The Donts of the X Universe and other stupid mistakes.

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Post by fud » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 18:14

Yep. Like flying an M5 between 4 J's in close proximity. The sheer volume of snowballs flying around is quite a sight to see (for the 1.2 seconds you're alive to see it).

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Post by Chemical-mix » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 18:59

And, always, always, always, disarm those shockwave generators if entering a friendly system. I hired a mamoth, but accidently hit it with my PSG when attacking pirates.

Now the captain wont talk to me and i cant "un-hire" him, but he wont help me either. So i guess i'll have to kill him!!!
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Post by Asmayus » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 22:32

When capping a ship make sure you've remembered to actually eject from the ship you're flying :lol:

Once (and only once) tried to capp a Falcon in a system off Split Fire. Don't ask me how I managed it, but I forgot to eject. I clicked on the target and started inching my 'spacesuit' (as I thought) towards the falcon.

50m.... no 'claim' command.

40m.... still no 'claim' command.

30m.... Maybe the game's bugged???

20m.... why can't I claim the bloody thing?!?!?!?

10m.... this is weird. Where is the bloody claim command???

under about 2m: Oh crap!!!! I'm still in my Buster!!!!! Eject damnit!!!

After I ejected, I had to clap myself on the back for sheer stupidity and congratulations. How many people here have managed to fly a Buster to within 1m of a Falcon and eject without splattering yourself across its hull???

Have a cool screenshot too (:

Anything else remarkebly thick??? Besides thinking that my Discoverer with it's 3 1mj shields, 4 BIRE's, and newly upgarded steering, speed, etc, could take on a Pirate Nova, a Falcon, and 2 Harriers, nope.

I did get some handy information about a Nova's rear turret with a HEPT, though: 4 hits = dead Discoverer :lol:

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Post by Firesky1 » Fri, 31. Mar 06, 23:33

You just start the game..going around and exploring, you jump thru a gate and are now in someplace called Ringo Moon. :? .There's something Red there! hey it's a Pirate! :o you close in and start blasting away! he's yelling something but your to into the battle to pay attention..all the sudden ship turns Blue and stops? Jeez, this is like shooting fish in a barrel. :shock: as you close in and blast it to kingdom come...Betty yelling your ship in ringo moon is under read your messages to learn YOUR pirate harrier is destroyed! :oops:
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Post by kmiller1610 » Sat, 1. Apr 06, 01:24

Never assume that the scale in each sector is the same.

After battling in Xenon sector 597 with multiple M2s and getting the timing for when to warp one of my wingmen out of the sector, I switched to Xenon 472 and guess what? That sector is reeeeal tinyyy.

The xenon has the ball. He shoots. He scores. One of my titans blows up!

But but but .... that Xenon K was at leat a half inch away? How did he????

Scale man ... Don't forget the SCALE !!!

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Post by egamadeus » Sat, 1. Apr 06, 05:32

:lol: :lol: These are great...

my don't,

Don't tell your newly capped ship to fly off while being very close to it.

I was capping a falcon one time, flew to within 30m (like I always do) got out, claimed it, got back into my ship. Told it to fly off to a station.

It turns, and rams it's arse into my ship, BOOM!, ah well one lost ship...

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more don'ts!

Post by Sarvi » Sat, 1. Apr 06, 06:48

Don't launch a missile larger than mosquito from a Mamba Raider going at full speed! (You'll ram the missile - boom! Reload!)
Don't fly in a cloudy or dark sector without setting your autopilot on a target...Invisible asteroids are common!
Don't get in range of two or more enemy capital ships at once - you won't survive in your Titan or Python...
Don't leave your ship and try to claim a captured ship while there are enemies about...

P.S. I also frizzled ants with my magniflying glass as a kid! :lol:

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Post by Deleted User » Mon, 10. Apr 06, 21:44

Don't tell your autopilot to fight for you when you're finishing off a freighter on an assassination mission. It won't let the freighter kill you, it'll just get about 500m away and then fire one of the missiles that blows up everything in a 2 mile radius.

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Post by fud » Mon, 10. Apr 06, 22:00

Another no-no:

After watching a J expire, you notice that container of 24 GPPCs floating in front of you, casting a golden glow like a sign from the heavens. In a greedy panic, you line up, drop your shields and go towards it.

But you never make it. The 15 Ls behind you splatter your unshielded ass with AHEPTS and silkworms....

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Post by Acrogamnon » Mon, 10. Apr 06, 23:23

Don't confuse the new strafe left button with the old decelerate one, particularily when you are in your space suit very close to the ship you are trying to claim.
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Post by wesleyp1pes » Tue, 11. Apr 06, 01:24

Dont go to pick up a container get close then hit L insted of o
it just didnt end well :lol:

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Post by Jakesnake5 » Tue, 11. Apr 06, 01:45

Did that when I didn't know what the Unknown missile was (Hammerhead). Once, launched it at a Pirate falcon that had been attacking a station, killed us both (too close) did it again with good range, rat turned around shot at me and blew us all to hell (then the station complained to my corpse, YESH!).

Here's one:

Don't shoot at a Pirate Base that has a half dozen laser towers around it BEFORE taking out the towers. :D

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Post by SevenKiller » Tue, 11. Apr 06, 02:47

Dont fly into the side of the ship you are claiming in your space suit (only donethat once)

Dont sit around in sectors not moving,on 2 occasions i have had ships fly so close to me i could almost hear the paint work scratching! (TL and an M2) i didnt take any damage (some how) but they came so close to me i thought i was dead

Dont fire an unknown missle at a TL target from 1.5km away thats firing ppc's at you,the end result is you blow across the sector

Dont fly your brand new TL through an asteroid belt at full tilt and wonder why you no longer have a new TL come the other side..

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another one

Post by Sarvi » Tue, 11. Apr 06, 08:06

Another don't :-
Greedily went for a pack of 6 GammaPPCs dropped by a Xenon J, opened the cargo bay....Bang! Jumpdrive destroyed! PPCs gone!
(Not enough freight space - forgot to check first!)

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Post by Vokmar » Tue, 11. Apr 06, 09:08

When going through the same old motion, careful when double clicking to dock at a pirate base...

Attacking a pirate base plastered with laser towers in a buster won't end well.

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