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Post by Carlo the Curious » Tue, 9. Dec 08, 07:35

apricotslice wrote:I think the difference is that some of the new trade software actually uses the buy and sell, where in X3, only 3rd party scripts did. So its the new software that needs the buy and sell in the ship thats running the script.
You used to be able to check the best selling prices for the cargo of a remote ship even if best sell locator was only installed on the player ship - that's no longer the case in TC.

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Post by apricotslice » Tue, 9. Dec 08, 07:41

Good to know. I cant say I've started doing any remote trading yet.

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Post by aikjo2 » Fri, 26. Dec 08, 18:51

For some reason I can't find the CBeam command...
I have ABeam, it is under the "General" menu, but CBeam will not show up for the life of me, any ideas whats up?
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Post by space pirate » Fri, 26. Dec 08, 20:11

software signature scrabler is missing. good stuff btw, loved the letter to julian.

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Post by Seathal » Fri, 26. Dec 08, 23:29

This SHOULD be a postit/sticky/whatever.

Great guide for newbies and not-so-newbies. Clears out all my doubts with CLS/CAG differences.

Thank you!

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Post by apricotslice » Sat, 27. Dec 08, 00:20

It was in the sticky thread for X3R. Should still be there as a X3R Guide. But its been replaced basically by the manual for X3TC, which did a much better job than the X3R manual did.

aikjo2, wrong thread for asking that, please ask it on the scripts thread in the modding forum. http://forum.egosoft.com/viewtopic.php?p=2677287 Likely its a conflict with another script. Edit : I quoted this over there, so look for the answer there.page 3.

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