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Post by apricotslice » Tue, 3. Sep 13, 06:33

[X3T] X3 Handbook v6 for KINDLE, inc. 112 Guides/Articles/Threads/Info, by Apricotslice and 44 main contributors (30/08/2013)

Can you add this in as an addition to the existing Handbook entry. That way people have the choice of the original pdf version or the kindle version.

There will be an AP Kindle version coming in the near future.

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Post by Dog G6 » Sun, 29. Sep 13, 06:54

If you could, please replace my old X3AP Humble Merchant guide/mark the other one as outdated and put this next to it. ... e-edition/
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X3 Journal Index (Includes links to all parts of my journals and guides)

DERP Stock Trading Guide [Version 1.4.5, updated 02/17/13.] DERP Humble Merchant Guide [Version 1.1]

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Post by phantomrock2 » Tue, 26. Nov 13, 00:56

Great info here!
Now just for some other plots in AP :D

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Post by Rapier » Fri, 28. Feb 14, 00:09

A rather old trading guide for [XT] ... mhmOHlUdWs . This is the old UTOPIA spreadsheets and guide, zipped up with the site pages it used to reside on.

I still get PMs asking for this, so there is still a small demand.
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Post by siddham » Wed, 20. May 15, 07:16

Quite a lot of the links dont work anymore...mods?

For example all of Giskard's links lead to pages about some obscure game called Skyrim

What happened to Giskard?
Has he removed all his content?

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Post by X2-Illuminatus » Tue, 2. Jun 15, 16:41

siddham wrote:Quite a lot of the links dont work anymore...mods?
There's not much the mods can do, if links to external websites or forums don't work anymore. If you list the not working links, they can at least be removed.
siddham wrote:What happened to Giskard?
Has he removed all his content?
giskard's last post in the forum is almost 1.5 years old. Maybe he lost interest in the X games or there was a reason why he had to change stuff on his website and forgot about the guides for the X games. You could try sending him a PM about that.
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Post by siddham » Tue, 2. Jun 15, 17:25

Thanks X2-Illuminatus

I did contact Giskard by Twitter and he has made his X guides available
once again on his TEG site
Thay are very useful for someone starting off

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