CPU intensive game - need dual core support?

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Post by Zakalwe » Sat, 19. Aug 06, 10:43

@Cycrow, i was speaking of OOS update and it's about 3 per second when looking at OOS ship positions, shields, etc
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Re: i dont think they should

Post by andrewas » Sat, 19. Aug 06, 11:25

Martin Logan wrote:the way i see it that transferring data between two cpus would require some power as well i think it would be better to improve one cpu then simply putting two slower cpus together of course its just my opnion but i think transferring data between two cpus just takes too much power away in the first place
The thing is, we have reached the stage where we cannot improve a single CPU anymore, not without a radical improvement in technology. But we can add cores to existing chips. Intel are talking about 32 cores in one CPU in the next ten years. In fact, in the near future we are going to be seeing less powerful cores, not more powerful. The time to design a core rises geometricaly with its complexity, so by working with large numbers of simpler cores they will be able to design new CPUs much more rapidly. While you are correct in that there is some overhead in running a program on multiple cores, once we have efficient hardware designs and once developers have learned to code multithreaded applications quickly, we will see massive gains in overall performance.

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Post by Kindred Spirit » Mon, 7. Jan 19, 10:33

Kindred Spirit wrote:
Thu, 12. Jan 06, 06:29
Hopefully SMP/multicore support will be considered when they do X4 :)

SMP forever! Dual-core SMP even :)

And so they did :)

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Re: CPU intensive game - need dual core support?

Post by AleksMain » Mon, 7. Jan 19, 12:03

Good thing, that X3 is not "upgraded" as X4.

I can't play X4 and could not play any "upgraded" to X4 version of X3 either.

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Re: CPU intensive game - need dual core support?

Post by Alan Phipps » Mon, 7. Jan 19, 14:13

I don't think we need a 12 year old thread reopened for no apparent reason. <click>
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