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The Ultimate X resource and guides list - last updated 28/02/2014

Posted: Mon, 27. Nov 06, 15:22
by Graphil
The purpose of this sticky is to list the links to various game guides that have been written by the community. If you have a new link to add or find a dead link please report it in this thread (don't PM me direct). Note that guides are only for the latest versions of the X games.

Just so everyone is aware. There is a review process by the moderators for each proposed new link. If it is viewed as too incomplete (lots of content missing on the subject matter) or not substantial enough (only a few paragraphs not really adding much) then it will not be included. That is not to say it will never be included. We will always re-review if you've added new content.
Sometimes the process can take a bit of time so please give it a week before chasing.

Note that the date for story guides is when the link was added, not when new episodes are added.

XB - Links relating to X Beyond the Frontier
XT - Links relating to X-Tension
X2 - Links relating to X2 The Threat v1.4
X3R - Links relating to X3 The Reunion v2
X3T - Links relating to X3 Terran Conflict
X3AP - Links relating to X3 Albion Prelude
The date in brackets is when the link to the page was last updated.

WARNING Many of these guides contain spoilers.

[X2] Ship Capture Guide by Al (1/12/2006)
[X2] Ravenlord's Guide to Capturing the Xenon K (1/12/2006)

[X3T] An illustrated guide to boarding a Boreas using an M7M by Orion1632 (18/2/2009)
[X3T] Capping, stealing, boarding and carjacking ships in X3 Terran Confict - THE HOWTO by delray (18/6/09)
[X3T] Where To Buy/Train Boarding Troops by Deadbeat_Spinn (26/07/2010)
[X3T] Your Very First Boarding - Guide by Rive (26/07/2010)

[X2] A guide on using Capital Ships by Tsar_of_Cows (1/12/2006)
[X2] Care and Feeding of M6 Craft by Damar Stiehl (1/12/2006)
[X2] Rustams Guide to M6 Corvettes (1/12/2006)

[X3R] Pixel's X3 Guide to configuring your weapons (1/12/2006)
[X3R] Capital Ships, Equipping and General info (4/12/2006)
[X3R] X3R Combat: The Right Role by Giskard (14/09/2011)

[X3T] Tenlar's Guide to Lasers and Tactics (13/1/2009)
[X3T] How to kill an M6 or M7 with a fighter by RyuKazuha (04/03/2010)

[X3AP] Guide to Fighters by Alacard1 (14/04/2013)

Complete Guides
[XB] Keyboard Controls List by alison22000 (12/11/2011)

[X2] A great list of Tips and Tricks for playing the X games (1/12/2006)
[X2] A guide for new players starting out (1/12/2006)
[X2] The Commander's space station by CJ and Skyman (27/5/2008)

[X3R] Roguey's - "Guide's to everything" (18/5/2010)
[X3R] Apricotslice's X3 for Pacifists (1/12/2006)
[X3R] Play as Kha'ak (and living to tell about it) by Jakesnake5 (21/12/2006)
[X3R] Getting started by Relief (11/4/2007)
[X3R] Rabiddiety's video guides (7/3/2008)
[X3R] Saved Games by Cheeseburger (18/5/2008)
[X3R] X3R Strategy Guide by Giskard (14/09/2011)
[X3R] X3R: Reunion: New Players Guide by Giskard (14/09/2011)

[X3T] Apricot Mapping Service Guide to starting off in X3 (09/12/2008)
[X3T] A Slice of X, a TC All Main Plot Walkthrough/Guide by apricotslice (16/6/2009)
[X3T] Roguey's - "Guide's to everything" (18/5/2010)
[X3T] X3TC Stats and Resources Compendium by ianrobo75 (excel) (14/07/2011)
[X3T] X3 Handbook v5, inc. 112 Guides/Articles/Threads/Info, by Apricotslice and 44 main contributors (08/06/2010)
[X3T] Words of Wisdom, by GOSNELL et. al. (07/10/2009)
[X3T] The X3 Savegame Manager by mrbadger (13/01/2010)
[X3T] Guide to the Corporations by Deadbeat_Spinn (13/01/2010)
[X3T] X3: TC For Dummies by K-64 and Technojerk36 (13/01/2010)
[X3T] X3TC Walkthrough Video Tutorial Series by daviddowner (14/04/2011)
[X3T] Interactive Tutorial X3: Terran Conflict (By LotGL) (17/06/2012)

