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Silkie D'Taret
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Post by Silkie D'Taret » Tue, 22. Jun 10, 02:40

I'm having a problem with capping the Vidar in the last mission (yes I know you dont have to, but I'm reloading to do it right so that I get capping down).

I fly over to the Vidar with the Scabbard flying next to it. I've tried this two ways:
1. Select on the Scabbard: order Piracy, Board Ship. Select the Vidar, then "Ready to Board", then I take the shields of the Vidar down with my own ship.

2. Take the shields down on the Vidar, then select on the Scabbard: order Piracy, Board Ship. Select the Vidar, then "Ready to Board".

In both cases, the Scabbard simply flies around occasionally ramming the Vidar. No Marines come out, and I dont see anything happening. I hit the R screen and it just shows me, Vidar, Scabbard. I continue to keep the shields low/down until the mission simply advances and I'm told to go to the Moon, and the Vidar automatically becomes mine.

I'd like to figure out what I'm doing wrong because I'd like to capture ships in the future. Does it only work with boarding pods? Instructions say TPs can capture ships but the Marines dont do anything above. Where would you see the "progress" of the capture?

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Post by thecrazybear » Tue, 22. Jun 10, 10:35

If i remember correctly as of v2.5 boarding was made more difficult so the marines that you are given are next to worthless and aren't able to cap the vidar. the problems with the boarding is due to a number of issues with the boarding script and the AI they have major issues and you are unable to launch marines or the TP crashes directly into the target vehicle the easiest way to do it is to use the TP yourself and when you get within 1000m eject them , you'll need to have a fighter with the attack sheilds command to keep the shields low

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Post by NewEonOrchestra » Sun, 12. Sep 10, 01:28

I completed the first Terran mission (I think, I got to the part where I asked the woman if she had further work and clicked okay.)

But the next mission just won't show up anywhere. I've been to Uranus and there are no blue books on the map.

I also went back to Omnicon Lyrae and looked around for a story mission being offered, but again no luck. It seems like I'm kind of stuck between missions.

Has anybody else had this problem?

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Post by ThunderRoad » Sat, 25. Sep 10, 02:16

THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU!! Went through first time thanks to your guide. I'm lucky, I started this campaign after I'd already had 1.2 billion in the bank and several giant complex hubs producing weapons, shields and missles (thanks to Dusty) and maxed Argon, Teladi, Boron and Paranid rank. This is thanks to the Trade Command MK3 and 110 ships as sector or universe trader. Thanks again. This game is a beautiful, huge, deep and buggy bitch. And I love her. :)

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Post by rif100 » Tue, 28. Sep 10, 14:58

i have had the same problem. I did attack some terran ships before i started the first mission and my rank with teraan dropped some

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Post by Bannon_Grey » Tue, 5. Oct 10, 00:36

Greetings... I just got X3TC and started playing the Terran Campain. I'm having a LOT of trouble making money. I'm flying the missions, killing occasional Xenons, but my bank account isn't moving. It's also hard to know what to trade when you can't even afford the best/buy upgrades.

I can't afford the MK1 combat software either. Do I not get paid for the Xenon I kill until the end of several missions? Any commodities you recommend trading (I tried energy but only made a whopping 58 credits... the other two trades I made I actually lost money!)

Just making the wrong trades I guess.

Help would be appretiated

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Post by Nanook » Tue, 5. Oct 10, 01:24

Bannon, you should start a thread in the main X-Universe forum to ask general gameplay questions. You'll likely get a lot more help over there. This thread is for help doing the various missions in the Terran plot.
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Post by rpetiger » Wed, 6. Oct 10, 20:44

About mission 7: You MUST have at least 240 Ecells in your cargobay (If flying the Venir M6 you just aquired) If your just flying a fighter, you still need 120 Ecells (Haven't tested) Otherwise, you WILL end up stranded. Nothing in Aldrin sells Ecells, and the only way in and out is by jumpdrive!

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Post by StarTroll » Wed, 6. Oct 10, 21:24

The ship is a Vidar, and there are stations selling E-celld in Aldrin.
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Post by rpetiger » Wed, 6. Oct 10, 21:45

I only found the one food station.... That area is so vast, it can be hard to spot things.

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Post by StarTroll » Wed, 6. Oct 10, 23:46

I's the biggest sector in all of XTC and is actually quite filled with stations, they are just hundreds of kilometres apart. Anyway if you can't find them / don't want to bother and don't have enough E-cells to go back, just jump a ship in to gorege yourself of the precious energy.
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Post by Bannon_Grey » Thu, 7. Oct 10, 21:45

Thanks everyone...

I finally figured out that I didn't get paid until I completed "All" components of the mission... I thought that I would get paid after "each" individual effort, not the whole mission.

Things are working much better now... I've been able to get funds from kills now, buy a few upgrades, and now I've moving on my way to profitability.

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Post by silentcreep » Thu, 28. Oct 10, 01:15

I am at the final mission. All I have to do is bring the people back to earth from Aldrin. The problem is: I used my cutlass, got them in, until I came to neptune it said u need 24 cargobay space and life support..and the people dissappeared. So I went back, this time with my vidar. This time as soon as I get them on board, I undock, and the message comes again and they dissappear. Then I tried with the scabbard they gave me >.>. Same as the vidar!!! HELP!!!!

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Post by Nightwatch » Thu, 28. Oct 10, 04:51

Sometimes the missions don't recognize ships with in built Cargo life support as having it and can refuse to complete with them.

You need to get a ship to a pirate station and buy a CLS from there. I used the Cutlass you were given earlier and it worked fine. There are other places that sell them but a pirate station is the fastest for you to get to right now. There's a pirate station south of the east gate in Profit Center Alpha, which is west of PTNI headquarters and that should be on your map from earlier in the Terran plot.
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Re: Terran Campaign : Walkthrough

Post by SirDeity » Fri, 29. Oct 10, 06:31

Creston wrote:- In the Unknown Sector, watch the Nova dock with the Pirate Base. You are ordered to scan it. To do so, you must fly within 500 METERS of the Pirate Base. If you're close enough, a counter will start at the bottom of the screen. If it doesn't, you must not be close enough. Get a little closer.

***Note - it seems random whether or not this pirate base will attack you once you get close. I've played the mission 3 times, and only once was I attacked. If you ARE attacked, either kill or ignore the attackers. Once done, fly or jump back to Heretic's End and talk to Mark Jackson in the Orbital Patrol Base.
I followed him safely to the Unknown System without any problems but as soon as I entered the system I saw a fleet of at least 6 pirate ships flying toward me to intercept. The pirate I was supposed to follow just flew right past the pirates sent to intercept me. Among the pirates intent on destroying me were at least 2 or 3 Elites (same ship as I fly). Needless to say, I died before I was even able to kill two of them. Is that fleet of 6 powerful pirates supposed to be there? How am I supposed to kill them or tank their fire with my starter Elite ship? I already fully upgraded my engine optimization and rudders for enhanced maneuverability, but it didn't seem to matter. Suggestions? Was it just a weird fluke that they showed up and destroyed me or should I expect to have to deal with them every time I try the mission? To clarify, these pirates attacked and destroyed me way before I ever got close to the pirate base (or any station structures for that matter - I was still within 10KM of the stargate I entered through).

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