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NEWS: X³ Reunion - Bonus Pack 3.1.04 [updated-13-10-06]

Posted: Thu, 24. Aug 06, 20:39
by moggy2
The long wait was worth it! As there was for X²: The Threat, there is also now a Bonus Pack for X³: Reunion available for Download.

Now, you are probably asking yourself "What is this Bonus Pack? And what does it do for me?"

The Pack provides upgrades (scripts) developed by the forum community and given the seal of approval (signed) by Egosoft. These upgrades have been selected because they fit well with the game and do not destroy the game balance. The Script Editor does not have to be activated for these upgrades to work.

The following items are in this Pack:

- Remote Transporter Device (operate a Transporter Device on a remote ship)
- Commercial Agent (Advanced station supply commands)
- Manual Trade Commands (manual version of the Mk3 trader)
- Missile Defense Mosquito (automated missile defense system)
- Station Manager (advanced station supply commands )
- Commodity Logistics Software MK1 (Transfer supplies between your stations)
- Commodity Logistics Software MK2 (Transfer supplies between your stations)
- Dockware Manager (Add or Remove wares listed at your Trading Station or Equipment Dock)
- Afterburner (give your ship a brief boost of speed) *new*

General information about the X³ Bonus Pack and the individual upgrades is in the general discussion topic.

File format: self-extracting archive
Updated: 13/10/2006
Available languages: English, German, French (text only), Italian (text only) und Russian

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 01:31
by Roz-pT
Wow! This is a good reason for me to install X3 again, but I think I'll wait for an expansion. Anyway, big props to Egosoft for the bonus pack. Bonus packs are very very very good at keeping people entertained with more and more so yeah, bonus packs are the right way to go indeed :D

Egosoft, congrats and keep it up ;)

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 01:33
by Mopy
Nice job. I saw you working on this trying to get those language files sorted. Looks like a lot of work went in to it. Thank you :)

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 01:46
by apricotslice
Ok, good stuff, but I'm pretty disapointed in how little is in the pack.

Early on in the XFP discussions on what script to include in that, the list of "essential to the game" scripts was 4 or 5 times as long as this.

Great to have some signed scripts at last, but keep going, the game needs a lot more of them.

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 02:16
by Cycrow
what u need to remember is that it takes time for signed scripts to be produced, these have actaulyl been in the signing process for several months, so that kinda reduces the amount they can release ;)

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 02:35
by Nanook
Looks pretty good, but here are my first impressions and some friendly critical comments.

1. Remote Transfer - I'm just as likely, if not more so, needing to transfer 'upgrade' items as I am 'wares' between remote ships. So I'm not really understanding why that limitation was included. I can't imagine that it could be considered 'unbalancing' to the game. All it would do is reduce some of the tedious chores of equipping ships. We had it in X2, so why not X3? :?

2. Commercial Agent - This looks to be a great addition, as the equivalent of the BPH software in X2. :)

3. Manual Trade Commands - As a MORT user, these may be quite helpful. However, I would've liked to have seen a simpler command whereby I could just send a ship to buy a product (or even an upgrade) and simply stop and let me know it's done. Having the sell part done automatically can be a problem, since oftentimes the market changes by the time the product is bought, meaning the selected target to sell the goods may already have bought from an NPC. Otherwise, a nice addition.

4. Missile Defense Mosquito - Now this, I like, as long as it works on the player's ship. :D That wasn't mentioned either way, so I assume it does.

5. Station Manager - My big question here, and not covered in the description (unless I missed it) is will it work with the Commercial Agent software? If not, I think most players will find the two redundant. Especially with the Commodity Logistics Software below.

6. Commodity Logistics Software MK1 & 2 - As replacements for the old X2 SDS software (and then some), these look very useful. :)

All in all, great work and thanks. :D And as apricotslice said, I hope there's many more to come. :wink:

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 07:47
by Player.
Nice :thumb_up:

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 08:46
by jlehtone
:D That was sooner than I expected. May I wait for couple months before I load it? :P

Nanook wrote:1. Remote Transfer ... We had it in X2, so why not X3? :?
IIRC, the X2 version cannot transfer upgrades either.
2. Commercial Agent - This looks to be a great addition, as the equivalent of the BPH software in X2. :)

5. Station Manager
AFAIK, CA seems a derivative of CLS (same style, same origin?), while SM is a rewrite of BPH. Yes, they do feel redundant.

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 09:23
by Dungeoncrawler
I currently use Station Manager by burianek & aalaardb. Is this the same one that is packaged with the bonus package? Thank you.


P.S. As always, thanks for the up...
P.S.S. Anyone know?

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 10:03
by berth
Great stuff.

I haven't played in months (Oblivion , mostly) but this'll persuade me to rediscover my burgeoning empire.

Good work!

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 10:16
by BlackRazor
EDIT: removed since the topic was split

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 10:17
by Everyones Antihero
erm.... looks exciting...

I'll be back in the modding script section.

Someone has to play devils advocate so i shall be:

What about extra ships, or more missions or more sectors, nooooooo the long awaited bonus pack is all economy drivel, sorry driven.

There are dozens of scripts on the Scripts forum that expands what is a dull game to a much much better standard.

I bet a lot of scripters are gutted at this W.O.T.

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 11:04
by FyreByrd

Really disappointed with this...really the only thing it adds over half an hour on the s&m forum d/ling scripts is that you don't get the modified tag...and really once you've played through the game once clean i don't reckon the modified tag is really that big a deal...I'll stick with xfp if it's all the same to you.



Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 11:31
by =VipeR=
Does this works for the steam version of the game too?

Posted: Fri, 25. Aug 06, 11:31
by CBJ