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Post by apricotslice » Tue, 23. Dec 08, 15:00

Mobile Mining Options.

Manual mobile mining requires you to be in a TS capable of mounting a Mining gun. Theres only 3 or so that can do this. You also need an Ore Collector fitted.

The procedure goes like this. Find a sector filled with the smaller chunky asteroids, that do not show up on the nav map. Target one. Fire the mining gun at it (at very close range) until it breaks up. Target each piece, and see if it is collectable. If not, fire at it to break it up further. Target the next piece. And so on until all the roids around you are collectable. Then collect them as you would a container or Astronaut by running them down.

Easy in theory. In practice, you end up destroying more than you will collect, and if you hit anything still big enough, it could destroy you.

So, you can use an M5 and small guns to break up the roids, then jump out and give a TS with an Ore Collector, collect orders on the mess left behind. Then get it out of the way, while you jump back in and break more. Dont get a TS to collect dirt while you are IS, as it will collide with the first uncollectable roid and explode. Murphy’s Law.

All in all though, its long hard work for very little, since the act of breaking up the roids inevitably destroys too many of them.

The next option is “Mine Minerals” on the Special Menu, assuming you have special software 1 installed on a ship with a mining gun and ore collector. You tell it a sector to mine, what to mine, and a station to deliver it to (your complex ?).

I set the Camel that was on patrol, to Mine Minerals instead, specifying Ore. At least, it will clean up AM a bit, and make it less of a traffic hazard. Cloud Base South West, Kingdom End and Ore Belt are all good sectors to mine this way, CBSW especially as it’s a nightmare to navigate in anything big.

The other alternative is a script called Prospector. It needs a TL, TS or M6, Fight 1 & 2, Ore Collector, Mineral Scanner, Mobile Drilling System in a turrent, Nav 1, Special 1 and optionally a Jumpdrive and Transporter. It has a lot of options, and you pay a pilot to mine for you, and what he can do grows as he gains experience.

I’m still watching my complex, and ecells are going down again. So I need to put another SPP L, with its supply stations into the complex.

That reduces me to 1,529,217 + 3,581,902.

Having done that, its not enough. The balance of the complex is off, too many stations needing ecells and the supply cannot quite keep up. There is now a slow decline, and eventually, it will grind to a halt. Probably before I have enough to add the extra stations to keep it running.

It’s a little hard to judge, but I suspect there is not quite enough meatsteaks being produced to keep the crystal fabs at full production, and so not enough crystals to keep the SPP’s at full production. At a guess, I’d say it needs another cattle, cahoona, 1 or 2 fabs, and probably another SPP L with a cattle/cahoona/3fabs. All that is over 25 mills worth, and not a happening thing at the moment.

1-22:18 and the first 5000 telad is ready. 145,000 to go.

At this point I took a chainsaw to the script running this plot.

I guess I can understand the reasoning of where this is going. Ultimately, the player ends up with an HQ capable of building ships, by the time you finish the next main plot. What this plot is doing is forcing you to put together the industry to supply your HQ with materials to build your own ships. And consequently making you become a trading enterprise in spite of the fact that the majority of players prefer to just fight and not trade. But if you want your Hub, you first have to think about trade and then build a huge trading empire, to get it.

Fair enough. Yank, BuzzzzZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzz.

I’ve done two alternative scripts. A Very Easy Plot that means you can gather the resources needed very quickly. And a Medium Plot for those who do want to make it harder, but not take a century to achieve. Your choice if you continue with the vanilla plot, or use a cut down version. If you go for the cutdowns, you are stuck delivering whatever task your up to, but the new version will be used for the next one on.

So at this point, I scripted in 150,000 Telad into my Apricot TL (in 3 goes), docked it at the Hub and transferred it over.

Note : The following requirements vary from patch to patch, these are for v2.1.

You then get asked to deliver Ore. (450,000).(In brackets being what the vanilla plot asks for).

When you have delivered the Ore, Mahi Ma continues making repairs and you need to wait to be contacted again.

At this point I put a satelite in the Hub sector, so I had coverage of the whole sector all the time.

Next you need to deliver Nividium. (500).

