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Posted: Thu, 8. May 08, 23:55
by zooze
AlderonDark wrote:My personal favorite M3 is the Pirate Nova Raider and my favorite M3+ is the Xenon LX.

But in a game like this, where there are so many variations on ships, stats and weapon loadout, most people develop their own list of 'best ships and stuff'. You will too. :)

I completely agree with you :)


Posted: Fri, 9. May 08, 00:56
by Demolisher 2
In my opinion the best M3+ is the Medusa, for it's PSG's and laser recharge, whilst the Mamba Vanguard gets my vote for standard M3 due to it's high recharge and PBE's. Also it gets better shielding than the raider.

Posted: Fri, 9. May 08, 10:43
by yoricknicholls
Nanook wrote:No special trick, except keep trying. Xenon are notoriously harder to get to bail than cowardly pirates or Boron freighter pilots.
Thanks, I got one buzzing right in front of my noze right now! Let's see if he's bail-frendly :)

Posted: Fri, 9. May 08, 11:02
by Laguna252
Where can I purchase a nova vanguard?

Posted: Fri, 9. May 08, 14:01
by Carlo the Curious
Delian wrote:Of course only P patrols and in Xenon sectors. Those spawned by BBS missions get max morale and aren't worth bothering with.
Which BBS missions are you talking about?

Ships spawned by Xenon Invasion missions aren't cappable (although I've never bothered to check the morale they spawn with).

Ships spawned by Xenon Taxi missions appear to have a fixed morale of 25, and are all capabble.
Laguna252 wrote:Where can I purchase a nova vanguard?
Argon Prime, iirc.

Posted: Fri, 9. May 08, 20:35
by yoricknicholls
Laguna252 wrote:Where can I purchase a nova vanguard?
The Argon Shipyard in Argon Prime sells it I believe :)

Posted: Fri, 9. May 08, 22:04
by Phier
For the Vanilla game I liked the Nova Vanguard (obviously Nova raider as well).

For XTM, which is what I mostly play, I love the Kea. Its stats are slightly worse than an LX but it can mount alpha Kyons which are great for capping ships as you can' instantly stop doing damage.

Posted: Tue, 14. Aug 18, 04:40
by Erianerson
I like the Nova but there was a Super Nova in X2. I think you had to do a mission and it was an escort with super speed but when trying to capture it, you had to make sure you did not knock down the engine tuning on it.

Posted: Tue, 14. Aug 18, 04:56
by Fulgrymm
Holy Necro Batman! Best M3 for what I assume is X3R is the Xenon LX.

Posted: Tue, 14. Aug 18, 14:19
by Alan Phipps
Please don't resurrect 10 year old discussion threads.