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A slight problem

Post by mikaelisaksson » Sat, 2. Dec 06, 03:56

Theres only a slight problem I am having with this bonuspack. How do I download it?

I bought the game via Steam, and to download it I need to input my "online registration key code" which as far as I can see is supposed to be in the manual. Now... since I downloaded the game via steam I dont actually have a physical manual. I checked the PDF-manual that came along anyway just to be sure. It states that registration is covered in page 5. Only problem is that page 5 is missing, after page 4 comes page 6. (according to the pagenumbers on the pages in the manual not the pagenumbers in the PDF-viewer), but I read it through word by word just to be sure anyway.

I have also checked all the other readable files in the gamefolder in steam as well as tried searching on google for an alternative downloadsite as well as searching various forums including this one for a solution to this problem. Now several hours later I am throwing in the towel so to speak.

Is this intentional? I mailed about this but got no response, I am note sure this in the correct thread but since you stated in this thread that the bonuspack is indeed available for steamplayers and that steamplayers apparently have tried it you could indulge us how to actually get hold of the bonuspack ;)

I am sure I just missed something really obvious and gonna look all stupid but hey, if you never ask you never get any answer.

I love the game though! Really great work!


Ok, I just found the solution. After trying to download the bonuspack like 20+ times and failing (It asks about the registrationkey from the manual), it just worked this time. The only difference seems to be that I posted this one time on the forum. Could it be that my account somehow did not count until I had posted something?

Well, anyway, now it worked perfectly. Cheers!
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Post by Nanook » Sat, 2. Dec 06, 04:01

You do NOT need a registration code to download the Bonus Pack. All you need is a forum account, which you obviously have. If you're having a particular problem with the download, let someone here know, specifically a moderator or site admin, and they can help you sort it out.
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Post by Cycrow » Sat, 2. Dec 06, 05:58

just make sure that you are logged in when you download it, otherwise it wont work.

the X2 bonus pack needed a regristration, but the X3 one never has

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Post by Deleted User » Mon, 4. Dec 06, 21:59

Posted this on ... 86#1933586
but it's possibly more useful here as well:

Grief !
It looks like CLS1 will not deliver to the HQ at all.

Assistant (= Auxiliary?) Courier for CLS1 doesn't
see the HQ as a trading station or equipment dock.

Wasted 2 days getting 10 exactly set-up ST's to level on a specially
placed training factory, just found this out. 'Kin 'ell.

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Post by DarthVodka » Tue, 5. Dec 06, 16:09

A question about the afterburner bug:

Yes, I know it's been fixed for the next release of the Bonus Pack, but I'm impatient and want to know whether it also fixes a more specific problem :P

Will it take into account the bonus engine tunings which since X3 2.0 can be found floating around in space? I really would like to reverse the effect of the bug but leave those legitimate over-tunings in place. Simply buying more tunings from an equipment dock resets the ship speed to that of maximum normal tunings and therefore loses not only the afterburner increase, but also the bonus afforded by those crates :(

If the fix doesn't do this, is there a file that can be edited manually to set the ship speed properly (its only one ship that I'm interested in doing this for)?

Thanks in advance :)

Originally posted over in the Scripts forum thread, but since I didn't get a reply I thought I'd try here instead :)
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Post by Sakurabisu » Tue, 5. Dec 06, 18:47

Could Dockware manager be expanded to include stations? I dumped a couple in my HQ and now there seems to be no way to get rid of the stock tracker.

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Post by clcabbage » Mon, 11. Dec 06, 03:19

Hello, on the sticky here it list Afterburner, yet when i gotto Downloads page it's strangely missing :?

Is it not apart of this bonus pack?... cause i've downloaded this bonus and have yet to see the afterburner in any Split EQs...

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Post by esd » Mon, 11. Dec 06, 10:44

It's definitely part of the bonus pack - it's an essential part of my Falcon Sentinel's equipment!
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Post by ncc386 » Mon, 18. Dec 06, 03:41

Yeah, the afterburner is quite possibly the only reason to download the bonus pack. :P

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Post by Apocholypse » Wed, 20. Dec 06, 14:47

Okay, I havn't touched X3 for ages because I've been at Uni. Well I've just got home and I saw the Bala GI bonus pack, so I downloaded that, can I download this one or will it create an error? Should I of installed this one first, or is the latest version of Bala Gi include this?

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Post by Cycrow » Wed, 20. Dec 06, 14:51

they are completly seperate, Bali Gi, is a patch, whereas this is a collection of bonus scripts.

you can install it after bali gi

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Post by Apocholypse » Fri, 22. Dec 06, 12:21

jlehtone wrote::D That was sooner than I expected. May I wait for couple months before I load it? :P

I don't suppose theres any way to remove the bonus pack without causing corruption is there? It seemed good but a few of the scripts don't work properly and the others arn't useful. The after burner is cool but that makes the game awfully unbalanced. If I re-installed X3 (not going to) and loaded up my saves which now have been saved over with the bonus pack, would the game crash or whatever, I can't afford to lose my progress. I have earlier saves but i've accomplished to much since the bonus pack has been installed?

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