Then Crystals. (250,000). (At a guess, if you mined most of Ore Belt for the ore earlier, and added in 100 fabs now, you might have the crystals ready for christmas in about 5 years. *sigh*)

When you do deliver the Crystals, Mahi Ma suddenly realizes he needs some help. So you need to jump to Priests Pity and talk to a Paranid called Otmanckstras. After he gives you the standard Paranid insult, he further insults you by demanding credits. (15 mill.)

When you pay him by comming him again, dock at the Trading Dock, and then take him to the Hub.

Once at the Hub, Mahi Ma then ask for a delivery of Silicon. (400,000).

Safety Tip : Never undock with your joystick throttle full on !

When you deliver the Silicon, you will be asked for another lot of Microchips. (75,000). (Given how long it took to make the last lot of 500, one could realistically expect to be senile before you finish delivering these.)

Once you deliver the chips, the work is finished and the other 2 gate pairs are ready to be assigned.

Mahi Ma wants a lift back to Kingdom’s End, and when that’s done, the Plot is complete.

The only outstanding thing for me at this point, is deciding which gates to assign the hub gates too. One should choose the 2 gates that deliver a good stream of traffic through them, that cover all the major races, and effectively join your production facilities to the entire universe. Happy choosing.

There is a wait before setting the last gate pair.

One of things you can do with gathering all these resources, is to deliver 1 of each product to the Hub, set the price to average plus 1 (or anything up to max), and wait for the npc’s to deliver it for you.

However, this isn’t going to happen if what you need, isn’t being produced, because the stations don’t have some critical resource. Especially Microchips.

Universe Traders.

Now, something I haven’t tried in TC but used in X3R a lot, is Universe Traders. The advantage of these is they are a ‘fire and forget’ tool, that after a while can cover the entire universe, and jump all over to make a profit selling everything.

These can help in two ways. First, they supply those missing resources to the stations that are not producing. Second, they will sell to your Hub and in effect, they will be out there buying what you need for you. The higher the price you set on the Hub, the faster they will gather it for you.

To Universe Trade, you need a TS with Trade 3 software, Fight 1 & 2, at least one of the largest shield the ship mounts (usually 25 mj), and as large a cargo bay as you can afford.

A pilot is assigned, and he learns from experience. He needs to be set to Sector Trade until he gets to level 8, after which you set him to Universe Trade. After a few more levels, he will begin to use the jumpdrive, and by the time he is level 25, he will be jumping everywhere. He learns by cargo carried, so the bigger the cargo bay, the faster he learns. If a jumpdrive is not fitted, the pilot will buy one himself. Likewise cargo extensions and defense drones. And will keep topped up with ecells. Once set going as a UT, you need only worry about them when they get attacked. If you use Seta a lot, you can expect them to be attacked quite often. They will run out of trades in some sectors. The best sector to set them in is one with lots of ecells and many stations wanting them. However, once they all have their ecell quota, and everything else deliverable has been delivered, the Sector trader will stop. You will need to reassign it somewhere else until it can begin Universe trading.

There is a script for making more ships UT capable. With this script, most ships can be used that will dock with normal stations and complexes, allowing modded ships to be used where the mod gives them far more cargo space than normal. Ie, Apricot ships, and especially the Camel and Gunbus M6's which were designed as Heavy Freighters.

The more UT’s you have running, the faster the universe starts producing, and the faster (in theory) they should bring in whatever you want. Make sure you remove any product you don’t want the hub to buy, or set them to minimum so nothing will want to sell them to you. You do need to keep the Hub stocked up with credits to allow it to buy.

But this is still a long period course of action. Even a dozen UT’s are going to take a long time to deliver what is asked for.

Still, at least its an option if you have the credits. And even a few of these, will bring in big bucks over time, and increase your trading rank.

If you homebase your UT’s to the hub, they will use the credits in the hub to trade with. This makes that account a bit volatile, going up and down as they buy and sell, but the profit goes into the Hub, giving it the credits to buy the resource your trying to deliver. Enough UT’s will finance the Hubs buying indefinately.
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Post by apricotslice » Wed, 24. Dec 08, 14:59

My complex is not doing very well at this point, and I’ve let it run the ecells down too far.

I bought another Cattle L, Cahoona L and Fab, but it is still not stable for ecells.

I remembered I hadn’t yet sold that Blastclaw I capped, so I sent it down to the nearest shipyard, and sold it for about 12 Mill. No idea why, but very welcome.

