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Posted: Sun, 4. Jan 09, 23:20
by CanadianBrit

Final Fury Mission (the last part), where you jump into M148 and help the defenders. I FAILED that mission and as yet have not been offered a second chance so to speak.

HQ Part 1 - jumped into OoF, and there IS no Ray! Now I did see the Supply Orca get destroyed by a Xenon PX, and i assume that the Ray went the same way; but the Orca has respawned and the Ray is still AWOL!


Corporations missions: Terracorp

I'm at Terracorp Legend status 100%, and yet there seems no end to the "Please return to Terracorp HQ, we have a mission that needs completing" messages

Posted: Mon, 5. Jan 09, 03:01
by apricotslice
I doubt there is a second chance for the M148 defense mission. If you fail it, reload and do it again.

The convoy and Khaak sector missions are designed to get you up to a certain combat rank, so that the last 2 missions can be done. As such, they are not too important as to what happens in them.

But if you fail M148 and the station is destroyed, then so is the Split commander, so he cant give you any more missions.

That Ray for the first HQ mission should be invincible.

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 03:14
by Dakeyras666
I'm utterly confounded. I have done the Terran, Fury and the Goner missions, and am now hoping for a supposed distress call from a Boron to start these Hub missions. I've searched around the net to find what criteria I need to receive these missions:

Boron Rank: Kings Knight
Trade Rank: Vendor/Dealer
Have several million creds in the bank etc etc.
Be in a Boron sector for the distress call

Well I am a Kings Protectorate, a Wholesaler and I have in excess of 200 millions creds, as well as several stations and far too many ships, but no matter how long I spend flying around the Boron sectors including Kingdom End, I have had no distress call.

Is this a random occurrence, or should it have started now, or am I missing something in the criteria. Any help would be most appreciated. :)

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 04:37
by apricotslice
Is Wholesaler high enough ? I thought that was pretty low.

Which start are you using ?

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 04:50
by Dakeyras666
I have been trying to find a list of the order of trade ranks for TC, but only succeeded in finding one for Reunion which lists Wholesaler as about the middle, and six above dealer, which in turn is 3 above vendor. Maybe the ranks are different in TC?

I started with the Terran plot btw.

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 04:57
by Dakeyras666
I just looked up the ranks in the manual - Why did I not think to look there first? - And wholesaler is about a third up the list way above vendor and dealer, 15th from bottom in fact, with Dealer at 9th and Vendor at 6th.

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 05:31
by apricotslice
What page in the manual is that on ?

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 09:15
by pjknibbs
apricotslice wrote:What page in the manual is that on ?

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 09:25
by apricotslice

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 14:37
by Dakeyras666
Don't suppose anyone had any ideas on my situation? :cry:

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 14:48
by apricotslice
No, sorry. I can confirm the Terran start does have the HUB plot attached to it.

How far into the game are you game time wise ?

I'm wondering if a some point, it takes a break and then respawns later.

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 14:53
by Dakeyras666
Just shy of 2 days (just over 46 hours).

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 14:58
by apricotslice
No idea. Around that time, I definitely had it squarking at me in Boron sectors.


You didnt shoot him accidently did you ?

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 15:05
by Dakeyras666
I've not knowingly killed any Borons unless there was an assassin mission to do so. As long as they're not a pirate it's not likely. Just don't wanna have to start the whole thing again... again.

Posted: Sat, 10. Jan 09, 22:26
by Dakeyras666
Panic over. I decided to go travelling through all of the other Boron sectors, and would you believe it? Queens Retribution, on the other side of the Universe from Kingdom End is where she contacts me.

Oh well, time to see what all of the fuss about the hub missions is now :D

Thanks for your suggestions earlier :)