[X3AP] X3: Albion Prelude - A Survival Guide by CBJ (19/12/2011)
[X3AP] Roguey's - "Guide's to everything" (08/01/2012)
[X3AP] Helpful Guides - Basic and Tips for players Starting Out by lyndonguitar (01/10/2012)
[X3AP] Instructional Videos for new X players by Gosnell (01/10/2012)

[XB] X: Beyond the Frontier map on Argonopedia (15/05/2012)

[XT] X-Tension map on Argonopedia (15/05/2012)

[X2] X²: The Threat map on Argonopedia (15/05/2012)

[X3R] Roguey's X3 Universe and Sector Maps (18/5/2010)
[X3R] Nicholas Kabourakis's Yet another X³ sector map - v1.0 (1/12/2006)
[X3R] Scorp's X3 map version 1.2 (4/1/2007)
[X3R] Coordinates of hidden items by Gotcha! (11/4/2007)
[X3R] X3 Poster map by Nyax (22/5/2007)
[X3R] X3 Sector Planner by LordSuch (21/11/2007)

[X3T] Yet another X3:Terran Conflict sector map by Nicholas Kabourakis (02/11/2008)
[X3T] Gate Locations by Carlo the Curious (24/11/2009)
[X3T] Fast Sector selection on Universe Map by nponoBegHuk (15/06/2011)
[X3T] EmperorJon's Pirate Bases: Guide And Locations (13/01/2010)
[X3T] Х3ТС Universe map by V2200 (04/01/2011)
[X3T] Vanilla Universe Map v1.2 for X3TC V3.1.1 by runaway101 (07/07/2011)

[X3AP] Х3AP Universe map by V2200 (30/12/2011)
[X3AP] X3 AP Sector Map by drow (30/12/2011)
[X3AP] X³: Albion Prelude map on Argonopedia (Download) (15/05/2012)

[Any windowed] True windowed fullscreen (autohotkey script included) by slomer (07/09/2011)

Mobile Mining and Asteroids
[X2] TD's Guide to mobile mining (1/12/2006)
[X2] X2 Asteroid Seeker Util by exogenesis (1/12/2006)

[X3R] X3 Asteroid Seeker Util by exogenesis (1/12/2006)
[X3R] Bunny's mobile mining guide (2/5/2007)

[X3T] Asteroid Seeker Util by exogenesis (23/09/2009)
[X3T] Mobile Mining quick setup by deca.death (17/08/2011)

[X3R] Chip's X3 TUTORIAL - Starters controls Mission 1 Walkthrough (1/12/2006)
[X3R] Simon Moon's X3: Reunion Complete Walkthrough (10/12/2006)
[X3R] Roguey's Bala Gi Walkthrough (18/5/2010)
[X3R] X3R Reunion Plot Guide by Giskard (14/09/2011)

[X3T] Starting Points by supakillaii (19/1/2009)
[X3T] The TC Main Plot Walkthroughs by apricotslice (16/06/2009)
[X3T] DragonDream's Guide to Missions in TC (18/12/2009)
[X3T] Spike's Walkthroughs by Spychotic (15/12/2010)

[X3AP] X3AP Albion Prelude Plot Walkthrough, by apricotslice (10/05/2012)
[X3AP] Albion Prelude on Argonopedia (15/05/2012)

Ships & Equipment
[X2] Ship stats by Darshu (1/12/2006)
[X2] 3D Models and Stats Viewer by exogenesis(10/2/2009)

[X3R] Missile stats (1/12/2006)
[X3R] Printable Ship Stats bala gi by Klyith (11/4/2007)
[X3R] Ship size comparision - A,B,P,X by Player. (11/4/2007)
[X3R] Apricot software guide (20/7/2007)
[X3R] X3 ships database by V2200(excel) (23/7/2007)
[X3R] 3D Models and Stats Viewer by exogenesis (10/2/2009)

[X3T] Ship/Weapon/Missile Stats and a Map by krait_daoc(excel) (14/11/2008)
[X3T] Software Upgrades and Corresponding Ship Commands by clevider (6/1/2009)
[X3T] 3D Models and Stats Viewer by exogenesis (10/2/2009)
[X3T] A guide to the X3 Autopilot AI by mrbadger (13/01/2010)
[X3T] SETA usage guide by mrbadger (04/03/2010)
[X3T] Carrier Details: Hangars/Launchers by Deadbeat_Spinn (04/01/2011)
[X3T] Complete List of Ship Sources + Ship Collector's Helper Spreadsheet by nponoBegHuk (15/06/2011)
[X3T] My take on M7s by Sovereign01 (08/06/2011)
[X3T] Roguey's Missile guide (07/01/2012)

