Running X2 in background

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Post by mostlikely » Mon, 8. Dec 03, 03:52

Hmmm.. I've had some luck in running x2 in the background..

I've got this movie player that has an always-ontop mode..

what I do is play x2 in a window... alt-tab out and turn on always ontop for the player.. then switch back to x2 (wich I can't see) press backspace to stop my ship from moving (tab) and "j" to turn on seta..

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Re: Running X2 in background

Post by Descend » Sun, 15. Nov 20, 14:06

i think not test, but maybe work:
use second opr system and runing X2.
Example VMware Workstation Pro can setup windows, and can running game.
I try this later...

Edit: i try, this work fine...

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