I’ve also noticed that the complex is almost up to its maximum in Ore. So I’ve stopped the ship selling ore, and transfered some excess ore back onto the complex. Very shortly after, the mines stop producing.

Now this is reducing the call on ecells and should give it a chance to stabilize. However, its still slowly going down. I transfer 15,000 ecells back to the complex that I had in storage for ship use, to give me more time to solve this.

Its still not making enough crystals to keep the SPP’s fully producing.

I’ve still got those Xenon caps as well, so I repair the hulls and sell them. And theres some guns scattered around the M1, M2 and M7, so I collect those as well and send them to Terracorp.

Now I’ve got enough to buy 2 SPP M’s, 3 Fabs, 1 Cattle L and 1 Cahoona L.

By the time these are added to the complex, its almost out of ecells again. But after jumping out again, I spend some quiet time just watching the complex functioning.

And it seems to now be holding its own. Crystals is still very low, but the SPP’s are now producing to capacity without any hold ups. And slowly the ecell count begins to rise.

The complex now has 1xSPP XL, 2xSPP L, 2xSPP M, 7xCattle L, 7x Cahoona L, 5xOre L, 4xSilicon L and 14xFab. 42 stations and 41 complex kits. And that in no way is sufficient to supply the Hub Plot requirements, and in this configuration, will not add a single Crystal to the Hub.

But its now ticking over very very nicely.

So, why did I add 2 SPP M’s the last time ?

All the SPP sizes produce at about the same rate, but each size produces a different amount of ecells in that cycle time. The larger the size, the more resources it needs on hand to start the cycle, and the more likely that it will be delayed from starting the next cycle by a momentary shortage of Crystals. So while the XL produces the most by far, it also needs the most Crystals on hand to begin a cycle, and is the most likely to be delayed from starting a new cycle. Any delays in a finely balanced complex, can be disasterous, because the moment you run out of ecells, everything stops.

This more or less applies to all stations. And it is why most stations are not available above an L size. The XL stations simply need too many resources on hand to get producing without delays.

This especially applies to Crystal Fabs. They come in an M size only for a very good reason, and that is that the M is the most efficient size for them. Any delays in producing crystals can mean your SPP’s stop working for enough periods to cause you a serious problem. The more Silicon, Meatsteaks and ecells a Fab needs to get started, the more likely there will be a serious delay in producing Crystals, which delays your SPP’s.

I tried XL Fabs in X3R once and found them extremely difficult to get processing the first cycle, and basically had to be seriously overproducing Silicon, Meatsteaks and Ecells to keep them running non-stop. After that exercise, I went back to using the M ones, even though the station count is a major pain in a large complex.

So, problem solved, at least for now. Also a large stock of Ore that can now be sold.

On a whim, I docked the TL at the Hub, and transferred the 2 Distilleries and 2 Wheat Farms I still had waiting to use, over onto the Hub. They fit nicely, so its time to do some script porting again, and see if the Hub acts exactly like a Player HQ, and the Stations in HQ script will work with it. If so, I can be producing Space Fuel in the Hub, which is 1 sector from where the Argon don’t want it to be.

There will be a short pause.

Edit : Alas, the script works, but the Hub doesnt. The Hub is coded as an EQ dock, not an HQ, and it doesnt appear to be changeable.

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Post by apricotslice » Tue, 30. Dec 08, 05:29

I have not been checking ranks for a while, but for some reason, I’m now Fury Captain 25%. So something I’ve been taking out recently has added to my Fury rank. I did figure out why my Fury rank wasnt as high as it might have been. I was targetting K’s and J’s first, and fighters after. Apparently if you leave the J’s, they keep respawning fighters and so some of the missions can go on for a very long time and where they are in sectors where bounty is paid, they can clock up a very large payout.

Anyway, back to the Hub. I connected the Hub gates to the north gate in Thurok‘s Beard. This is a nexus point between Argon, Split and Teladi territory, with Boron presence as well. So now my Hub has a good stream of traffic through it, and only the Paranid and Terrans are missing. Next one maybe should be a Teladi-Paranid nexus, as Teladi are under represented so far. It wasnt long before I had a Split M2 and support around one gate, and a Boron M2 and support around the other. Not at all sure why Boron battlegroups are staking out the end of Teladi space.

