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X3TC Stats and Resources Compendium V3.3.1 (28/09/2011) - links live again

Posted: Wed, 10. Dec 08, 02:19
by ianrobo75
X3TC Stats and Resources Compendium V3.3.1

What is this? - An amalgamation of various X3TC stats and information in spreadsheets.

What game version does it apply to? - X3TC vanilla game V3.1 & Bonus Pack V4.1.01

What format are the files? - Excel 2000/2003 or Excel 2007+ (should open in latest OpenOffice/ LibreOffice).

I have an earlier version of excel, can I still view the file? - Type 'Microsoft excel viewer' into your web browser and the download for the free excel viewer should be at the top of the list.

Does the spreadsheets contain spoilers? - Yes, many.

What colours are used for the races? - All race colours as per ScorpBy's Map v1.2.

I have a security warning at startup, is it safe? - I've only used macros scripts for the sort buttons. Enable macro's when requested for these to work, or don't, I don't mind. There's no malicious macros, the VBA code is viewable, you can check.

Why 2 excel files not 1 for the 2000/2003 version? - I totally ran out of excel formats so had to split the workbook into 2. Unless you use every sheet I recommend combining the 2 parts into 1, first delete the sheets you don't use from [workbook a], then open [workbook b], select what sheets you want to copy over, right click on those sheets and select 'Move or Copy..', select 'To book: [workbook a]', once completed save [workbook a] as X3TC Stats Compedm V3.3.1.

The font looks wrong on my PC, why? - This spreadsheet uses the Calibri font and is best viewed with the font. If you don't have it you may need to copy from elsewhere (internet/friend/school/work).

For those with Excel 2007 or later (or latest OpenOffice/ LibreOffice) download this file:
Excel 2007/2010:
(V3.3.1 - .zip, 2.05Mb,

For those with Excel 2000/2003 download both of these files:
Excel 2000/2003:
(V3.3.1a - .zip, 0.68Mb,
(V3.3.1b - .zip, 0.79Mb,

Here's a few mini-images of some of the information, click for full size pictures:

Please message me if you spot an error or omission, but basically I'm not updating this anymore.


Version History

v1.0 - 10/12/2008: Initial release:-
- Gun Statistics - Coloured as per encyclopidia. Ability to filter and sort.
- Missile Statistics - Ability to filter and sort.
- Shield Statistics.
- Ship Statistics - Filter & Sort Functionality. Turret configurations for each class. Races coloured as per ScorpBy's Map 1.2.
- Ship Commands - Functionality and Pre-requisites for each price of software.
- Derilict Ships - xyz locations of derilict ships.
- Map + E.Cells - Static version fo ScorpBy's Map with locations of energy cells highlighted and Corporations Numbered.
- Keys - Keyboard command map.
- Resources - Race resources list and links between.
- Bio-Food Resources - Race Food links diagram.
- Tech Flow - Tech Flow between Races diagram.
- Factories - Factory Stats. Ability to filter and sort.
- Wares - Wares Stats. Ability to filter and sort.
- Ranks - Place to record and indicate current ranks & percentages.
- Race Ranks - Place to record and indicate current race ranks & percentages.

v1.1 - 14/12/2008: corrections:-
- Ship Commands: 'Start Universe Trader' requirements changed to Level 8.
- Ship Commands: Correction to Fight Command Software MK 1 & 2 - Both enable assisted auto aim (semi-auto now on at start).
- Map+E.Cells: Added clarification that Energy Cell stations on present in given locations at game start only.
- General: Pages Setup ready for printing (A4)

V1.2 - 21/01/2009: Additions and Corrections:-
- Compatible Missiles Added.
- Khaak laser configurations completed.
- Turret configurations properly implemented for non capital ships (all except still needed for M8 ).
- Split M7 tab to M7 & M7M since these ships have clearly different roles.
- Ship Commands ammended as per Clevider's forum page.
- Added Expansions tab.
- Added Expansions to race ranks tab, showing what expansion can be bought at the current rank for each race.
- Added supakillaii's starting points List.
- Minor fixes and additions to ship stats.
- Minor gun title corrections.
- Reformatted to reduce the number of different cell format combinations to try and reduce the potential for the VBA error 1004, 'Too many different cell formats'.

V1.2.1 - 22/01/2009: Missing M3 Ship Corrections:-
- Re-added Argon Nova Raider (removed in error).
- Re-added Argon Eclipse Advanced (stats sources very unclear about this ship, although it does exist. I'll check it when the model viewer becomes available)

V1.2.2 - 22/01/2009: Correction:-
- Fenrir shield generator corrected from 100MW to 1100MW, thanks Carlo the Curious.

