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Post by apricotslice » Thu, 10. Sep 09, 12:14

Take some screen pics of the production cycle screen and lets see what its doing.

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Post by Ezethiel » Thu, 10. Sep 09, 14:07

By production cycle screen you mean that info window of the factory? that is the only window that I can see about it (at least I think so) but maybe you think that is my factory but I said that i wanna buy from an AI factory not to build one :)

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Post by Another Aussie » Fri, 21. May 10, 06:47

whilst retreving the falcon in my hast i forgot to buy ecells took me ages to get it out but with a little tactical thought i got it out with less shots fired than on the way in :) also gota thand them yaki they were a good distraction but i did pick up a crate while i was there it was "unknown" but was equiped as misiles ... worth 80 k each :D needless to say a good little haul anyway the "guid" was extreemly healpfull even thoe im not a noob.. thanks again
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Post by Ghostwish » Mon, 4. Apr 11, 16:26

I.. find it hard to believe this hasn't been reported and fixed yet, but..

Oracoke’s Storm = Ocracoke's Storm

I realized this when searching for it on the galaxy map. ^_^

Edit: Oops, found another one, just as minor.
Unknown Sector by Unholy Decent
Thr's Deprivation = Tkr's Deprivation
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Post by Dank7430 » Thu, 4. Aug 11, 08:29

Is it just me or is this marked as TC when its a guide for Reunion????

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