Looking for something to do, I thought I’d check out the Goner Temple in Cloud Base South West. Only when I got there, there wasnt a Goner Temple there. Looking up the encyclopedia, the only listing for the Goner is Elysium of Light. Since I’m still tootling around in a Mule, I jump back to the Hub first to transfer to my M7. Then on to Elysium.

Jumping in there, I find no temple there either. The Goner appear to be under hard times at the moment, like everyone else.

Goner 1.

Theres a Goner Ozias here with a mission symbal so I fly up to it. Theres a Osamu Avens who wants to talk.

Mission : Deliver 2000 Ore. Take one of the ships selling ore for the complex, jump it back tot he complex, load up with ore, jump it here, change ship, fly to about 3km of Ozias, and its autodelivered.

Deliver 200 Silicon. Back to M7, swap ships, jump the Ore carrier back to complex, transfer over 200 silicon (took a little while to make, as the complex is only just being supplied enough), jump back, change ships, nose up to Ozias, autodelivered.

Which was actually when I noticed they were paid missions, but not how much.

Goner 2.

Next talk to Jani Hall on one of the stations. He also wants 2000 Ore and then 1,200 Telad. Change back to M7, send the Ore carrier back to the complex, load up with both (if yours wont fit enough, make several trips, or use several ships), jump back, change ships, deliver to Ozias.

To be contacted.

Goner 3.

Dock at the Teladianium Foundry M in Bright Profit and talk to Jako Rider. He has 625 Telad Pannelling to be delivered to the Ozias. 265,394

Jump to Bright Profit and dock. Goods autotransfered, order to deliver, but no chat. Jump back to Elysium. RV with Ozias. Mission complete.

Note : At this point, it occured to me that flying these cargo runs might have resulted in being attacked somewhere en route, but as I always say, jumping’s quicker !

Goner 4.

Talk to Hall. Deliver 3 X Argon TS to SPP M alpha. The destination shows up in the guidance, not the orders. 20,000 plus the cost of the ships.

I’ve got a sat in Omicron, so call up the Shipyard, buy 3 Mercury Tankers S, don’t bother outfitting them, and give them orders to dock at the SPP. To speed it up a bit, I overtuned them.

As each docks, you get a message with a “turn them over” bar, click to do so. When all 3 are docked and turned over, mission is complete.

Next, talk to Avens on the Ozias.

Goner 5.

You are asked to build a Telad. Foundry in Elysium. 2,639,414 payment with a 1 hour 50 minutes time limit.

Jump the TL to PTNI Headquarters. Buy foundry M (they did not specify)for 325,008, jump it Elysium, drop the station right on top of the navigation beacon and your done. Jump the TL home again. Easy money !

Goner 6.

Orders to fly to Wastelands and protect the Goner Truelight Seeker which is under attack.

Jumped into Wastelands west gate. No sign, but follow the arrows. Its about half way accross the sector and is under attack. Its best not to dawdle about getting there. I have a fast ship, but I did something else before jumping and by the time I got into firing range, the Seeker had already lost shields. Took out the attackers as fast as possible. Don’t look for caps, just shoot to kill.

Now, also in there was a squadron of Xenon. Ignore them if you get them, ignore everything except whats attacking the Seeker.

As soon as the last one is toast, you get ordered to Bright Profit to protect a Telad foundry. I jumped in there, flew to the foundry but there wasnt actually anything there to shoot at.

When close to the foundry, new orders come in to jump to Company Strength and protect a Goner Mercury Tanker. As I get there, I whole heap of Pirate Syndicate Discos appear. These are followed by busters and harriers, then by several Centaurs. All jumping in the West gate. Go to the point I was just shooting them as they came through the gate. Getting Teladi bounties as well.

At some point I figured out I’d lost sight of the Mercury and it wasnt on my navmap. So I jumped through the west gate, and found more M6's on the other side. I kept killing them until I ran out, at which time the mission completed message came through. I’m still not sure what happened to the Mercury.

In the meantime, the Truelight Seeker has been captured by the Pirates, so you jump to Midnight Star east gate to start looking for it so you can capture it back.

Needless to say, you now need to be in a ship that can send boarding marines, and preferably one with boarding pods and fully trained marines.
Before doing anything else, I loaded up the Pod into the missile tube.