V1.3 - 22/01/2009: Gun/Missile Filter Improvement:-
- Improved gun and missile filtering to show the associated full ship rows (e.g. any match on the filtered gun on any turret shows all rows on that ship).

V1.4 - 21/03/2009: Checked/Fixed Against V1.4:-
- Corporation Rewards tab added (info to be confirmed 'in game').
- ATF Skinir & Otas Skirotos class recategorised as M7M not M7.
- M7M shift combined back in M7 tab, the destination between them being less clear to me now.
- M7M turret configurations fully updated and all stats checked.
- M8 turret configurations added.
- Added class column to M3, M4 & M7 tabs to allow M3/M3+, M4/M4+ & M7/M7M filtering.
- Added some missing dots in the guns columns on M7 tab.
- Argon Eclipse: PRGs added to main guns.
- Race Ranks: OTAS purchase ability now based on Argon rank.
- Race Ranks: Law enforcement /police/ company security licences combined into one row.
- Start Points: Storyline Enabled/Disabled column added. Custom game added.
- Ship Commands: updated as per clevider's thread & as per Carlo the Curious's FAQ 'What equipment so I need for command X'.
- Race Ranks: Removed 'ships you can buy' rows for each race. Levels not the same for each race so info was wrong. Too much effort to correct.
- Derelict Ships: Fixed Sort buttton macro error causing Z column not to be sorted.
- Illegal goods: Tab added.
- All Ship stats checked/updated against X3TC V1.4 (using exogenesis's X3 Models 3D Viewer V2.0.0.2).

V2.0 - 05/04/2009: Updated to match game version 2.0:-
- Updates for X3TC V2.0 (USC Baldric Miner added, OTAS Sirokos price added to reflect ability to buy, Boreas Laser Energy/Regen stats updated)

V2.0.1 - 16/05/2009: minor updates:-
- Updated Corporation Rewards Info
- Updated Start Points Info.
- Added columns to Derelict Ships to allow keeping track of ships claimed and kept/sold.

V2.0.2 - 22/05/2009: minor update:-
- Start Points: Tormented Teladi: Harrier Hauler now listed correctly as M5 rather than TS (thanks cygnetsong)

V2.1 - 16/06/2009: game V2.1 ship added + corrections:-
- Guns: HEPT volume corrected to 6 (from 1).
- Derelict Ships: Various sector description corrections & correction to Z coordinate for Buzzard Hauler.
- Shields: Updates to shield recharge times.
- Map: updated to V2.0/2.1 universe.
- M3: Terran Xperimental Shuttle Added.

V2.1.1 - 20/06/2009: Gun Balancing & Missile stat additions:-
- M1: Guns listed in consistent order (Front(/Main), Back, Right, Left, Up, Down).
- M1: Ship gun balance V2.1 update - Argon Colossus, Argon Colossus Hauler, Yaki Hoshi, Yaki Shuri, Paranid Zeus, Pirate Galleon.
- M2: Guns listed in consistent order (Front, Back, Right, Left, Up, Down).
- M8: Fixed missing dots in Ion Disruptor column causing incorrect filtering.
- M7: Guns listed in consistent order (Main, Front, Back, Right, Left, Up, Down).
- M7: Fixed missing dots in Mass Driver column causing incorrect filtering.
- M7: Ship gun balance V2.1 update - Yaki Kariudo hauler.
- M7: ATF Skinir Front Gun Removal (according to exogenesis's XModels3DViewer)
- M6: Guns listed in consistent order (Main, Front, Back, Right, Left, Up, Down).
- M6: Kha'ak Corvette turret names now listed correctly.
- M6: Fixed missing dots for Argon Military Transport causing incorrect filtering.
- M6: Ship gun balance V2.1 update - Yaki Washi hauler.
- TL: Guns listed in consistent order (Front, Back, Right, Left, Top).
- Missiles: Additional stats added/ updated.
- Ship Commands: minor updates to Trade MK3 & Special->Mine Minerals

V2.1.2 - 20/06/2009: Ships Added/ updated:-
- M1: Added Terran #deca.
- TM: Added Yaki Advanced Chokaro.
- Special: Added 2nd Terran Lasertower.
- TS: Terran Baldric Miner stats updated.

V2.1.3 - 13/07/2009: Additions:-
- Guns: Turret Speed (Rotations Per Minute) added - thanks Numo
- Expansions: Added stations the expansions can be bought

V2.1.4 - 15/07/2009: Missing Prices and expansion added:-
- Expansions: Missing 'Software Signature Scrambler' Added.
- Expansions: Missing Prices Added.
- Ships - Added Yaki Prices, as bought in Senator's Badlands.