[X3AP] Ships / Lasers stats Viewer (Excel) by konrad13x (07/01/2012)

Stations and Complexes
[X2] TD's Guide to the World of SPPs. (1/12/2006)
[X2] esd's X² guide to loops (2/12/2006)
[X2] Factory loop calculator by em3e3 (13/1/2009)

[X3R] Ryuujin's How to make cleaner, sexier looking complexes (1/12/2006)
[X3R] Factory node counts by spcutler (1/12/2006)
[X3R] Complex building guide by apricotslice (12/12/2006)
[X3R] Factory Complex Calculator by exogenesis (11/9/2007)
[X3R] HQ Construction Chart by exogenesis (11/9/2007)
[X3R] Station and complex building tutorial - A guide for aspiring manufacturers by kotekzot (10/3/2008)
[X3R] Mine table by Cheeseburger (18/5/2008)
[X3R] Complex to supply HQ by Cheeseburger (18/5/2008)
[X3R] Complex planning by Cheeseburger (18/5/2008)
[X3R] Online complex calculator by em3e3 (13/1/2009)

[X3T] Online complex calculator by em3e3 (13/1/2009)
[X3T] Xadrian: Factory Complex Calculator for X3TC by kayahr (22/3/2009)
[X3T] X3TC HQ Production Costs by Carlo the Curious (24/11/2009)
[X3T] X3 Complex Builder by assemblerbot (04/03/2010)
[X3T] Guide to Economics; Stations and how to manage them by Spychotic (26/07/2010)
[X3T] Complex Suggestions by deca.death (17/08/2011)

[X3AP] Illustrated Guide: Beautiful Vanilla Factory Complex! by Simoom (14/04/2013)

Story Guides
[X3T] The story of Squiddy McSquid, 'A Possibly Short Life' by NUKLEAR-SLUG (20/4/2009)
[X3T] Zen and the Art of Running away.. {spoilers guaranteed} by NUKLEAR-SLUG (20/4/2009)
[X3T] Wanton use of nukes and the path to galactic conquest! by NUKLEAR-SLUG (31/01/2010)

[XT] Basic Trading by Gandalf The White (17/7/2009)
[XT] Empire building by Gandalf The White (17/7/2009)
[XT] Trading Guides by Rapier (28/2/2014)

[X2] Sector Planner (1/12/2006)
[X2] Making money by Omicron (1/12/2006)
[X2] Making money by Creston (1/12/2006)

[X3R] Sector and Universe trader guide by WillWilk (2/12/2006)
[X3R] Commodities prices by MrBigTime (excel) (20/7/2007)
[X3R] esd's Guide to MORTs (5/8/2007)
[X3R] Supply and demand trade chart by strataholic (excel) (22/12/2007)
[X3R] CAG & CLS Pilot trainin by Cheeseburger (18/5/2008)
[X3R] Guide to training CAG and CLS1&2 pilots by Kor'ah (23/9/2009)
[X3R] X3R Trading Networks by Giskard (14/09/2011)
[X3R] X3R Economy Guide by Giskard (14/09/2011)

[X3T] Trade Command Mk3 - Technical Datasheet (17/06/2009)
[X3T] Guide to training CAG and CLS1&2 pilots in Terran Conflict (26/07/2010)
[X3T] Using Commodity Logistics Software to Automate your TL Storage Solution by EarlHarewood (09/08/2011)
[X3T] An Idiots Guide to CLS by Kirlack (16/06/2012)
[X3T] Player-Automated Traders in X3:Terran Conflict by Alacard1 (04/04/2013)

[X3AP] How to Use the X3AP Stock Exchange by rrfarmer (30/12/2011)
[X3AP] DERP Guides: X3 Albion Prelude Stock Trading (16/02/2013)
[X3AP] DERP Guides: X3 AP Humble Merchant Guide (02/03/2013)

The ultimate source for everything here.

Last but not least the FAQ.

Posted: Sun, 3. Dec 06, 17:42
by soleseacher
nice layout and covering all the X2 tuts as well :thumb_up:

Posted: Sun, 3. Dec 06, 17:45
by Scarecrow
Nice work there Graphil!