Nothing at Midnight Star east gate, and the arrows point through it, so turn and jump back. Nothing on the other side and the arrows point to the gate to Grand Exchange. Speed over there and jump through.

The Truelight Seeker shows up as blue, surounded by a sea of red. I counted at least 8 Pirate M6's, but I must admit I lost count, and there could have been more.

Fortunately, the Seeker is indestructable, since at some point I collided with it and got stuck inside it. (M7 stuck inside an M6, now theres a mental picture !). Eventually I got out, and it sat there with no shields and 93% hull.

So I fired off the boarding pod. No problems for the marines, and soon the ship is captured.

At which point I get an immediate new mission, and am pretty narked that I don’t get my marines back !

Hall who was on the Seeker the last time we saw it, isnt now. Jump to Merchant Haven to look for him on a Blastclaw owned by one Hurtis Tertasobas Yoganis IV. (Paranid of course.)

Theres a time limit to find the ship, but the arrows make this simple.

Once found, your told that Hall isnt on the ship, so ordered to follow the Blastclaw back to base, then get the Meeting Details (not told how).

This begins a slow trawl through 3 sectors, so get yourself positioned to follow about 12 km away and then go get some refreshments. At this point, I sent my M7M to M148 for new marines and started them training.

Now, I’d left a good margin, being about 18km behind, well within triplex range, and going just a tad slower, and suddenly I get a message that I’ve lost him (huh ?). I close up a bit to around 12 km, and he jumps into Maelstrom. I put on speed and jump after him, and once I’m through, I’m about 7km behind now.

At which point I get a message saying he’s been spotted in Maelstrom, and then another one saying I’m too close he might spot me.

Which kindof suggests that 10km is too close and 18km is too far away, so I tried keeping about 12km from that point.

Dawdling along accross Maelstrom, the scanner starts picking up groups of red and blue pirates, but nothing particularly close. Just fly casual but don’t look like your flying casual. As long as you don’t get battle music, you fine.

Eventually, target jumps through the west gate. I did a save here just in case. At which point, some red pirates jump in and I’m forced to take them out, before jumping.

12.5 km behind still and heading for the west gate again. At this point, I picked up a red well SW, and decided to head north. So I turned to a NW direction, added some speed and moved to a position parallel to the target and about 12.5 km north of it.

And just as well I did. In quick succession, I got 5 different pirate groups on the scanner, all traveling the west-east corridor, or south of it. Although once past, several of these groups turned back, as if they were patrolling.

Nothing bothered with me until nearing the gate, a Caravel freighter and its escorts decided to take a shot at me, so I had a bit of furball that delayed me to just under 18km away, but I got back to a closer range in time to hold the mission together.

Mr. The IVth Paranid, didnt seem to notice anything and continued on and jumped.

At this point I get a message to meet a Boron named Humi Wi in Ocean of Fantasy. It will have to wait.

Target jumps without incident, and I’m lining up on the gate when a new group of reds jump in. These are Xenon ! Take them out !

Jump into Gaian Star and right into a Xenon P. So I start taking it out.

This is interrupted by a cutscene of Hall in his space suit and orders to pick him up.

Finish the P. Hull isnt on scanner, but the arrows show where he is, and its well SW in the sector. By the time your half way there, a Pirate base pops up on the scanner, with a sea of red around it, and him. This sector has 2 pirate bases. One in the center, thats blue, and the one near Hall thats red.

Having speed, I blew through the pirates around the pirate base, and went straight for picking up the suit. If you do that, I recommend you jump as soon as you have him, as whats coming after you is nasty !

I stayed to fight of course. By the time there was only toast left, the station was down to less than normal hull. The temptation was great to take it out, but no, orders say take Hall back to Elysium. So I did. At about 5km from the Ozias, he transfers over and its mission complete.

Goner 7.

Orders to go back to the Pirate station and take it out. So jump to Gaian Star.

Immediately you jump in, theres a stop order and please talk to Hall who is now on a Goner Heavy M6 in sector. Well I say immediately but I had time to half kill a pirate I found at the gate. I figured the stop order didnt include that pirate so I killed him anyway.

Apparently there is a Terran agent on the Pirate base, and we need to extract him before taking out the base.

So to get the Pirates freindly enough to dock we need to take them something they want.

