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Post by Munger » Sat, 19. Jan 13, 15:51

I am currently using the XRM mod (with AP) in conjunction with Scorp's X3 Map tool. It seems to work fine except that the Terran sectors are in the wrong places on the map tool compared to where they are in game.

Is it possible to get the tool to rearrange the sectors so they accurately reflect the sector positions in XRM?

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Post by jack775544 » Sun, 20. Jan 13, 05:07

No there is not. Technically they are in the correct spot as XRM (as well as vanilla) moves the Terran sectors 'above' the rest of the galaxy, whilst really they are jumbled around in the Commonwealth as you can see.
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This MAP program functional with XRM?

Post by irjebiv » Tue, 26. Feb 13, 04:17

Does this map program work with XRM?

I'm asking because when I query for Commodity Logistics Software MK2 it doesn't find it. Sitting as OTAS station in a fresh new start I can see this software for sell in game.

The reason it's important is I need to know if the info, prices and such is accurate or if I should disregard and just enjoy the cool map.


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Post by irjebiv » Tue, 26. Feb 13, 04:50

Nevermind, I followed the installation instructions and it is perfect!

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Post by Kimdino » Wed, 1. May 13, 18:44

My system is unable to open the setup file, I have extracted 'X3_map_Setup_EN.exe' from 'X3_map_Setup_EN.zip'. When I click on 'X3_map_Setup_EN.exe' KDE pops up a window asking which app I should use to open it with.

Is anyone able to provide ready prepared files I can just copy into my X3 directories?

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Post by pjknibbs » Wed, 1. May 13, 22:59

Er, no, because this is a Windows application and you're apparently running Linux.

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Post by Kimdino » Sun, 5. May 13, 18:05

Sorry, didn't realise add-on was for MS-Windows systems only.

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Post by ZeroHour » Wed, 26. Jun 13, 23:17

Trying to install the map for Steam X3:AP:XRM.

Downloaded the reg file, linked it to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X3 Terran Conflict\addon".

Ran the reg file.

Ran the X3_map_Setup_TCE.exe.

"Can't detect X3: Terran Conflict on your computer. X3-script is not installed in the game."

Also tried linking the reg file to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\X3 Terran Conflict", still not working.

Most likely I did something moronic, but I've no idea what.

Found my first stupid mistake, the Map was installed to some random folder in the middle of nowhere.
Moved the scripts and bonus scripts into the addon folder, however it still only loads the default map, not XRM.

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Post by JackProject » Tue, 6. Aug 13, 17:29

Instructions if it still doesn;t work, im using x3 albion prelude with the x3 mod xrm.

The program is installed in (at least for me):
C:\Program Files (x86)\X3 map by Scorp

A folder name script is there, with an other folder named t inside it. Copy the content of the folder scripts, but not the t folder, to :
E:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\x3 terran conflict\addon\scripts

Then, whats inside the folder t to:
E:\Games\Steam\SteamApps\common\x3 terran conflict\addon\t

Then follow the instruction from the read me file, make the search thing shift F2, go to space, press shift f2, a log file will be created, it will be located in my documents\egosoft and thats that.

Worked for me like a charm.

Good luck and have fun.

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possible bug

Post by Arisk » Mon, 23. Sep 13, 22:32

First of all is the map is one of the best tools for x3 resources and ship locations.

I had a “major” problem using both regular and bonus scripts in X3AP v3.0 after I finished hub plot both the news plots Corporation troubles and Shady Business refused to proceed missing the dialogs at the beginning , I managed to finished them after removing the scripts and went to an old save before the end of the hub plot.

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Post by buddyslack » Sun, 2. Feb 14, 23:12

any chance we can get a link to the Andrei[<>Ace] script we need. I did have it working for TC but just starting AP after a long break and don't have any of my scripts any more

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Post by nponoBegHuk » Mon, 3. Feb 14, 16:59

buddyslack wrote:any chance we can get a link to the Andrei[<>Ace] script we need. I did have it working for TC but just starting AP after a long break and don't have any of my scripts any more
Which script exactly you are in need of? The one included with the official package worked for me in both TC and AP without modifications.

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Post by buddyslack » Mon, 3. Feb 14, 21:49

ah, forgot the scripts were in with the map installer, I still had the map installed from a while back so they weren't running on my fresh AP install

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Post by builder680 » Mon, 24. Feb 14, 08:56

Hello, I'm having the same problem as the guy on the previous page. I go to the script editor to assign a hotkey, but the option «Activate search of objects» is not there to assign a hotkey.

I go to the script editor to find the scripts and run them manually and they are not listed in the editor. I have many modded scripts in my game that are listed and work fine, but I can not see these ones anywhere... not a single one is listed. I manually copied them to addon\scripts. Same with the t files.

I saw mention of running/installing as administrator. I tried this and it has had no effect. Does anyone know what could cause a script not to show up in the script editor at all? If desired I can upload a copy of my scripts folder and script editor at the same time to illustrate the discrepancy, but I'm hoping this is just something simple.

EDIT: Nevermind. It was something simple (got wrong version). Please disregard.

To AP users, use Notepad or Wordpad to edit the .reg file and point it at your Terran Conflict directory (then close and double click it/accept). It doesn't need your addon directory.

Also, get the version that says (Terran Conflict) even if you're playing AP. is for Reunion.

Lastly, after using your hotkey in game and then importing your log into this map program, point it at the log00001.txt in your Documents\Egosoft\X3AP folder (NOT the one in the map program's installation directory).

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Post by Hermisky » Sun, 9. Mar 14, 18:56

Thanks for the tip!

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