Posted: Sun, 3. Dec 06, 18:00
by Graphil
Also thanks to Player. who checked most of the links.

Posted: Mon, 4. Dec 06, 12:03
by Makarius
thanks for the update and the game-tags

i got a 404 at the link to the top topics now there is only some spam (browser: Mozilla @ Linux)



Posted: Mon, 4. Dec 06, 12:43
by Graphil
Thanks, link removed.

Posted: Mon, 4. Dec 06, 18:41
by clcabbage
VERY NICE , and thank you..

I hope you don't leave out Simon Moon's X3 : walkthrough, i found it very, very handy [u]Simon Moon's X3: Reunion Complete W ... ILERS)[/u]


sorry, messed that 1 up.. :oops: here is the link above :roll: --- BTW , it's still relevant account the ' PLOT ' has not changed and this guide simply deals with the PLOT missions.. I know Griskard's does too, yet IMO Simons Moon's tactics , and suggestions better suited my style of game play. The two authors appeared to have diff. styles of game play themselves.

Again, thanks and hope this will help others too. :wink: :) 8)

Posted: Mon, 4. Dec 06, 19:27
by Graphil
You didn't give a link. Note it will only be included if the walkthrough is for the most recent version of the game.

Posted: Tue, 5. Dec 06, 09:11
by Augustini
Very nice job with this new ressource thread Graphil :thumb_up:

Posted: Wed, 6. Dec 06, 18:41
by mcsquared
Super job! don't know how anybody can play this game without these guides!

A question: Is there any kind of walkthrough for the Bala Gi missions?

Posted: Wed, 6. Dec 06, 19:23
by Graphil
Try Roguey's guide listed above

Posted: Fri, 8. Dec 06, 06:51
by apricotslice
I ahve to say I REALLY DO NOT like the format.

Having the X2 and X3 mixed up in the same list is intensely confusing and makes finding X3 stuff more a bore. 2 different sections please, X3 first, X2 second.

As far as I can see, MOST of the X3 ones are missing, at least mine anyway. I dont know why there are only 3 listed at the moment on the old thread, but you dropped one of those off going to the new.

I dont think any of mine would be affected by the latest patch.

The X3 Handbook, is NOT a guide. Its a merging of most of the best guides, and should be set alone, since it is one of a kind. It was designed as the FIRST place for a newbie to go seek help. I am planning to update it, but this has been put off for real life reasons. In the meantime, all thats missing is the HQ and the new ships. Not enough to warrant a panic redo.

From page 1 of the old thread, OP :

Apricotslice's Mapping Service Guide to starting off in X3

From page 10 of the old thread :

Apricot Software Guide

Apricotslice's X3 Frustrations and how to get around them

Apricot "Capping" Guide

Apricot Complex Building Tips

Apricotslice's X3 Unbalanced !

Apricotslice's X3 The Rebuild.

The linked names are on page 10 of the old thread, you can copy them from there. (I cant as the thread is locked and I havnent the time to muck around redoing them).

As a point, the page 10 post was my second attempt to get some of these listed and they never were.

As a general comment to readers, all my guides are available off my signature link, linked to eitherthe thread or an html version. So if your looking for whats missing, click here :)

Posted: Fri, 8. Dec 06, 09:35
by Augustini
apricotslice wrote:I ahve to say I REALLY DO NOT like the format.

Having the X2 and X3 mixed up in the same list is intensely confusing and makes finding X3 stuff more a bore. 2 different sections please, X3 first, X2 second.
That is a matter of oppinion, i quite like the way it's arranged, however you are right, it can be a bit confusing.

Splitting the whole thing up would not be the best solution imo, but maybe color coding the guides for X3 differently to have them "pop out"?

Posted: Fri, 8. Dec 06, 09:55
by apricotslice
I'll go with that :)

Posted: Fri, 8. Dec 06, 11:42
by Graphil
Thanks for the feedback. For now I've added an extra line to separate them to make things clearer. I will play around with colours later.

A decision has been made that no guides will be linked in this thread unless they are for the latest version of the game. So all the existing links were reviewed from the first post and ones that didn't cover 2.0 content for X3 were removed for now. Of course, any guide that is subsequently updated will be linked in the main post.

Some of your guides you mentioned were not in the first post. I will get these reviewed and added if they are updated for 2.0. Thanks.