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Starts, and the Unlocking Therein

Posted: Wed, 29. Oct 08, 14:45
by eldarmark
So here are the starts that we know about:

From the Manual:

Terran Defender
Start Sector: Uranus
Start Ship: Terran Sabre (M4)
Starting Credits: 1000
Difficulty: Normal

Argon Patriot
Start Sector: Omicron Lyrae
Start Ship: Argon Elite (M4)
Starting Credits: 1974
Difficulty: Average

Humble Merchant
Start Sector: Herron's Nebula
Start Ship: Argon Discoverer (M5), Argon Mercury (TS)
Starting Credits: 9693
Difficulty: Not all that Hard

Bankrupt Assassin
Start Sector: Aladna Hill
Start Ship: Split Mamba (M3)
Starting Credits: 0
Difficulty: Most assuredly hard
Special: Random Pirate "Bounty Hunter" mobs spawn to attack you in border sectors.

Unlockable Starts (Manual):

USC Commander
Start Sector: Uranus
Start Ship: Terran Scimitar (M3)
Starting Credits: 1000
Difficulty: Easy
Unlock Conditions: Finish the Terran Campaign / Max ATF Rep?

Tormented Teladi
Start Sector: Acquisition Repository
Start Ship: Teladi Harrier Hauler (M5)
Starting Credits: 1821
Difficulty: Hard
Unlock Conditions: ?

Poisoned Paranid
Start Sector: Preacher's Refuge
Start Ship: Paranid Demeter Hauler (TS)
Starting Credits: 8939
Difficulty: Very Hard
Unlock Conditions: ?

Aldrin Aventurer
Start Sector: Aldrin
Start Ship: Terran Spitfire (M3)
Starting Credits: 4150
Difficulty: Hard
Unlock Conditions: ?

Goner Witness
Start Sector: Elysium of Light
Start Ship: Goner Ranger (GO)
Starting Credits: 3350
Difficulty: Pretty Darn Hard
Unlock Conditions: Finish the Goner campaign?

Unholy Traitor
Start Sector: Tkr's Deprivation
Start Ship: Split Medusa Prototype Vanguard (M3)
Starting Credits: 20997
Difficulty: Pretty Hard
Unlock Conditions: Unknown

Yaki Insurgent
Start Sector: Weaver's Tempest
Start Ship: Yaki Mashi (M6)
Starting Credits: 3367
Difficulty: Reasonably Hard
Unlock Conditions: Unknown

Lost Lar
Start Sector: Xenon Core 023
Start Ship: Boron Angel (TP)
Starting Credits: 13253
Difficulty: Hard
Unlock Conditions: Unknown (0% rep with all races? Is this the Xenon start?)

Savage Split
Start Sector: Family Pride
Start Ship: Split Jaguar (M5)
Starting Credits: 1400
Difficulty: Slightly Hard
Unlock Conditions: High Split Rep

Anonymous Argon
Start Sector: Argon Prime
Start Ship: Argon Discoverer (M5)
Starting Credits: 2500
Difficulty: Average
Unlock Conditions: High Argon Rep

Boring Boron
Start Sector: Kingdom End
Start Ship: Boron Octopus (M5)
Starting Credits: 2000
Difficulty: Average
Unlock Conditions: High Boron Rep

Pious Paranid
Start Sector: Paranid Prime
Start Ship: Paranid Demeter (TS)
Starting Credits: 3633
Difficulty: Just a bit Hard
Unlock Conditions: High Paranid Rep

Rumored Starts:

"The Xenon Start"
Start Sector: Unknown
Start Ship: Unknown
Starting Credits: Unknown
Difficulty: Woah Mamma
Unlock Conditions: Supposedly, 0% race relations with ALL races (Universally hated).

Anyone have anything to add? :)

Posted: Wed, 29. Oct 08, 15:21
by Ebon Page
Some questions :) :)

All these additional starts offer some different plot or new missions??
And if yes, it is possible to do that new missions without begin a new game?

OR the only differnces are the starting sector, the amount of credits and the reputation stats your pilot has.

Posted: Thu, 30. Oct 08, 18:33
by Galkar
Which of those are plot enabled? Or, more specifically, can the plot be done on the humble merchant start?

