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Post by teladianium » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 10:32

I keep trying to lure enemy ships into firing on TLs and M6s but even when it works they just take it lying down.

I was in Brennans Triumph and managed to get a pirate trio to chase me and flew around a Mammoth a few times and that TL got sprayed good and proper, I checked in the sector map and its shields were going down but it didn't even fire back.

Before that I got jumped by half a dozen pirates in The Vault so I flew around an Osprey which took loads of fire and it just carried on its merry way at 40 m/s and didn't bat an eyelid.

I think the AI could be a *little* bit better.


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Post by Phoenix Arisen » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 13:16

fud wrote:For modding fun, sometimes I'll take a Falcon with some extra shielding on it, and just ram harriers and busters. Just puts a big smile on my face.
lol :)

I sort of do the same thing, I normally fly a nova raider, and especially when fighting larger groups of xenons I run out of energy quite fast. Still, often their shields will be gone by the time my energy runs out so I just speed up and ram them to death :) (can be tricky with L's if you have been hit a few times, and I must admit dieing a few times though still it's worked out most of the time :p this was before I had my own missile factories though, now I just fire some missiles to be safe :))
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Post by withar » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 13:40

pha.....the worst thing is when you order mutable ships to attack one target. I’ve had two squadrons try to attack a pirate m5 only to have both squadrons crash into each other, jammy git :evil:

What I liked about X2 was that some asteroids had holes in them and others had tunnels so depending on the sector you could shake of enemy ships similar to the Millennium Falcon in the Empire Strikes Back 8)

However in xenon sectors you couldn’t stay inside an asteroid too long as the K's would be bound to launch hornets so you had to get out of the roide post haste, good bit of fun though :D
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3 xenon with one shot

Post by yeebok » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 13:55

There were 3 Xenon close together, one of them an L which launched a missile.

I was laying into them with 2 APSGs so they all had lowered shields, and one idiot fired a rather large missile before they broke away .. which the PSG hit .. and then there were none.

So the entire fight was :
Beep [coming in range]
Xenon L [targeted]
[2 seconds of firing]
Incoming Missile
Mosquito Missile [debris]
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Post by fud » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 17:52

Another fun tactic is to get about 4-5 missles on your ass, then do a quick cut/dive manuver over/under their TL. Since the missles are following YOU, the TL won't target them. So, you cut just past the TL, and then all the missles slam into it.

I was in Cho's Defeat last night, two Pirate Falcon Vs and Nova were coming my way. I was waiting for them to get into range then heard the BIG kaboom. All three were instantly vaporised. Apparently the Military Dragon on patrol hit a hammerhead one of the ships launched (found one floating around afterwards, so I was assuming). I was only about 2km away, so I lost 75% of my shields.

I had *just* targetted the Nova when they all went poof, "no aim". It scared the piss out of me.

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Post by Bowak » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 18:26

I was in Cloudbase South East and I'd just discovered that you could blow up all the little asteroids. I discovered this while finishing off a few Khaak scouts and was enjoying blowing up every asteroid that came into my sights.

Immediately after killing the penultimate scout I blew up 3/4 roids just for fun, and then targeted the last scout. I turned round just in time to see it smash into one of the pieces of debris and explode right in font of me.

I was in awe of X3 for a couple of minutes after that.
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Post by plawolf » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 20:16

Killing an enemy with his own missile. Discovered this by accident and have been working hard to perfect it. The other day, had a pirate buster who was the last of his group spamming missiles at me. Istead of using Ions or letter my back turret kill the missiles, I switched off the turret and MDs the buster so its speed dropped below that of my NR. Then I slowed slightly and followed him close until the missile alarm beeped rapidly to indicate an imoment hit. Then I hit 'tab' and cut right in front of him.

Boom, one of the silkworms hit me, but the other one killed the buster. :D

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Post by Andaius » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 20:27

Had a funny thing happen to me this morning while lokking for some pirates. Seems the lead Falcon Vanguard was using his PSG too far way as he was shooting AHEPTS at me as well, however his Falcon buddy must not have been paying attention as he proceded to launch 3 missiles that promptly blew up in his face. (Wow that was a run on sentence! :D )

They must have been big ones as he took some shields off the Vanguard!

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Post by Nanook » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 20:44

Early on in one game, I was flying a captured Pirate Buster, oufitted with some APACS, and an Ion D. Entered Split Fire from Elena's Fortune and noticed a pack of pirates heading towards Brennan's Triumph, several klicks ahead of me. 4 M4's and a Harrier, as I recall. They were going about as fast as I was, and since I didn't have a jumpdrive, I fired a mosquito to get their attention. They immediately turned around and attacked. When they were about a km from me, they all missile spammed me at once. I instantly fired my Ion D and suddenly there were 5 little fireballs and dead silence. I just sat there stunned for a moment, and then I proceeded to pick up the loot. :D
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Post by fud » Wed, 29. Mar 06, 20:52

What really makes me laugh, is killing people and not even knowing they were there. Don't know how many times I've gotten the "AGHHH", and I have nothing even targetted in front of me.

I guess putting that BHEPT on my rear turret was a good call. :D

I really love the pirates that have PSGs and anxious trigger fingers. Most of the time they'll maim, if not kill, all their buddies before you even get a shot off.

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Post by apricotslice » Thu, 30. Mar 06, 04:41

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Post by apricotslice » Thu, 30. Mar 06, 12:10

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Post by Bishop149 » Thu, 30. Mar 06, 13:16

One of my favorate little things to do that has quite a huge risk element is this:

After being in a Xenon sector in my Python for a while, I will normally have capped quite a few Xenon ships from the BFAA's blasting away.

Leave the sector and re enter in my maxed out Discoverer Raider, equiped with a JumpDrive, Transporter, System Override Software, and Nav MkI.

The challenge is this, fly to capped Xenon ship, dodging enemy fire all the while. Slow to a much lower speed when passing the ship and claim it on the move (hard to do at high speed as your within 50m of it for mere fractions of a second, but give it a go!). Beam over the Jumpdrive, some EC's and Nav MkI to your new ship, order it to jump out of the sector. Attempt to defend it until it does. . . . . Hightail it to the nearest gate and leave.

Get you kit back of the capped ship and rinse and repeat!

Very satisfying when you pull it off getting yourself a nice new L from under the nose of a K and a hail of snowballs!

Another good one it to take a high paying assassination mission, kill the mark but none of the M6 escorts. Get in a small ship (if not in one already) and fly in high speed circles around any station in the sector you want destroyed, the M6's will oblige you!
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Post by reelbf » Thu, 30. Mar 06, 14:26

I'm flying around in a Mako Vanguard I just took on a bunch of pirates: a nova, 2 falcons and 2 harriers. Hey its alot for me!

So flying like a crazy man I ran from the M3s and realized that I was being tailed by the m5s (Doh!) so I dodged a bit more and the took the both down one by one. I targettd the the fastest falcon and did the same thing took them all down one by one. I struggled a bit with nova but I found that if I keep change directions and taking pot shots at him it goes down nicely.

And then some thing happend that really annoyed me I got tageted by a missile from another pirate as I was heading for a station. Dead. Its really deppressing I hate missiles they ruin all the fun.

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Post by ezra-r » Thu, 30. Mar 06, 17:41

Ive captured an M3 Pirate Nova with a buster with just 2 BPAC? Does this work?

Ive killed with a Teladi Scorpion a little fleet of Xenon consisting of 5 Xenon M, 5 Xenon L, 1 Xenon P? :P

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