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It works at last!!!!

Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 06, 01:26
by bigtallgeezer
Whale oil beef oct........said very quickly with an Irish accent!!

Just updated on the off chance that I might be able to play at more than 3 frames a second......and it works!!! Wooohooooo, now I've got to learn all the commands again. One whole hour of basic gameplay and not one blip crash, delay or anything so far....great!

Thanks guys

Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 06, 01:58
by cswiger
Hi, all--

I'd taken a long break from X3, in part due to doing some remote consulting, but I am very happy to check back and see all kinds of goodies appear! I've played through long enough to get the PHQ, and thoroughly enjoyed the various Bala Gi missions.

I noticed that there seem to be a lot more pirates, and more pirate TS'es flying around. I also got my *M6* Centaur "ShadowJack" killed OOS by a Xenon patrol led by 2 x LX while it was patrolling Aladna Hill & Hatickvah's Faith...apparently, the new Xenon M3+ kicks butt OOS...?

Station announcements have been obviously changed with some randomized vocal content like different floor levels or docks; the mix sounds much more like a real-world airport, which is all to the good. More topical BBS missions, too.

I've found out where to buy the Argon & Paranid M3+s (Eclipse & Medusa?), but I haven't found where to buy the third M3+, which I think is supposed to be a Split Charon or something like that...? The Nova Raider may only have 50MJ of shielding now, but that Eclipse seems to come with 125MJ.

Sweet Kha'ak killer. Good against Pirates or Xenon, too. And that's not counting the M7. :-)


Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 06, 07:15
by layton99
Was about to post that I can't get it to work! But I read the bonus updateand realised I'd added my scripts after installing the bonus DOH no wonder nothing works properly!

Back after update...

Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 06, 21:05
by Riptide_NVN
OK so I left off months ago. I have a fairly large empire (space fuel/weed complexes). I have an alpha flak array factory churning out weapons and also a single M2 Titan that is full outfitted w/BPPC and alpha flak.

I saw the new update came out and decided to get back into this. I got into the game last night and got familiarized again with the controls and also what I had going on when I left off.

My question is what should I do now? I've only played for about an hour and haven't got any comm messages coming in asking me to do anything. So I'm not sure where I need to start in order to get the new missions, get the M7, etc..

Posted: Fri, 24. Nov 06, 22:19
by StarTroll
If I remember well, all you have to do is to fly around and have a good relation with Borons, paranid and splits (good enough to dock in their core sectors).
Well since you own an M2 means you passed the 10 hours requirement and complex means you have the minimum requirement of 1 station (unless complex doesn't count for, this in that case buy a single station 8) )

well that's all I can remember, just wait for your boron friends to contact you

Good luck :wink:

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 04:05
by NightPrince
CBJ wrote:Do you have any mods installed? If so then the ship may be invisible and you need to remove the mods to see it.
Nope, this didn't work for me. I too couldn't find any ship although i flew around the entire sector and around each and every asteroid. I was running "Ash fabs 1.32" than read this reply, restarted in a "original" game, flew out and back in the sector and...still no ship. Fragged by pirates? Smashed in a roid? Eaten by a metal-thirsty space fly swarm?

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 05:24
by proph
What about the "ship design schematics, Terran weapon systems and defence mechanisms" message you can find at the BBS? After paying for this are you supposed to do something in order to acces the data? I'm kind of lost with this. :gruebel:

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 05:48
by eladan
Ever found any unknown objects as spoils of war when fighting pirates? You might find they are known objects after you've paid on that BBS message...

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 06:08
by proph
Ohhh, OK. That explains missiles and such having names now. I thought that was just part of 2.0. DUH. Thx :wink:

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 07:05
by Cycrow
technically it is part of 2.0, coz the bbs message were added in 2.0 :P

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 13:42
by alt3rn1ty
:lol: 1st Huuuge thx Ego, Xmas just came early for me :lol:

I just got back from sea, so havent had any time to play and bonus pack - installation was good (had to delete Xtended mod/scripts and start again though, but that gives me more updates to look forward to)

Has anyone noticed if the Auto pilot is any better, I remember mention that it may be addressed in the updates but havent seen any mention in this forum or the patch feature list ???

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 16:04
by Solfi
Mudkest wrote:yay, new goodies :)

just curious, do you need to (re)install the bonuspack before or after patch? old topic about patch mentioned you need to make sure to update it
Player. wrote:You need to reinstall it before you apply this patch
So let's get this completely straight: If I have a clean install of X3 (version 1.0), and I want to use the patch, and the Bonus Pack, I need to upgrade to 1.4, install the Bonus Pack (since it only works for 1.4 and onwards), and then upgrade to

... just installing and then applying the Bonus Pack won't work? Sounds wonky to me...
Player. wrote:I would like to note that the FAQ just got an update with questions about 2.0 if someone is confused please look there first
It does? All I see in the "Egosoft->Downloads" section of the FAQ is information about version 1.2 (and the Bonus Pack).

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 16:14
by CBJ
Solfi wrote:So let's get this completely straight: If I have a clean install of X3 (version 1.0), and I want to use the patch, and the Bonus Pack, I need to upgrade to 1.4, install the Bonus Pack (since it only works for 1.4 and onwards), and then upgrade to
No! Install the patch(es) you need to update your game to 2.0.02 and then install the Bonus Pack.

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 16:16
by Solfi
Great. Thanks. Thought that sounded weird.

Posted: Sat, 25. Nov 06, 17:05
by zore
I have completed the missions and got my HQ set up and all was working fine for a while. I can no longer add products to the HQ. I can move them to my ships but can't move them too the station. Did a fresh install and installed 2.0.2 patch then new bonus pack. Any ideas would be helpful. It's hard to rule the univers with an iron fist if your war machine isn't running correctly :)