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Posted: Mon, 20. Oct 08, 22:46
by Danya Turrel
CBJ wrote:Could you take this discussion elsewhere please?
Hi CBJ. Which discussion? Forgive us, but loyal US X fans just crave news that might herald the arrival of our shiny new X game!!! If your concern is discussion of US arrival and release, where should we go with the discussion? Thanks.... and no, I'm not questioning your authority. You've been a big help to me here since X2. I think we are all just excited.


Posted: Mon, 20. Oct 08, 22:50
by CBJ
The discussion to take elsewhere was the one in the post immediately prior to mine. Feel free to discuss your search for the game here, or in this thread which seems to be specifically about that. :)

Posted: Mon, 20. Oct 08, 23:46
by MeatBag
danleach wrote:Woohoo
Mr Postman has just been :)

Thankyou thankyou thankyou Egosoft!!
If you dont mind, could you please me which country or at least which continent you are on?

...I'm still waiting for mine


Posted: Tue, 21. Oct 08, 15:19
by Deleted User
I need to say sorry for not uploading a SotD the last days, but the performance of the forums and the site was horrible, so I couldn't upload anything. But now screenshots will be uploaded daily again. So I did a few minutes ago and here is you new Screeshot of the Day :)

Posted: Tue, 21. Oct 08, 17:52
by Wolfehunter
Finally got the game in the mail....

Tomorrow my new rigs comes in and X3 universe here I come. :D

Nice size manual.. alot to read hmmm. :wink:

Thank you Egosoft :thumb_up:

Posted: Tue, 21. Oct 08, 21:56
by herocrafter
Package from Egosoft was waiting for me when I came home today. It felt like a package from family with all the real stamps, presumably licked.

Posted: Wed, 22. Oct 08, 20:38
by Sandalpocalypse
Another curious update on steam.

"Added support for registering CD keys that do not contain any games"


Posted: Thu, 23. Oct 08, 03:13
by MooMan7777
is there a list of brick and mortar stores that carry x3tc?

Posted: Thu, 23. Oct 08, 16:57
by Deleted User

Posted: Thu, 23. Oct 08, 17:05
by CBJ
MooMan7777 wrote:is there a list of brick and mortar stores that carry x3tc?
No. Apart from the fact that you've not even mentioned what country you were in, it's unlikely that anyone here would know. Developers write games, publishers deal with distributors, and distributors deal with company purchasing departments, who in turn deal with individual stores. Getting a definitive list would be pretty much impossible.

Posted: Fri, 24. Oct 08, 01:22
by The Great Destroyer
Belisarius wrote:New Screenshot of the Day online! :)
Nice this helps pass the time while my game copy is enroute.It doesn't look too tough though.Centaurs usually fall pretty easily in Reunion.

Anyway,The fight video was just released.

Posted: Fri, 24. Oct 08, 01:31
by Sandalpocalypse
On that note, I'd like note that the pirate osprey paintjob is simply stellar, above and beyond, nice job guys. ;)

TGD: Pirate Centaurs still arn't that tough, but they have significantly more shielding than in X3R and their turret arcs are better and they sometimes have mass drivers. (!)

Posted: Fri, 24. Oct 08, 07:50
by The Great Destroyer
^^ Damn,Who'd of thought.I guess the Centaur is now a force to be reckon with now it is in Pirate hands.

I look forward to the challenge of seeing such a menace & also the Brigantine. :wink:

Posted: Fri, 24. Oct 08, 21:07
by KreXx
what's from about the steam serial? a week past and we still can't register our game :? :? :?

Posted: Fri, 24. Oct 08, 23:42
by CBJ
We're still working on it. Our end is now OK and we're just waiting on Steam to get their end into the same state.