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Posted: Wed, 7. Jan 09, 06:55
by Neferdias
lastebil wrote:I've been working on getting OTAS rep, but that will stop, since the grind is hard and I can just buy their ship since it's linked to argon rank.
You can't buy the M3.

Posted: Wed, 7. Jan 09, 16:03
by 1muvwndr
Neferdias wrote:
lastebil wrote:I've been working on getting OTAS rep, but that will stop, since the grind is hard and I can just buy their ship since it's linked to argon rank.
You can't buy the M3.
You can't buy the two m3s. You get the Venti as a reward but you must find & force to bail the Notus Hauler. I found only 1 Notus Hauler so far and it was with a rather Argon task force (1 Heavy Centaur + some 30 Novas and the Notus) that was cruising through pirate sectors.
I'm still missing some OTAS ships that are supposed to exist, the Eurus (m4), Astraeus Hauler (m7), Sirokos (m7) and the Auster Hauler (m8). Anyone seen them around?

Posted: Wed, 7. Jan 09, 16:16
by Kapakio
You get the Heavy Centaur Prototype as the prize at highest rank with Johnferco.

Posted: Wed, 7. Jan 09, 23:01
by Snowship
I'll have to start doing Johnferco missions them :D

pity it's at the ar$e and of the universe

Posted: Wed, 7. Jan 09, 23:19
by lastebil
Anyone been able to do missions for dukes buccaneers?

Posted: Wed, 7. Jan 09, 23:31
by Carlo the Curious
Looking at the director files, it looks like you get a reward at ranks 4, 7, and 10.

Code: Select all

2.41 Terracorp.xml:                <param name="RewardType1" value="SS_SH_A_TP_ADV" comment="Advanced Express"/>
2.41 Terracorp.xml:                <param name="RewardType2" value="SS_SH_A_M3_PROTO" comment="Nova Prototype"/>
2.41 Terracorp.xml:                <param name="RewardType3" value="SS_SH_A_M3P_PROTO" comment="Eclipse Prototype"/>
2.42 OTAS.xml:                <param name="RewardType1" value="SS_SH_OTAS_M4P"/>
2.42 OTAS.xml:                <param name="RewardType2" value="SS_SH_OTAS_M3"/>
2.42 OTAS.xml:                <param name="RewardType3" value="SS_SH_OTAS_M6M"/>
2.43 Jonferco.xml:                <param name="RewardType1" value="SS_SH_A_TS_ENH"/>
2.43 Jonferco.xml:                <param name="RewardType2" value="SS_SH_A_M4P_ENH"/>
2.43 Jonferco.xml:                <param name="RewardType3" value="SS_SH_A_M6M_PROTO"/>
2.44 Plutarch.xml:                <param name="RewardType1" value="SS_SH_A_TS_PROTO"/>
2.44 Plutarch.xml:                <param name="RewardType2" value="SS_SH_A_M5_ADV"/>
2.44 Plutarch.xml:                <param name="RewardType3" value="SS_SH_A_M6M_PROTO"/>
2.45 NMMC.xml:                <param name="RewardType1" value="SS_SH_T_TS_PROTO"/>
2.45 NMMC.xml:                <param name="RewardType2" value="SS_SH_T_M4_ENH"/>
2.45 NMMC.xml:                <param name="RewardType3" value="SS_SH_T_M3P_ENH"/>
2.46 Dukes Bucaneers.xml:                <param name="RewardType1" value="SS_SH_P_M4_ENH" comment="Enhanced Pericles"/>
2.46 Dukes Bucaneers.xml:                <param name="RewardType2" value="SS_SH_P_M3_ADV" comment="Advanced Perseus"/>
2.46 Dukes Bucaneers.xml:                <param name="RewardType3" value="SS_SH_P_M3P_PROTO" comment="Medusa Prototype"/>
2.47 Atreus Shipbuilding.xml:                <param name="RewardType1" value="SS_SH_B_M4_PROTO"/>
2.47 Atreus Shipbuilding.xml:                <param name="RewardType2" value="SS_SH_B_M3_PROTO"/>
2.47 Atreus Shipbuilding.xml:                <param name="RewardType3" value="SS_SH_B_M3P_PROTO"/>
2.48 Strong Arms.xml:                <param name="RewardType1" value="SS_SH_S_M5_ENH" comment="Enhanced Jaguar"/>
2.48 Strong Arms.xml:                <param name="RewardType2" value="SS_SH_S_M3_ADV" comment="Advanced Mamba"/>
2.48 Strong Arms.xml:                <param name="RewardType3" value="SS_SH_S_M3P_ENH" comment="Enhanced Chimers"/>
Or in English:

