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[Guide] X3 Handbook for Albion Prelude (v7 for Kindle)(v5 for PDF Download)

Posted: Mon, 27. Feb 06, 03:04
by apricotslice
Version 7 of the X3 Handbook is now available on Kindle.

The X3 handbook for Albion Prelude
New content specifically for AP.
Completely reformatted to read like a normal book on Kindle.
Extensively edited to correct spelling, typos and punctuation issues.
All new Screen images from AP.


Announcement :

X3 Handbook for Terran Conflict
Version 6 of the X3 Handbook is now available as a Kindle ebook for Kindle devices and devices that run the Kindle app. Price is $1.99 US.

I think it is best viewed from Ipad or Ipad Mini, which have the largest screens. On the smaller devices, I'd recommend that the font size be dropped to get more on the screen for each page.

The size is over 3mb, which for Kindle is very big. As such, the minimum price I could set was $1.99, given the download costs for that size of file. Sorry about it being higher, but there was nothing I could do about that.

It does not include any AP stuff as yet. I decided that a version for TC was appropriate for those still playing the game, and that the AP version to come should be a separate release. This will establish a progression that will follow to the first Handbook release for Rebirth.


The X3 Handbook version 5 for X3R and TC is now complete and ready for download.

398 A4 pages in pdf format. Approx 7mb zip.

Additions for Version 5 :

* New Home Plot Walkthrough, by Spychotic
* Treasure Hunt Walkthrough, by Mizzle
* False Patches, by EmpororJon
* All Plots Complete, by dillpickle
* Plots Reset, by Ketraar
* Enable Plots in Custom Start, by Ketraar
* Thread : Words of Wisdom

For simplicity sake given this is a minor update from version 4, mainly for the New Plot added in TC v2.6, the additional material has been added in its own section at the end of the Handbook.

Download :

The X3 Handbook version 4 for X3R and TC is now complete and ready for download.

The X3 Handbook v4

Download :

393 A4 pages long in pdf format, Approx. 7mb in size. Download in Zip format.

Contents :

Part One : Welcome to the X Universe.

* Introduction
* Introduction to X3R Version 2
* Introduction to Terran Conflict
* The Ultimate X resource and guides list, compiled by Graphil
* The X3R Universe Map by Nicholas Kabourakis
* The X3TC Universe Map by Nicholas Kabourakis
* The X3TCv2 Universe Map by Nicholas Kabourakis
* X3TC Game Starts, by supakillaii
* Your in-game Entity, by Apricotslice
* Apricot Mapping Service Guide to starting off in X3 (with TC update)
* What do all those Three Letter Acronyms and abbreviations mean? by CBJ
* The Ranking System Chart, by Fud
* The Newbies Guide, Advise from a SpaceBar

Part Two : The Plot.

* About the TC Plots, by Carlo the Curious
* General Mission Guidance for TC, by Apricotslice
* TC Plot Walkthrough, by Apricotslice
* Giskard's X3R Plot Guide
* Simon Moon's X3: Reunion Complete Walkthrough
* Bala Gi Missions Walkthrough, by Giskard

Part Three : Gameplay.

* The Long Awaited Player Headquarters and other X3R Version 2 Additions
o Version 2 Additions, from the X3R v2 Readme
o Player Headquarters, from the X3R v2 Readme
o New 'Hidden' Stuff, by Jakesnake5
o Using the Player HQ, by Giskard
* The Bonus Pack for X3R, from the Readme
* Chip's X3 Tutorial
* Giskard's X3 Players Guide
* A NOOBS GUIDE FOR MONEY and Other Things by Relief
* Apocholypse's X3 Guide, A Complete Guide to Everything
* Giskard's X3 Combat: The Right Role
* The New X3Rv2 Ships, by Giskard
* The New X3TC Ships, by Apricotslice
* Giskard's X3 Economy Guide
o Some advanced Complex Building tips added by Apricotslice
* Giskard's X3 Trading Networks
* Giskard's X3 Strategy Guide
* esd's X² guide to loops
* esd's Guide to MORT
* Storm666's X3: Complex’s and Consumption: Understanding the requirements
* A Little Guide to Capital Ships by teladianium
* WillWilk's A Brief guide to Sector and Universe traders
* Krusade's X3 Combat Guide
* Tsar_of_Cows', The Profit Guild Guide to Opportunities for profitssss
* "Capping" By Apricotslice
* Game Tool : Merroc's Complex Calculator
* Finding Gates, by Andaius
* Station Node List, by spcutler
* How to Use the Tractor Beam by RavenIII
* Game Tool : LordSuch's Sector Planner
* Ryuujin's How to make sexier complexes
* Apricot Software Guide by Apricotslice
* Moving a Mk.3 trader Pilot by softweir
* X3 Frustrations and how to get around them by Apricotslice
* X3: Corvette Combat Guide by RavenIII
* The X3R Missile Guide, by teladianium
* A Noobs Guide to Scavenging in X3 by teladianium
* How to cap a Xenon LX by teladianium
* Fight. Trade. Build. Think. An Explanation of Each, God, and More in X, by Milo Rambaldi
* Boarding mini-guide, by Goldfinch
* Aldrin - Complete Station List With Coordinates, by Painman
* Game Tools : The TC Excel Spreadsheets
* List of Software and Corresponding Ship Commands for TC, by clevider
* Tenlar's Complete Qualitative Guide to Laser Weapons and Battle Tactics, by Tenlar Scarflame

Part Four : Modifying the Game.

