possibly Paranid Fighter).

2) The Dukes station must be blue to you.
Getting the Dukes Station to turn blue requires 1 of 2 things, Hacking it, or waiting for it to be respawned after destruction whilst your Pirate rep isn't completely in the bin. You do not have to be the one to destroy the station, GoD will send a Paranid Battlefleet after it some point, however you do need to destroy the defence fleet whilst the station isn't going to be turned back to red by your actions, or they will stay red to you.

FYI, at the start of the game there are Pirate Bases 4 & 5 jumps away which puts them out of hacking range (AFAIK this is 3 jumps), but they may respawn closer (or further) once someone trashes them.w
P.S. Earlier in the thread there was a question about the Sirokos not being an OTAS reward, & I didn't see a response. AIUI, in 2.0a it became a buyable M7M when your rep is high enough, but the consensus seems to be that 10 extra marines doesn't compensate for losing the ability launch anything else (Boarding Pods/Marines Only).

Posted: Thu, 4. Jun 09, 16:14
by 1muvwndr
Anyone actually managed to start Duke's missions?

I started my current game in v.1.4, ATM I'm blue with 95% of pirates, Duke's HQ and his fleet is also friendly and I'm flying a Hyperion. Still no missions. Tried building/crushing to the max my Paranid rank too but it didn't help. Tried flying IS with a Pegasus and a Zeus, still no mission.

Posted: Thu, 4. Jun 09, 16:17
by Deadbeat_Spinn
What about a Perseus?

Perhaps try using every Paranid vessel, both fighter and capital, one of them has to work and if not well.....I don't know what to say other than FIX IT.