V2.1.5 - 16/07/2009: HQ Prod Costs Added:-
- HQ Prod Costs (New tab): Added Carlo the Curious's 'X3TC HQ Production Cost' spreadsheet info, Thanks Carlo

V2.1.6 - 31/07/2009: Plots Tab Added:-
- Plots: Added tab for plot start locations/ requirements.
- HQ Prod Costs: Added resources per hour columns as per Carlo the Curious' spreadsheet additions

V2.1.7 - 05/08/2009: Plots Tab Added:-
- M6: Boron Hydra weapon recharge rate corrected to 175, thanks Knetter_Gek

V2.1.8 - 16/08/2009: Gate Co-ordinates and Asteroids added:-
- Gate Coordinates: Tab added - thanks to Carlo the Curious (they say he never sleeps!)
- Asteroids: Tab added - Full Asteroid List added thanks to a script from Merroc.
- Some Typos & minor changes thanks to Eisenkalle.
- Note: The sheet is best viewed with the Calibri font. If this font is missing on your system then an alternative will be used and data may not fit very well. Please download the Calibri font from the link and follow instructions if required.

V2.5 - 28/10/2009: Factories Tab update + Boarding Ops Calc Tab addition:-
- Fragma's updates of the 'Factories' Tab with game version V2.5 info:
....Terran stations added.
....Added L-sized Crystal Fab, and updates for mineral requirements.
....Added Advanced Drone Factory.
....Updated values for SPP & Mines.
....Argon Firefly Missile Factory price update.
....Boron Quantum Tube Fab food requirement update.

- Added Tab 'Boarding Ops Calc' for mrjingo's Boarding Operation Calculator

V2.5.1 - 02/11/2009: 'Factories' typo corrections only:- (1,895 downloads)

V2.5.2(a/b) - 26/01/2010: Map Change & document split:-
- Map changed to Nicholas Kabourakis's, with a few modifications:
....The map sector colours have been changed to match scorp's map, as this is the standard for the whole workbook.
....I've added nponoBegHuk's shortcut keys above each sector name on the map.

V2.7(a/b) - 8/07/2010: Patch 2.6 & 2.7 changes:
- 'A New Home' Plot Added (from patch 2.6).
- Nostalgic Argon Game Start Added (from patch 2.6).
- 'Start Points' tab renamed to 'Game Starts'.
- Terran Tokyo Regen value reduced (from patch 2.7).
- ATF Ship stats updated (from patch 2.7).

V3.0(a/b) - 15/11/2010: Patch 3.0 changes, Bonus pack additions:
- Added Bonus Pack Commands to 'Ship Command' tab, as per clevider's updates.
- 'Ship Commands' tab split into 'Ship Software' and 'Ship Commands'. The content is the same but the 2 new tabs sort the data by Software and by Command.
- TS "Tanker" and "Super Freighter" larger variants renamed "Tanker XL" and "Super Freighter XL"
- Updated the M7 Griffon stats
- 'Balance of Power' Plot added (from patch 3.0).
- Various 'Wares' additions, including miscellaneous items and missing items.
- Minimum Notoriety added to all 'Wares'.
- Added CLS MK1 & MK2 to 'Expansion' tab.

V3.1(a/b) - 25/05/2011: Map Shortcuts, Corp Ranks and Formatting:
- nponoBegHuk's sector shortcut updates applied to the Map - you can now select your preferred shortcut.
- Map format updated and icons coloured. Military Base icons added.
- 'Corp. Rewards' tab renamed to 'Corp. Ranks & Rewards' - all corporation ranks added + 1st mission requirements + colours formatted by race.
- 'Ranks' tab renamed 'Player Ranks'.
- Coloured the asteroid types in the 'Asteroid' tab + coloured the yield columns by sector race.
- Fixed some page setups for better printing.

V3.2(a/b) - 31/05/2011: Bug/Typo Fixes, Rank Number Changes:
- Bug/Typo Fixes - Thanks to nponoBegHuk for spotting them all:
....TS: Caimen Tanker renamed to Caiman Tanker.
....M4: Periclese Raider/Sentinel renamed Pericles Raider/Sentinel.
....M5: Pirate Kestrel laser mount numbers updated to 2+2 from 4+1.
....Race Ranks/ Corp.Rank & Rewards: Race name typos.
....Map: Removed GGG as shortcut from player sector since it doesn't apply to all selected player sector names.
....HQ Prod Costs: Fixed filter [drop down] sorting on excel 2007/2010 version of the spreadsheet.
- Changed rank numbers to range from 10 to -5 instead of 1 to 16; inline with common rank numbering.