Deliver 35 Spaceweed to the Pirate base. Getting the weed isnt too difficult. The other pirate base will likely have some, and if not, the nearest Teladi sector with a Bliss Place will have.

Once you have the weed, theres the minor problem of the pirate base being red and not believing you if you com them and tell them you have an urgent delivery for them.

So fly to the other Pirate base, staying well clear of any red pirates, since if you shoot them that close to a pirate base, it may turn that base red as well, com and look for someone offering to hack stations in the vicinity. Pay whatever he asks, making sure you get the right station hacked, and you can now dock.

Deliver the 35 Spaceweed.

Then deliver 60 Squash Mines.

Once done, the agent comes aboard, you scedadle out of it, cutscene of the base blowing up, and then Jump back to the Ozias in Elysium. At about 4km, the agent beams over, and its mission complete, Plot complete, and a place in Goner history books.

HQ 1.

Jump to Ocean of Fantasy. Talk to Humi Wi on a Boron Ray. BalaGi is now declared missing (remember he went with Julien Brennen and you found their ship wreckage in the Hub) and the Yaki have been taking advantage.

Ordered to Menelaus Paradise. You jump into a whole heap of Yaki, and need to take them out.

Back to the Boron Ray in Ocean of Fantasy, about 5km away to get the next orders.

Jump to Cloud Base South West and talk to a Tomes Brano.

Goner 8.

Just before jumping, I get a message from the Goners saying they are giving me the Truelight Seeker. Its sitting in a factory in Elysium, with nothing on it. I got a jump drive and ecells to it and jumped it to dock at the Hub.

HQ 2.

Jump into CBSW south gate. Tomes is on an Argon Cerberus.

Orders to scout Ocracoke’s Storm and take out any enhanced ships you find.

I jump into the north gate. Theres a few Yaki in here, all blue, 1 with enhanced in its name, and another a prototype. Theres also a station in here I cant target.

When I get within a few kms of the station, looks like a Military Base, it turns red and orders come through to return to CBSW. No need to shoot anything.

Back to CBSW and talk to Tomes again. Prelude to an attack and theres a minefield around that Base, please go and take it out.

Jump to Ocracoke’s Storm south gate, right by the base, and theres a whole heap of mines on the nav map now.

However, you cannot target them, and they wont show up using find nearest enemy.

All you can do is follow the guidance arrows until you run them down. That means you need a ship with sufficient shielding that mines wont be a problem. I did shoot a few by manually guessing where they were, but its complete hit or miss and mostly miss. Just run them down as fast as you can.

When most are gone, the fleet jumps in, and you get orders to take out the base. No problems for me, but if you not able to, then protect the capital ships that jump in so they can.

When the base is toast, you get told that Humi Wi wants to talk to you again in Kingdom End, so jump to the KE south gate.

HQ 3.

Some Boron scientists have been captured by the Yaki and need rescuing.

First we need to dock at the Military Outpost in Atreus’ Clouds.

Bugger. Too slow out of the gate, and another traffic accident. Slurp.

Orders to fly to the Pirate Base in Olmancketlot’s Treaty and prepare to protect the Boron scientists as they escape.

I jumped to the North gate, flew towards the Base, taking out any reds on the way and at about 4km from the Base, you get told some scientists did escape.

Then your ordered back to Kingdom End.

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Post by Snickly » Tue, 30. Dec 08, 18:16

Help !! :evil:
have i hit a bug ? in the "final fury" part 3 (find the 3 asteroids), i have found one and there are no more to scan, although there are 3 asteroids that won´t let me scan them... any ideas here because i´m stuck ! :evil:
Snickly -signing off

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Post by apricotslice » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 01:34

Wont let you scan them ? Are you sure your getting close enough ? There shouldnt be any problems scanning the roids, that I know about anyway.

Worst case, get the show all roids script that I used, and save the hassel of doing it. You can always remove it later if you want.

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Post by Snickly » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 10:41

Thanks apricotslice I haven´t used scripts at all... so i´m not sure how !
There are indeed asteroids that just won´t scan, even real close and they don´t appear on the sector map either :?

Snickly -signing off

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Post by apricotslice » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 10:43

If you ahve a save game under 10megs, email me a copy so I can look at it.

