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Post by Chemical-mix » Sat, 26. Aug 06, 15:40

Well, i bought X3 on Wednesday, and not 20 minutes ago i added another 1gigabyte of RAM to my computer. Now im gonna go X3 mad.

My loving girlfriend then said "so im not gonna see you for the rest of the weekend then?"
She may well be right...
"I came, I saw, I crumbled"

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Post by NZ-Wanderer » Sat, 26. Aug 06, 22:40

Hope she is prepared not to see you for the rest of the year... :D :D
Chemical-mix wrote:My loving girlfriend then said "so im not gonna see you for the rest of the weekend then?"
She may well be right...

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Post by Khaak_Hammer » Sat, 26. Aug 06, 22:59

Is this thread STILL active


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Post by XanII » Sun, 27. Aug 06, 17:03

CRYAX wrote:Place your pc desk and pc beside the sofa then while your partner sits watching the tv you can sit beside her and play X3 to your hearts content thats how i solved the problem now i never have any moaning about always being on the pc and never spending time talking to my partner. Oh yes and there is the added bonus of all that extra comfort with my wireless K/B on my knee i can sit back on my sofa in comfort much better than that horrible computer chair.
Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

I used to live in a 32m^2 appartmenet with my wife. She sat next to me with her laptop and she kept yelling at me every time i leaned back with my chair as my chair was right next to the tv. 'hey, i cant see the tv!'.

Now she sits in the living room tapping on her new laptop i bought her and im in the 'working room' tapping my desktop pc. Now she can watch Oprah and Dr.Phil as much as she likes without my back interfering with the picture

Life is a bliss. :roll:

X3:TC Heavy M6 guide : : : Let's pretend you are an addict, lets pretend that you are a X-games player... but i am repeating myself here.

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Post by Belgarath » Mon, 28. Aug 06, 08:24

I got it all figured out. My wife works day shift and I took a 3rd shift position. The only time we see each other is at 8:00pm when I get up to get ready for work. She's already left for work in the morning when I get home so I can get in several hours of gaming before I go to bed at noon.

Weekend days are work time around the house, but I can usually get a little bit of play time on Friday or Saturday night.
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Post by avatar2000 » Tue, 23. Jan 07, 09:07

Dont get me wrong here, im not gay but sometime i just think it would be much easier. Us guys should band together and form a lodge style club but for gaming. then we can say " honey im off to the lodge " like my dad did.
Anyway the fight continues.

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Post by pjknibbs » Tue, 23. Jan 07, 09:18

Well, that was well worth dredging up a four month old thread, wasn't it?


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