Posted: Thu, 30. Oct 08, 19:20
by xavierd
as far as i know (after hacking registry) the only start with storyline disabled is the aldrin one

Re: Starts, and the Unlocking Therein

Posted: Thu, 30. Oct 08, 19:47
by pjknibbs
eldarmark wrote:Start Sector: Xenon Core 023
Start Ship: Boron Angel (TP)
Starting Credits: 13253
Difficulty: Hard
Unlock Conditions: Unknown (0% rep with all races? Is this the Xenon start?)
No, it isn't the Xenon start--a "Lar" is one of the three Boron sexes, and you're in a Boron ship, so it's pretty obviously a Boron start. You're just very, very, VERY lost. :-)

Posted: Thu, 30. Oct 08, 20:06
by Carlo the Curious
Tormented Teladi appears to be either high Teladi rep or a certain trade rank.

Side note: The unlockable Argon, Boron and Split starts don't need all that much rep (around police license level, I think).

Unholy Traitor showed up when I hit Privileged Associate of Rhonkar.

Not sure about Teladi Trafficker, but I think it unlocked at either Company Owner rep or Broker rank.

Goner Witness - complete the Goner plot.

Posted: Fri, 31. Oct 08, 08:18
by eldarmark
There must be something about the Boron start I'm missing then, as I have King's Knight (3rd from highest) Boron Rep now and when quitting the game to go to bed tonight, I discovered there are still no starts with Boron as a race available to me.

I have a ton of money, decent trade rank, great warfare rank, and high rep with everyone except the Goners. So.... Yeah....

Gonna keep trying to raise Boron rep. Maybe I have too much Split rep.

Posted: Fri, 31. Oct 08, 09:46
by pjknibbs
Or maybe you unlock the Boron starts by doing the Boron mission sequence? Just a thought.

Posted: Fri, 31. Oct 08, 11:54
by ZX9000
Tormented Teladi starts in a random sector in the area of Grand Exchange.

After fiddling with the registry to get all of them, I don't have a Yaki start (but have all the rest on the list except the Xenon start, which seems to be a rumour but nothing more). And in this thread:
Graphil wrote:Just to confirm the Yaki gamestart was removed just prior to release and there unfortunately wasn't time to reflect this in the manual.
Though possibly there are more starts and the registry-adjustment doesn't reveal them all (how to is explained in the thread linked above).

Posted: Tue, 4. Nov 08, 20:14
by Williams8181
I Found that unholy Traitor was activated when i blew up a Xenon K in rhonkars fire on a patrol mission, but its more likely from a high rep? Teladi Trafficker i unlocked by getting company owner rep! Any other thoughts? :P

Posted: Tue, 4. Nov 08, 20:23
by delray
Finally the thread I've been looking for.

When I becoma Company Owner, I unlocked Teladi Trafficker. It starts with a Vulture and 12693 credits in Seizewell.

I also heard there's a Paranid start in Hyperion Vanguard. Probably needs highest or next to highest Paranid rank.

The start when you being in a Boron TP in the middle of a Xenon sector isn't a Xenon start, you start a Boron and this is one of the most traumatic starts out there.

And by the way, Tormented Teladi starts with a mission to gather 2,5 million credits in two hours. If he does that, he will get a fully equipped Kea as a reward. Kind of worth mentioning.

Posted: Sun, 23. Nov 08, 11:27
by delray
What's up with that Yaki start? T

he ship it's supposed to give (Mashi M6) doesn't exist in this game and registry trick didn't open that start to me at all. The only mention of Mashi google knows about is this thread. No other mentions about it whatsoever.

How do you know this start even exists?

Posted: Sun, 23. Nov 08, 14:03
by 3D_Master
Here is a list of the unlocked /unlockable starts.

Posted: Sat, 11. Apr 09, 01:42
by Udat
i have full boron rep and petty financier trade rank and i still dont have boring boron >_<

Posted: Sat, 11. Apr 09, 01:52
by Carlo the Curious
The actual rank required is some way into petty financier, iirc.

Also, the other thread (as linked by 3D_Master) has rather more information in it and recent updates - I think this one can sink again.