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Post by Snickly » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 11:38

Have just checked and my saves are around 11.5 Megs.
Maybe i could try the script if you could tell me were to insert.
Thanks ! :)
Snickly -signing off

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Post by apricotslice » Wed, 31. Dec 08, 12:56

Can you zip or rar the save and get it smaller ? I'd like to see these 3 roids.

To install the roid cheat, download X3TC-cheat.scan.all.asteroids.rar from my download site (Click link in signature, then scroll down for the download link, find the file in the list, click to download), then you need rar to unpack the file into your TC main directory, which should put the script into the scripts directory. Restart TC, load game, and then turn the Script editor on. (Instructions in the sticky thread in scripts and modding forum). Then just continue playing. The script should kick in pretty quickly, if not, jump out, jump back in and it should then show all roids properly in the nav list. It should also trigger the next bit of the mission.

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The O:FF asteroids are at fixed positions. Are you sure you've looked far enough out?
Ore (27)
x 13431103
y 1569196
z 28468251

Silicon (36)
x -5216350
y -1907361
z 26305085

Ore (31)
x -27651370
y -928641
z -15012753

(divide by 500,000 to get km)
Asteroids you can't scan and aren't on the map are rocks - you can mobile mine them, but you can't put a mining station on them. That, or you've found a bug.

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Interesting. The roids my plot used were well below those yields. I thought it odd when they talked about high yeild roids and there were none ! Highest was 18 from memory and one of them they used was a 5.

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/shrug - I just copied it out of the MD file, the positions seem to correspond to the mines that got built in my game (although they're all silicon mines, oddly).

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ok i found 2 now.. off to look for the other one.
Thanks a lot and i wish you and everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR ! :)
Snickly -signing off

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HQ. 4

The Yaki have located BalaGi’s Command Ship. Its an Orca with registration TLNS-43.

Now, ironically, since in the order I did the plots, this mission is the last main plot mission, and its also got to be the worst put together mission of the lot. Remember trying to board the Xenon ship in Aldrin. Sigh now and get it over with.

The voice over says we must not let the Yaki capture BalaGi’s ship. I’ve no idea why, because you cant stop it.

The most important thing here is to ignore the voice instructions, ignore the mission briefing which says nothing anyway, and once we get going, only follow the guidance arrows.

However, the guidance is well and truly broken to start with.

First thing, find the Orca. If you don’t have any guidance to leave Kingdom End, then the Orca is still there. Locating it is not difficult with a triplex scanner. You will find it does not have a pilot, but is slowly meandering around the sector. You cannot claim it, and you cannot board it, so not worth trying.

Note : If all the ships in the sector disappear, don’t panic, its just that you went too high or too low. Gave me a real shock it did !

Hub 6.

While waiting for something to happen in the expectation that some Yaki was going to show up and steal the ship, I connected my 3rd gate pair in the Hub. I chose the south gate of Trinity Sanctum, which joins Paranid and Teladi space. And sure enough, my Hub is now full of all species except Terran.

HQ 4a.

Nothing continues to happen in Kingdom End. And it can continue that way indefinitely it seems.

The voice over mentioned Shore of Infinity and Light Water. The former is on the way to the latter by direct flight.

Jump into the west gate of Shore of Infinity.

This should generate a voice over that says that the Orca has been located in a different sector captured by the Yaki, and the mission briefing should now specify Kingdom End and the arrows point to it.

If you jump into Light Water first, the mission appears to break, so don’t go there, unless by some chance your still being guided there.

Jump back to Kingdom End and re-find the Orca. It should now be in the Mission part of the nav list, and be red. Once you have found it, the mission should change to board the Orca.

Boarding pods do not work (you lose your marines and they don’t even get started), remote control of a boarding ship does not work. You have to be on the ship that will do the boarding, and it has to be a ship capable of boarding. I tried an M7M and it would not work. In the end, I used a Scabbard TP from the Terran Plot.

The problem with Kingdom End is that its full of roids, stations and ships. It is almost impossible for the auto-pillok to get a line up on an Orca at the best of times, but in Kingdom End it seems to be impossible. I had 2 Boron capital ships pounding on the Orca (invincible), plus a whole heap of fighters, and the AP on the Scabbard gave me a great view of the guns firing on both capital ships as we scraped the paint off going past.

