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Game registration codes

Post by CBJ » Sat, 22. Jul 06, 22:58

Your registration code should be entered into your [url=][b]Fo[/b]rum[b]Pr[/b]ofile[/url]. Note that registration does not require you to provide any personal details, and the only information that it provides to Egosoft is the version of the game that you have bought.

X³: Terran Conflict

All versions of X³: Terran Conflict come with a registration code, including versions downloaded from providers such as Steam. For the European DVD version of the game, the registration code can be found on the back of the manual. For the Steam version of the game, follow these instructions. For other disk and download versions the provider or publisher should provide a similar way to one of the above to obtain the code.

X³: Reunion - Steam and 2.0 DVD versions

The Steam version does not come with a registration code. Some publishers have also re-released the game on DVD with the 2.0 update already applied, and these versions also do not have registration codes. In the light of this, access restrictions to the X³: Reunion forums have been lifted, as have similar restrictions on access to downloads.

X²: The Threat - Steam/White Label/Direct2Drive/Mac/Linux versions

None of the above versions come with a registration code. However, all restrictions on access to downloads and forums relating to X²: The Threat forums have been removed, and there is no longer any reason why you would need to register your game.

Note 1: Patches for all games are available to anyone, with or without a forum account. However, for other downloads such as updated manuals and bonus material, you do have to create a forum account and be logged into the site.

Note 2: If you have a non-Steam copy of X³: Terran Conflict then you can use this to register with Steam. This enables you to download the Steam version of the game and gives you access to Steam-specific features within it (see patch release notes for details). If you have a non-Steam copy of the X-Superbox then you can use this to register with Steam and download Steam versions of any or all of the games in the package (though only X³: Terran Conflict has Steam-specific features). Registration codes for X²: The Threat and X³: Reunion not bought as part of the X-Superbox cannot be used to register with Steam.
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