* Introduction
* MSCI Handbook
* Game Tool : doubleshadow's X3 Editor and ModManager
* Activating The Script and Galaxy Editors by Burianek
* Game Tool : Plugin Manager, by Cycrow
* TC Plugin Manager Issues
* Index of Modding Guides for X3TC
* Index of Modding Guides for X3
* Index of Modding Guides for X2
* Index of Community Scripts / Mods for X3TC
* Index of Community Scripts / Mods for X3R
* Index of Community Scripts / Mods for X2
* Modding 101 by Apricotslice
* Documentation of Gamestarts, by Apricotslice
* X3 Unbalanced ! by Apricotslice (with TC update)
* Apricot Mapping Service Mod for TC, by Apricotslice
* Modular Complexes for TC, by Gazz
* Alternate HUB Plots, by Apricotslice
* PHQ for TC Mods
* Apricot Merge Mod for TC, by Apricotslice
* Transcend II Mod for TC, by Observe
* Vanilla Malt Gamestarts, by Snowship
* XTended-Mod (XTM) for X3R, by the XTM team
* DDRS Mod for X3R, by DeadlyDa and RedSpot
* Apricot Gunbus and Camel M6 Heavy Transports Mod for X3R by Apricotslice
* The De-Rank Mod for X3R by Apricotslice

Part Five : Technical Issues.

* Introduction
* Reporting a possible Bug or Error by The_Abyss
* System Requirements and Performance for X³: Terran Conflict by CBJ
* System requirements for X³ - is my PC good enough? by CBJ
* esd's Tips'n'tricks to get more FPS
* Problems installing the US version? Read This ! by CBJ

Part Six : Forum Humour, Creative Play Guides and the Great Threads.

* Forum Signatures and other one liners
* Myths and Legends of the X Universe
* Thread : Forget Khaak and Xenon, the wife is the biggest threat to my Empire
* Thread : Will somebody please fix the Auto-Pillok !!!!
* Thread : The Answer is NO
* Thread : Apricotslice; somthing want ,Say You by Tracker001
* X3 for Pacifists by Apricotslice
* The X3 Quotes (from the Game text file)
* Squiddy McSquids possibly short life, by NUKLEAR-SLUG
* Wanton use of nukes and the path to galactic conquest!, by NUKLEAR-SLUG
* A Slice of X - TC Walkthrough and Guide, by Apricotslice

Original Thread Message for reference.

From another thread :
Red Spot wrote:
apricotslice wrote:
Burianek wrote:added to the tutorial sticky.
thanks :)
Its actually way past time that someone assembled all the best modding and scripting advise into a single pdf document for download.
Like its also way past time all the game guides were likewise assembled into a game handbook and either published for retail, or pdf for download.
eeehhmm ... whats holding you back ?? ... :roll: ;)
apricotslice wrote: What would be the copyright and forum positions on someone doing this ?

I would assume that a good deal of communication would be needed with authors for permissions and that it would need to be officially sanctioned by egosoft.
esd wrote:
it would need to be officially sanctioned by egosoft.
Why would it? I don't see how that'd be the case any more than Giskard's combat guide "requires" Egosoft's to sanction it.

You'll need to organise with the other writers, collect credits for the end, establish a non-royalty, non-exclusive license to use other's images.... it'll be a bit of work, but I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Good luck Apricotslice, I think you just volounteered yourself! :thumb_up:
In my normal keyboard-in-mouth-syndrome way, I seem to have commissioned myself to assemble all the guides and the really great advise into some sort of X3 Handbook.

I'm willing to try doing this and the guides sticky in each forum is the obvious place to start, but .....

Its not enough to just do the guides. There is some really great one-post advise out there buried in the middle of threads acrross all the forums that is simply the best answer to all the frequently asked questions. I need your help to find these. Please post links here for me to look at.

There is also some really great narative out there. Stories of battles fought , won and lost, odd occurances, truely funny stories, truely funny threads (like the handling wives thread), from which game playing advise comes. Please post me links to the ones of these you loved the most.

If you posted anything you truely think was good enough to go in a handbook, post me the link. Doesnt matter how big or small it was, good advise is good advise and I want to see and include as much of it as I can.

