The Donts of the X Universe and other stupid mistakes.

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Post by GlorfindelX » Tue, 11. Apr 06, 12:44

Don't accidentally hit the Missile Launch Key while having a hammerhead armed and targetting your TL stocked with 60+ GPPCs. I did that once, had to jump OOS to make sure it didn't blow everything to hell.

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Post by Paajtor » Tue, 11. Apr 06, 13:18

While keeping a zoomview with the Alt-key (vid.enh.goggles), DON'T press F4 to "select monitor arrangement"'ll be sorry that last save is so long ago. :oops:

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Post by FractalMBrown » Sat, 24. Jun 06, 23:39

(X2) Don't stop your ship after destroying a Xenon K to give a capped ship orders to dock, because you've most likely forgotten about that Hornet that the K had fired.

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Post by Colonelnj10 » Sun, 25. Jun 06, 18:36

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Post by Colonelnj10 » Sun, 25. Jun 06, 18:38

admin, better lock this thread.


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Post by woko » Sat, 1. Jul 06, 07:23

Hesh up!

Don't go into jump drive a few meters away from a piece of a station (that little accleration bit at the end really hurts :()

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Post by flakey » Sat, 1. Jul 06, 13:38

Sorry if it's already been said:

DO NOT accidentally hit shift+e when going full welt into a XI mission when you really wanted to hit shift+t to target your nearest enemy.

I found out where the nearest enemy was, he shot my ship up a bit, then killed me.

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Post by Nyax » Sat, 1. Jul 06, 15:25

Who cares if it's an old thread, i have some do nots as well (and if people did bring back old threads it would probably help to stop certain subjects from beign debated over and over and over again *cough* multiplayer X *cough*)


-Buy the system override software.
-Be in the same sector as one of your capital ships when you've told it to dock.
-Try to take on a Khaak M2 in a fighter.
-Expect to make a profit with a Lasertower factory.
-Drag up old threads when Colonelnj10 is about :)

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Post by Tenlar Scarflame » Sun, 2. Jul 06, 05:15

Don't save in Farnham's Legend after you've just capped a beat up Falcon in your Buster when you know there are at least ten pirates in the sector surrounding both gates that are all looking to avenge their fallen matey. Esp. if you have no jumpdrive, only two APAC's, no missiles, and only partial engine tunings.

I did manage to get out with both the Buster and my prize intact. Took at least ten tries though. :P Didn't help that the Falcon could only go 30.
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Post by Mubata » Sun, 2. Jul 06, 06:59

Don't shoot at SQUASH mines from within 2k if you havn't saved in a while, or just claimed a nice prize to add to your collection... :headbang:



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Post by Colonelnj10 » Sun, 2. Jul 06, 07:35

(cannot beat em, join em!)

muster all your forces in Freedoms reach, only to discover that the Xenon are also using that sector as a staging area.
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Post by Mubata » Sun, 2. Jul 06, 07:44

If you happen to have a Xenon L fire off an 'Unkown Object' (ie Hammerhead) at you, don't be quick to shoot it down.

(run for your life, and pray that one of your turrets doesn't decide to take it out if it's nearby as well. :wink: )



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Post by Commander PJ » Sun, 2. Jul 06, 12:58

When in a Xenon sector surrounded by J's and K's and piloting your Buster, DON'T think 'oohhh, look at those pretty stars......are they moving?.....towards me?...BOOM!!!' THE END.
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Post by Ammok Rules » Sun, 2. Jul 06, 13:46

Unknown Objects

When you are taking onany force greater than your loan M3 can handle, so launch a few drones to assist, and when you got the drones set to attack my target, just remember that when you destory siad opposing force craft, they usaully drop a couple of missiles. Please also remember that your M3 targeting system will pick up the nearest avaible item it scans,

and also remember, a few microseconds before your shileds disappear and then your hull and then you, that those bloody drones don't wait for a confirm to fire.

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Post by Orion1632 » Sun, 2. Jul 06, 14:48

sitting there on autopilot, watching the station get bigger and bigger, and thinking surely the autopilot will not crash into the station........ darn !!!! It did crash into the station ! silly Autopilot!

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