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Post by Mav'r'ck » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 15:55

Thanks Egosoft, I am installing the game now, I can't wait!

Also credit to Amazon, my copy arrived somewhere between 12:30pm and 2:50 pm, which is quite impressive considering I didn't ask for first class delivery.

I shall now ruin the big surprise for all you who are's the biggest secret X3 TC has to offer, I'm shaking as I type this:

YOU GET A FREE POSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Incredible eh?

Ahhh, I've been away for a while, XTM filled the gap, but it's good to be back. I bloody love this game. I love it so much that I'm almost sad to have some really cool social things planned for this weekend.

Oh well, I hope you are all satisfied soon, and once again congrats to Ego, all the XTM boys, and all of you lovely forum mods for dealing so patiently with what is effectively many thousands of over-excited children given tonnes of sugar and then made to wait for their presents.

Hip-Hip, HOORAY!

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Post by Deleted User » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 16:03

Since today is the day of the official release of X3: Terran Conflict I thought it would be nice to give more than just one eye-candy on one day, so I uploaded three screenshots into the gallery of the SotD. Special thanks also to Alex Vanderbilt and enenra who sent me screen two and three. I hope you'll like it :)

Image Image Image

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Post by mad_axeman » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 16:34

exogenesis wrote:I don't get all this angst about 1 day.
Me neither, but them I'm not going to be able to play it until after Christmas.

It was really weird, up until it was released, I was *really* eager to just pre-order it even though I couldn't play it. But now it's been released, I can easily wait until after Christmas (in fact, if I ask for it as a present, I won't even have to pay for it - someone else will).

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Post by GreasyBaz » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 17:05

It's mine!!!! All mine!!! And a lot of other peoples too from the look of it. Just picked up a copy from game which I was suprised to find in the number 2 position on their charts, above spore and warhammer online. Who needs advertising eh?

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Post by Sir.Diealot_swe » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 18:37

Just got mine :D i think im the first in sweden to got it! And if not first in sweden so first from WEBHALLEN :roll: got to go and play now :lol:

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Post by drakend » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 19:04

Yeah I'm curious to see what the game is like, if Steam decides to go faster than 100 KBps... I started the download this morning and it's still going on... :roll:

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Post by Nyax » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 19:18

Axeface wrote:Would like to know if buyers have received theirs?
Well i can't speak for everyone of course, but i'm a buyer and my copy has NOT turned up.

Might still show up tomorrow of course but i'm expecting next week now.

I have to say play.coms delivery service may be free these days, but it was much, much more reliable when you had to pay for it.

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Post by Tycow » Fri, 17. Oct 08, 21:03

My one turned up this morning. :)

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Post by Dave500 » Sat, 18. Oct 08, 00:45

No delivery today for me :( . But maybe Saturday or Monday with any luck.

Welcome back to the forum, looks like it got a little hot from all the people online a few hours ago. Probably crash again tomorrow. :D

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Ther are other places than the UK and USA

Post by Yellowjack » Sat, 18. Oct 08, 01:10

Nova Scotia,

You could always trying buying it from OZ or Kiwi. :)
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Today's Thumbnails

Post by Yellowjack » Sat, 18. Oct 08, 01:19

Two of todays screenshots are only 120 * 80 pixels. Neither useful or mouthwatering. :cry:
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Re: Today's Thumbnails

Post by softweir » Sat, 18. Oct 08, 01:28

Yellowjack wrote:Two of todays screenshots are only 120 * 80 pixels. Neither useful or mouthwatering. :cry:
Whut? 1280 * 1024, 1680 * 1050 and another, slightly smaller image, but none as small as 120 * 80!
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Post by Aro » Sat, 18. Oct 08, 01:36

Belisarius wrote:Image
What the? I want one :shock:
Looks purply khaak. Too small to be a capital ship. Did they get an M6 or 7?

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Post by mrscribbler » Sat, 18. Oct 08, 01:49

Aro wrote:
Belisarius wrote:Image
What the? I want one :shock:
Looks purply khaak. Too small to be a capital ship. Did they get an M6 or 7?
Oh, that should be the khaak M6. If it's like the XTM version, its wings rotate around the body. Kinda weird, and if you try to manually dock to most things in it, you'll crash, but it's really worth a lot of credits if you can capture it (at least in XTM).

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Post by MeatBag » Sat, 18. Oct 08, 01:53

RiSkE wrote:A few pages back people were asking for the manual, and told that it was illegal to release it due to copyright issues. I know this is probably too late to be of any use for most people, but I just noticed that Steam have hosted it on the Terran Conflict product page, and have probably been doing so for some time, so for the poor few that are still waiting, here's a link: ... 1224195223
Thanks for this, greatly appreciated. :thumb_up:

I have nothing else to do this weekend until the game arrives. And when it does arrive i dont want to be forced to read the manual during working hours :P :thumb_up:


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