Permission is also needed to reproduce anything, so in order to not waste time doing so, if anyone DOES NOT want their words included in such a work, please say so now so I can exclude your writings immediately.

If someone from Egosoft is reading, I would appreciate some feedback on copyright and other issues from their end, availability of excerts from the manual, and feedback as to if the final result would be considered for e-publishing or book publishing officially.

And I'm interested in feedback about how the end product should look and be made available. Most decent games have a Handbook that you can buy with the game. The new Star Wars game has more copies of the handbook in my local store than copies of the game ! Assuming I can do this to a satisfactory level, are you willing to pay for a printed handbook or an e-book, which then is a secondary income source for Egosoft's ongoing development of the game ?

This will need to cross the forums. FAQ, Game play (claiming, trading, complexes, piracy, etc. etc.). Plot. Tech issues. Modding. Scripting. Humour. Stories.

So if a thread or single posting helped you play the game and is the best advise on the question you have seen, send me a link to it.

Mods, I'd appreciate some leeway here in how this thread develops, and some control on it so that its primary purpose of gathering in links to advise and suggestions for content is adhered to, bearing in mind that it will cross all the forums as far as content is concerned.

This thread is not a forum for expressing disatisfaction with the game, and i would appreciate if people would not express such here.

However, known hardware problems for which no fix is apparent is relevant, in which case post a link to the discussion, or list the known hardware item, its problem and suggested alternative. At least then, people reading the handbook will be able to see at a glance the hardware to avoid and what they should look at for a replacement. I havent participated in any of this discussion, so will need links to pertenant advise.

How well this project goes will depend in part as to how well you recieve this idea and the level of really positive input everyone has in helping me assemble the really great advise. So I thank you in advance for your support.

Posted: Mon, 27. Feb 06, 03:14
by mrbadger
First off you'd probably have to compile something from the existing tutorials, then invite additions.

sounds like a job for a wiki to me, I'd join in.

Re: The X3 Handbook Project. Links Needed to all the really great advise.

Posted: Mon, 27. Feb 06, 03:15
by Merroc
apricotslice wrote:Permission is also needed to reproduce anything, so in order to not waste time doing so, if anyone DOES NOT want their words included in such a work, please say so now so I can exclude your writings immediately.
If you would like to use certain parts of my Complex Calculator (and/or asteroids sheet) i would like to talk about which part in private before you add them, please.

Posted: Mon, 27. Feb 06, 03:17
by Grassturtle
I have participated an many threads where great advice has been issued

so i will scan my posts and some other thread areas and just edit this post with the links i can find

and the questions or answers those links are for

Posted: Mon, 27. Feb 06, 04:27
by esd
Feel free to use my Loop Guide, which is still applicable to X³. Feel free to update it, too :wink:

Posted: Sat, 25. Mar 06, 13:11
by apricotslice
Updated in first message.

Posted: Sat, 25. Mar 06, 17:29
by esd
I'm looking forward to seeing what you create, and naturally, if I can help, I will :)

Posted: Sat, 25. Mar 06, 22:49
by teladianium
please use any of my M2 Weapons Loadout guide if you like to...

I look forward to seeing your guide.


Posted: Sat, 25. Mar 06, 23:51
by apricotslice
teladianium wrote:please use any of my M2 Weapons Loadout guide if you like to...
Thankyou. Added :)

Can you send me an email authorisation to use it please.

Also, do you have a thread link within the forum ?

Also, get it added to the sticky guides list.

Posted: Mon, 27. Mar 06, 02:07
by apricotslice
New update added. Most of the general gameplay is now in place, although a few guides have a few practical difficulties to sort out.

Next step is scripting and modding, then tech support.

With luck and available time, I'll have a first version ready within a week or 2. :)

Posted: Mon, 27. Mar 06, 04:54
by apricotslice
Changes to Wanted requests made.

I found a nodes list thread.

But we need a decent guide to all the software in the game, including the main scripted software.

Anyone ?

Posted: Mon, 27. Mar 06, 16:21
by apricotslice
New update made to the OP.

Its been a hard days work on the handbook :)

Posted: Mon, 27. Mar 06, 16:31
by esd
Perhaps include a section of myths and legends from within X, and leave the questions unanswered :D Secret UFO Base, etc...

Posted: Mon, 27. Mar 06, 19:50
by mrbadger
esd wrote: Secret UFO Base, etc...
That again, aaaarrrgghhh!!!111one

Posted: Tue, 28. Mar 06, 03:34
by bladeuk
mrbadger wrote:
esd wrote: Secret UFO Base, etc...
That again, aaaarrrgghhh!!!111one
maybe esd knows something we dont :roll:

and this sounds like it could be very very useful @ the OP

you need any help (except for what the main scripted software does - mainly cause i dont know exactly what each software does comprehensively) just ask :D