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Posted: Fri, 7. Jan 11, 09:45
by owenmarget
Did you find already the unknown object?

Posted: Fri, 21. Jan 11, 05:43
by Wonderbugg
Can anyone give me the bare minimums for these plots? This guide uses scripts and I'm in Vanilla and not running any scripts. I'm at the part where I'm supposed to jump to Kha'ak sector 931 and drop a Adv Sattelite. I have a very fast ship (Adv Discoverer) that can push almost 500m/s but it doesn't have the cargospace for enough E-cells to make the 2 jumps. I have a Adv Eclipse M3 (126 m/s) that can carry enough E-cells, but it gets shredded before it can reach the Kha'ak station.
What ship should I get for this mission? My 'best' is the Adv Eclipse and I've got about 15M credits and 2 Mistral SF's running around as sector traders.

Also...according to the guide...I'm supposed to try to reach the station in front of any enemies, but there are already a couple of M3/M4 and M5's already between my ship and the station when I jump in, so there is no avoiding them...unless I can get a really fast ship with enough cargo space for 120 E-cells and 'kite' them to a distant corner..then dash for the station while they are all trying to catch up.

Posted: Fri, 21. Jan 11, 06:27
by Wonderbugg
OK..I went on a 'suicide' mission (knowing my M3 would get tore up and found that there is a container of E-cells off to one side. Going to try to take my Rapier that I got in the Terran missions out there. It should be fast enough to outrun anything in the sector and possibly even get enough E-cells for the jump back. It at least has enough cargobay to hold the minimum 60 needed for the jump. Maybe play 'cat and mouse' long enough to lure them away from the staion once I have enough E-cells to make it back too. Here goes nothing.

Posted: Fri, 21. Jan 11, 07:00
by Spectre01
All the plot requirements are listed here: ... 03f58abbdf

Posted: Fri, 21. Jan 11, 07:13
by Wonderbugg
I was implying...wha ship do I have to have? I couldn't use the Rapier because it didn't have 'M class" container capability. then I tried my Adv Discoverer, but I had to strip the shields and guns off of it to get the E-cells, and it got ripped apart by some ship that 'teleports' to you and beams you to death. So I'm beginning to think that anything short of a M2/M1 isn't going to cut it. It's obvious you can't go for speed with those ships warping right to you. If you turn to fight them, the others catch up. If you wait too long to turn and're dead anyways. Speed means no cargo takes 60 E-cells to jump to Kha'ak sector 931, so the Discoverer is out (unless you kept your Adv one) because the cargo hold is only 50 at max. The Adv one gives you 67, but you need to carry the Sattelite as well. The Rapier is super fast but only hold 'S' class containers and the Sat is a "M". So basically..any M5 is cannon fodder.
M4/M3's aren't fast enough to even try and don't have the shielding/firepower to hold out against 40+ Kha'ak M5/M4/M3's on them, so they are out.
M8 is mostly missles and pretty useless against fighters, so they're out. M7 can probably do it, but it'll cost a ton in repairs when you're done, and thats assuming you can still outrun the Kha'ak Capital ships once you toasted the fighters/Corvettes.
That leaves the M2/M1 classes. I don't think a M2 Osaka would have too much of a problem. It would just kill everything in the sector. Then we have the M1 'Carrier'. Some hold up to 60 fighters. If a M1 with 60 M3 class fighters popped in and let loose its would most likely survive as well.
Any other ideas?

Posted: Fri, 21. Jan 11, 07:29
by Spectre01
Well, I did that mission in a M6 (either a heavy centar or hyerion, can't remember). Just pop the sat, and fly straight to the station while letting the turrets taking care of those fighters.

edit: wait... you have khaak capital ships in that mission? What fight rank are you on? Because when I did it, I was at vet or sumthing similar. Which only spawned some fighters, scouts, and at most 1 corevette. Anyway, I recommand to do the tresure hunt mission first, and get that
xpermental shuttle
, which can go 300+m/s and can mount 6x pMAM and 200MJ shield, with more than enough cargo space for 20 jumps.

Posted: Fri, 21. Jan 11, 22:17
by cmdnenad
I'm also in the middle of OFF. I did all the missions so far in Cerberus, which is probably an overkill. Not much to do but turn on external view and watch the bugs getting obliterated by the flaks. :D
I can't imagine going in anything smaller then M6 equiped with PBGs.

Posted: Tue, 8. Feb 11, 17:29
I recomend getting a Springblossom from Aldrin ship building station. It can outrun (360 m/s) anything short of an M5 and fully kitted can easily tear any khaak corvete to shreads plus it holds up to 2000 XL cargo. Your 15kk should just be enough to buy (costs about 6kk) and fully equip it.

I use 4 eEMPC and 4 M/A launchers in front, 2 eEMPC and 2 estarburst shockwave canons in the rear and 1 estarburst shockwave canon in left and right turret each. I don't have any problems with fighters (left and right turret kill them like flys) nor frigates. You just have to get used to the positioning of the main guns (you need some practice to hit small fighters with them though).