Automated Mobile Mining Trade in X3TC.

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Automated Mobile Mining Trade in X3TC.

Post by DikiDino » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 05:02

I've bought the Terren Mobile Drilling Ship. Installed all necessary equipment. Whenever i choose from Commands to order it to "Mine and Trade", "Mining" & etc... everything just don't works.

I even tried to fly the ship myself and i can't find a way to fire the weapon.

Have i done anything wrong?

BTW, my version is Terran Conflict v1.2.

Anyone manage to get it to works?

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Post by Storm666 » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 05:47

i think the mine and trade option only requires a standard lazer like a PAC... a moblie drill is for blowing asteroids

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Post by DikiDino » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 06:00

Ya, i actually tried to get the ship to "Mine & Trade" and i assume it will blow up the asteroid and start mining for the ore so they can go back to the port and start selling the ore?

BTW, pardon me as i'm relatively new to X3 even though i registered in 2006 as i bought X3R but never really touch the game.

So i'm considered a noob for the X3 universe. :)

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Post by Storm666 » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 06:21

hey we're all noobs with TC for a while :lol: ... the only other bit of the mining i worked out was the collect rocks command needed you to break down the rocks to a collectable size first (this can be done on the small rocks littering the sectors with a standard laser like a PAC... or for the big asteroids break with the drill first then hit them with a laser till they are collectable, then tell your TS to collect rocks and he will happily collect them all)

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Post by RegisterMe » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 21:54

I'm having trouble with this as well. I think it works differently to X3R. I have a TS with a mobile miner on the back, a mineral scanner, and an ore collector.

I can issue "collect rocks" commands and "mine" commands but it does nothing.

In X3R it would automatically sell in a neighbouring system. I'm not sure it does this in X3TC. So when it asks for a "station" to deliver to I've been leaving it blank in the hope that it would just sell but.....

Anybody figured it out yet?
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Post by Blind Avarice » Mon, 20. Oct 08, 22:26

No idea on the collect commands, but I had a similar .. competence gap in regard to manual mining. If the only weapon bays on the ship are turrets, (not sure if this is true on your ship but it sounds like it) you have to hit f1 a time or two so that you are in control of the turret instead of the cockpit. When you get to the turret with the drill, you'll be able to fire it.

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Post by Doral74 » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 00:43

I have the "Mine and Trade Minerals", under "(3) Trade" on my small Mercury Tanker fleet I've built this weekend. Took me awhile to figure out the software combo, I have the Ore Collector, Mineral Scanner. I was using the ships as remote traders to begin with and found out that you now have to Best Buys/Best Sells locater on the remote ships as well. Don't know if that has anything to do with the Mine and Trade Minerals option being available or not, but try it if your still not seeing the command. I got my Mobile Mining System from the Boron equipment docks in Menelaus Frontier I think, after I fixed my Boron faction (Bankrupt Assassin start)

I also want to point out, that I have noticed that if I go into a sector and break up the roids manually, jump/fly the TS's in and then leave and let it do the mining OOS, it seems to work better and faster. I have 5 ships now in Antigone memorial. I spent an hour doing breakups before work this morning, till my machine was lagging from the rocks in the area. Before that I had started the mining in Herron's Nebula. I have all the local markets flooded now with Ore and Silicon Wafers, but I'm bringing in about 200k to 300k an hour letting those guys run.

Sorry for rambling, I just wanted to share what I've seen work so far.

20 hours played so far and 25 million in assets with about 11 million cash on hand. I think I'm doing okay :) Not all that is from mining though.

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Post by Incubi » Tue, 21. Oct 08, 01:06

ooops how did I miss this before I made my otrher post. here I will just paste it here and hope it gets deleted.
As this is about a feature I do not feel this is a spoiler, feel free to move if you disagree.

OK I set up a ts ship for collecting and selling minerals. At first I tried to get a m5 to be a rock buster, but the command is not available for fighters wasted credits on the eq required too

So I gave the ts a impusle laser ( did not want to risk it busting up asteroids, Just wanted it to work on rocks ) And it went to a location and did absolutely nothing. I busted up some rocks personaly to see what happens, and yup it started to collect them, But with only 10 ore in the cargo it went off to sell it.

So how am I going to get it to bust up rocks and sell only when cargohold is full? It wont bust up rocks and I cannot get a fighter to do it. Am I back to mass rock busting myself ( play my asteroids game if you remember ) But even then, what gives with the 10 ore sales?

Anyone else work on this... Bunny you on? I assume your all ready working on it

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Post by elayeth » Tue, 28. Oct 08, 10:48

I read several mining posts and found no answer to this question.

Can you actually automate mining w/o breaking rocks yourself?
Somebody found solution? Is there any?

I played X3R and had many UTs but never bothered about mining now I would like to test it but is it worth it?
It seems to be more competitive activity since in TC we get more ships flying around thus UTs or automated bestbuy/sell commands seem not to be that profitable (at least before you have like 5+ UTs...)...

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Post by atavistuk » Fri, 21. Sep 18, 01:22

Yes, I started a new game very recently focused on No Stations/No Sector or Universal Traders.

I have a set of fully automated Mobile Miners in Herron's Nebula slowly eating away at the smaller rocks in there. Right now.

Standard Argon Mercuries Maxed out, Ore Collector, Mineral Scanner, Triplex Scanner (I heard they can only find rocks using their own scanners, even if you have Nav Sats in system, not sure.) A Impulse Ray Emitter on the rear turret to break rocks, Navigation Command Software, Special Command Software, Trade Mk1 and 2, 3 25mj Shields.

Mine and Trade Minerals is hidden in the Trade Menu, not Special. Set them up in a Sector and let them go.

Although mine don't trade much, since I have a Mercury Super frieghter (bought second hand) with a Commodity Logistics Pilot in it unloading ore and silicon from them and selling to specified stations. But the Trade is there as a fallback, so the Miners will sell stuff if the CLS Pilot takes his time.

PS: I came here looking for some Mobile Mining information and got side-tracked and now I can't remember what I was looking for. :(

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Post by Alan Phipps » Fri, 21. Sep 18, 10:12

Unfortunately you also dug up a 10 year old dead thread. So, click ..
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