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Post by voodoo monkey » Thu, 1. Mar 07, 18:28

B-O'F wrote:Hi Sirius 5,

Sorry, but you lose..

My first programming experience was a job interview in 1960.

My 1401 programming was in 1966, and before that it was all plugboard 'programming'.

System 360 assembler in 1976...

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Post by B-O'F » Thu, 1. Mar 07, 19:52

Hi voodoo monkey,

Respect has to be earned, it doesn't just come with age..

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Buy a station with internal docking. Until someone mods all stations to have internal docking, well.

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Post by Treachery » Thu, 1. Mar 07, 21:09

not only do I remember the commodore 64, I also remember the Commodore VIC 20, the 64s predeccessor. hehe. had them both as well as a commodore 128. there was also a commodore PET CBM(CBM = Commodore Business Machine).

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Post by pjknibbs » Thu, 1. Mar 07, 22:45

Guys--this is going MAJORLY off topic. Please discuss old computers and programming languages in the Off Topic forum.

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