V3.3(a/b) - 14/07/2011: Ship Stat improvements and correction:
- Corrected Boron Thresher Gun Mounts (to 4 on Back/ 2 on Right), thanks Sovereign01.
- Added Units to Ship stat headings.
- Added 8 further filterable columns to the ship stats (in vanilla 3.1?, purchasable?, ...) as per nponoBegHuk's 'Complete list of ship sources' page & spreadsheet.
- Added missing ship max prices.
- {a+b version] Moved some tabs from a to b to provide more free cell formats.

V3.3.1(a/b) - 28/09/2011: Sort button regression fix:
- Fix for 3.3 Regression - sort buttons not working on ship tabs from speed column onwards.

Posted: Wed, 10. Dec 08, 03:17
by Narcil
nice work, any chance of getting all asteroid yield and location added (makes finding sectors for complex placement easier and i dont have time to explore everything)

Posted: Wed, 10. Dec 08, 03:59
by A_Sebastian
This is by far, one of the best excel spreadsheet compilations I have ever seen for this game. Any version of it. Nice work and thank you.

Posted: Wed, 10. Dec 08, 04:04
by seperaGG
Universe trader requires level 8 trader, not level 6 :wink:

Posted: Wed, 10. Dec 08, 04:31
by exogenesis
Excellent work !

Very concise & informative, I like the resource flow diagrams a lot.

Seems a shame Excel doesn't give you a better range of colour fill / text,
so you'd be able to match game colours a lot better.

Not sure about the 'ECells' map - doesn't distibution depend on Gods action in any given player's game?

Must have taken a whole lot of effort, damn good job :thumb_up:

Posted: Thu, 11. Dec 08, 00:43
by ianrobo75
exogenesis wrote:Not sure about the 'ECells' map - doesn't distibution depend on Gods action in any given player's game?
Ah I wasn't aware of that. Your SPPs in different places then at game start?

Posted: Thu, 11. Dec 08, 00:47
by ianrobo75
Narcil wrote:nice work, any chance of getting all asteroid yield and location added (makes finding sectors for complex placement easier and i dont have time to explore everything)
I use ScorpBy's map V1.2 for this, as long as you don't mind having the *** modified *** tag in your game. The link is in the spreadsheet. It allows you to search for yields with filters (e.g. yield >50).

Posted: Thu, 11. Dec 08, 00:48
by ianrobo75
seperaGG wrote:Universe trader requires level 8 trader, not level 6 :wink:
Ta, I'll update at the weekend.

Posted: Thu, 11. Dec 08, 00:53
by Carlo the Curious
ianrobo75 wrote:
seperaGG wrote:Universe trader requires level 8 trader, not level 6 :wink:
Ta, I'll update at the weekend.
iirc, that's about the only additional requirement for a UT in TC - Fight Software & shields are now optional.

The ship types are restricted as well, but that's true of quite a few commands.

EDIT: Also, semi auto-aim is enabled with no software at all - Fight 1 or 2 enables assisted in TC.

Posted: Thu, 11. Dec 08, 00:54
by exogenesis
ianrobo75 wrote:
exogenesis wrote:Not sure about the 'ECells' map - doesn't distibution depend on Gods action in any given player's game?
Ah I wasn't aware of that. Your SPPs in different places then at game start?
I think all games start out the same, but over time NPC stations are removed or added, supposedly acording to supply/demand needs.

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 04:17
by ericma
Great stuff~ Keep going man!

Posted: Thu, 15. Jan 09, 15:37
by ianrobo75
ta, I'm still going. Adding missile compatibility now + proper multi-line turret configurations for non-capital ships. V1.2 should be released next week.

Does anyone have a list/spreadsheet of all the software and the rank at which it can be bought?

Does anyone have a list/spreadsheet of where each factory can be bought?

Posted: Thu, 15. Jan 09, 18:14
by Carlo the Curious
If no-one has a list you can get the notoriety requirements out of TFactories and TWareT.

The factory sellers are a bit more of a pain because you need to dig around in the map.

Posted: Wed, 21. Jan 09, 19:41
by ianrobo75
So apart from the M8 turret configurations I'm pretty much done. Need to play the game a bit more now.
Thanks to Numo for his help doing the turret configurations. Numo and I will probably check the ship stats once exogenesis' Model Viewer is updated.
Thanks Carlo for the heads up on the TwareT file.
The game is great, look forward to the final fixes, the bonus pack (need CAGs), and V2.0!

Posted: Thu, 22. Jan 09, 11:33
by ericma
Thanks for the great work, but I notice you miss few ships in the 1.2 when I compare to previous version,

eg. for M3 section, we missed Argon Eclipse Advanced, and Nova Raider.