Advanced Express
Nova Prototype
Eclipse Prototype


Enhanced Mercury
Enhanced Elite
Heavy Centaur Prototype

Mercury Prototype
Advanced Discoverer
Heavy Centaur Prototype

Vulture Prototype
Kite Vanguard
Enhanced Kea

Mako Prototype
Barracuda Prototype
Skate Prototype

Enhanced Pericles
Advanced Perseus
Medusa Prototype

Strong Arms
Enhanced Jaguar
Advanced Mamba
Enhanced Chimera

(give or take some lookup errors! :p)

EDIT; Fixed NMMC 2

Posted: Wed, 7. Jan 09, 23:37
by dillpickle
You also get the Heavy Centaur Prototype from Plutarch Mining Corporation.

Haven't had any 'official' Duke's Buccaneers missions yet, but have managed to turn all his ships and a load of other pirates blue... Was entertaining taking a build mission offered at the HQ for that unknown sector, knowing that his (then red) Zeus, and a Pirate Galleon where on gate duty!!

Posted: Thu, 8. Jan 09, 00:32
by Sticks
Kite Vanguard :P

a pretty good ship ... nice shields 8)

Posted: Thu, 8. Jan 09, 00:42
by maphys
Arrrgh! You mean I could have sold some of those 'unique' ships I have been hauling around for three game days and got the corporation rewards when I felt like it? Post PHQ, basically... Arrrgh again! My Elephant is going for the nearest shipyard on a selling mission...


Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 14:13
by gandy|UKCS|
when i finished the final fury missions i think i might do the Plutarch missions to get the Heavy Centaur Prototype and then install MARS :)

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 14:58
by space pirate
i'm drooling over the advanced mamba. hopefully strong arms isn't as broken as it seems.

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 17:52
by Deadbeat_Spinn
So if OTAS doesn't give the Sirokos as a reward how are we suppost to get one (without scripts/mods)? The 1.4 patch says that the Sirokos can carry more marines than before but I have yet to see it in my travels/

Posted: Sun, 11. Jan 09, 14:18
by HarryB57
Just about done with the OTAS missions. I have received the first two

rewards. I've only seen mentioned that one Solano was received for the

first reward. I received two. Did not think nothing about it since they were

normal type ships. Am I just lucky or did everyone else get two ships for

the first reward?

Posted: Sun, 11. Jan 09, 17:21
by 1muvwndr
Just one Solano here.

So there's no clue about the missing ships, were they just left out of the game in 1.4? Or I just haven't found them yet? I'm talking about:
- OTAS Eurus (M4), Astraeus Hauler (M7), Sirokos (M7M) and Auster Hauler (M8 )
- Yaki Washi Hauler (M6), Akurei Hauler (M7), Kariudo Hauler (M7) and Senshi Hauler (M7M)
- ATF Woden (M1), Valhalla (M2), Tyr (M2) and Valkyrie (M5)

I've placed some AdvSats all over the Terran space (at least one per sector, usually they cover the majority of the sector) and failed to spot those ATF ships. Also, the Fenrir, Thor and Mjollnir are present only in Aldrin. IIRC some of them were in the battle in the Unknown Sector east of Zyarth's Dominion but now the sector is empty. I've placed sats in Yaki space too (I'm friendly with them so they don't blow them up) and no signs of the listed ships.

Posted: Sun, 11. Jan 09, 21:39
by Deadbeat_Spinn
The Tyr M2 does exist. It moves about the Terran sectors with m6 & m7 escorts. As for the others I have yet to see them.