The first 10 marines launched as I was about to give up, and then got left behind, as their suits were too slow to catch the Orca.

I had to get another 10 marines brought to me. This time, the auto-pillok sat 4km behind the Orca and did nothing at all for 10 minutes except follow it.

In sheer desperation, I used Cycrow’s autoboard script hotkey instead. This involves some balls, since you aim directly at the nose of the Orca, get as close as you are prepared to play chicken with it, and then hit the launch marines hotkey and then speed away.

This worked, the marines hit the hull, and the Orca jumped out.

So.....The Borons lost a capital ship in the process, the sector is filled with angry Borons, and I have 20 marines spread accross the sector.

While I am picking up the first 10 marines, I get the message that the Orca has been spotted in The Hole. (This could I gather be almost any random sector).

Once I have manually picked up 10 marines, I transfer them to the M7 the second group came off, transfer to the M7 myself, jump to The Hole west gate, and then instruct the Scabbard to collect the rest of the Marines. Collect marines command is best used OOS. Being in the ship using the command can be hair raising, especially if you use seta, especially in Kingdom End. Its also quicker OOS, as the ship does not have to worry about colliding with anything.

When the marines have been collected, jump it after you.

By the time that’s done, you should have found the Orca and removed its shields again.

The difference now is that The Hole does not have a defense force. So this time you have to take care of the shields yourself, and the Orca only has 2 targets to aim at. You and you.

Switch to the Scabbard again. Give the M7 attack shields Orca command, and it will now happily play misquito and keep the shields down. But beware, if your using a ship with weak shields, it may not last long.

I again used the AP for boarding, and again, it sat about 3km behind the Orca doing nothing but follow it, in a sector with nothing at all nearby. Something seriously wrong with the auto-boarding.

By this stage, I was in serious danger, as the Orca was firing on me, and the Scabbard shields were going down 3% for each gun hit and 60% for each missile hit. I was using the restore hull and shields cheat at this point while swearing at the auto-pillok to get on with it.

Again in total disgust, I turned the pillok off, and did a hotkey launch of the marines. They went straight to the Orca, and went straight in. After the usual sound effects, the ship is mine, except for the last 2 missiles still on their way to me. For a ship with only 6 missiles on board, the mission obviously makes them unlimited.

Once the ship is yours, you get the usual end of plot thankyous.

The plot reward is in the cargo hold of the Orca. I renamed the ship, installed a jump drive and ecells and then jumped it to the Hub. Then jumped the Scabbard in as well, had them RV and swapped the marines back to the Scabbard, then docked it at the Hub.

My suggestion then is to drop the Headquarters somewhere in the Hub sector, where it does not obstruct traffic, and is below the gates level so you can easily jump in and dock from any direction.

Once you have your HQ deployed, dock all your ships there and have a party.

The HQ has 2 main uses.

First as a Player Headquarters, where you can dock all your ships safely. It docks 8 capital ships, 16 freighters/M6 size, and unlimited fighters. It becomes an ideal place to send capped ships to wait for you to want to do anything with them. It repairs ships if you give it resources. I will reverse engineer any ship in the game and allow you to build it. And it has a spray shop if you want to give your ships all the same colour scheme. It makes an ideal base for ship fitout.

But it is also useful as a Superstore. It has a single large cargo bay, with no restrictions on how much of anything can be stored there. (The bay is small by my expectations, so there is a mod out to greatly increase the cargo space. However, the mod must be installed before you drop the station to get the increase in space.) As such, this is a perfect place to store all the stuff you slurp up. At average price minus 1, all the basic stuff will sell itself. It’s a good place to put any oversupply of secondary resources from your complexes, where you do not want to sell them from the complex itself. Some stuff wont sell from there, but that is good because it makes a great place to store all the stuff you don’t want to sell, and do not want to have to carry around in a ship.

At some point in almost every game I play, I end up with 2 HQ’s. One is my base where npc ships are not allowed to dock. The other is a Superstore for selling everything I don’t want.


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At this point, this guide is now complete.

I may or may not do the corporation missions and include them later.

The html version of this thread includes a set of quicklinks to jump directly to particular missions, or specific information/guidance. The mission numbers may not be the same as discussed in any other thread tho, as the numbers were as I did them and where it seemed logical to make a distinction. Others may disagree with my logic.

I hope this helps.

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