Forget Khaak and Xenon, the wife is the biggest threat to my Empire

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Post by JMCorp » Tue, 21. Mar 06, 02:42

andysonofbob wrote:Easily the most constructive post so far

Try this: hopefully you and your misses are still on friendly, kissing (pecking at leat) terms…

Buy/borrow/steal a dvd box set, something that you like, but she likes more.

Hopefully the tv is in the same room as your pc

Now tell her that you are helping someone by Beta testing his mod and apologise for being such a geek/nerd and say ‘I hope you dont mind but it’s the two nights when we only mong and I will not be more than 3 m from you. If she is not 100% self centred she should just ‘tut’ and let you get on with.

Very important bit! She will not let you do this for long so take the following

Not long after she has started watching the DVD (we are talking a couple of minutes here) make a ‘bloody idiot!!’ gesture and curse mildly at how annoying the 'mod' is. Now quickly get up and randomly peck your misses on the cheek and get back to the game now that you feel better after this quick peek. This tells the misses that she is in the forefront of your mind and you aren’t really enjoying the game; it’s more of a chore and hey, she has always known you’re a bit of a geek etc.

Also make sure that you half watch the DVD (which is very possible with X3) so you can now and again make some comment on it so as far as she is concerned you are just sitting in a different place than normal

Another general woman tip I find works a treat.
When she asks you what she should wear e.g. boots: Say that looks nice, what else were you thinking of? Let her try on the next pair. When she shows you say ‘nice, but I think I prefer the first pair.’ This lets her think that she was right first time which was obviously her first choice. She also gets to try on another pair and get complemented.
I hope this helps my friend and fellow brothers


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Post by OzK » Tue, 21. Mar 06, 10:01

If she is the bright, inquiring type, like my wife, my money is on Myst. :D

Yeah, it's older, but it's eye-catching, requires thought, and doesn't require "twitch." It's also addictive as hell.

She was clear on the gamer thing before we got married. She even understands how annoyed I used to get with my ex when she pestered me during my rare hours of gaming.

Still, she is beginning to find lots of things that require comment as she walks by the loft we use as an office. This is a BAD SIGN. :o

So I got her Myst the other day remembering my absorbtion with it. I sure hope this is gonna work. :P
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Post by Doomdark64 » Tue, 21. Mar 06, 10:06

Guess im lucky cause my wife uses her pc a lot to play wow,so she doesn`t mind me playing x3.



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Post by Wundagore » Tue, 21. Mar 06, 11:43

here is my guide to woman handling 101

My girlfriend didn't really understand video gaming, that was for kids
we have been going for 2 years now and now she kicks my ass at Empire at War

she was a huge star wars fan and didn't know about the games
and whenever I want gametime I just make sure that the house is clean , dinner is ready and then ... well u figure this one out and after that she just lays on the couche watching some cheesy movie like moulin rouge

( off topic: anyone seen this ? I mean Come on! )
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Post by Tigerhawk71 » Tue, 21. Mar 06, 13:19

My girlfriend and I have seperate computers, i'm not married to her yet but she takes an active interest in videogames, and often watches the guys play, like, Halo or whatever. :lol: But she won't play. I guess she feels weird since she's 15 years older than i am and still likes the stuff i do. (I'm 20)

I just need to make sure i'm giving her the "Us Time" she wants, do something nice once in a while, encourage her to sleep when she feels tired or sick, under the excuse it's in her best interest (and it is, just so happens it's sometimes mine too)... and i can do as i please :D
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Post by Aramaye » Mon, 7. Aug 06, 16:02

I've been living with my missus for over a year now, and I've just about managed to convince her that Worms: Armageddon is a quality game.

Oh well, looks like I'm starting from scratch with this one!

On a lighter note, she uses her laptop to msn whilst she watch pap like Big Brother on the TV, and I either join her and mock the social rejects, or commit space-based genocide in an M3. It works for me. Plus, we have a house rabbit who is always vying for attention in one form or another. Those long winter evenings just fly by...

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Post by Shadow1980 » Mon, 7. Aug 06, 16:41

I'm blessed with a girlfriend that spents a lot of time gaming herself. We have seperate computers which is a good start, and she's hooked on playing GTA (SA & VC) on my PS2. (Which I haven't touched for a very, very long time.)

She's generally ok with me playing games as long as I give her a hand in the house, which to be fair I don't really do as much as I should. Unfortunatly my gaming time has been diminished to nearly zero as we are in the process of purchasing a house. On the plus side, once this has been completed we hope to have a house with room for a 'study'. (Read: Pimped out Gaming room.)
Right now we live in a relatively small appartment in the city center. Extremely convinient location, but simply not enough room. And, renting sucks - it's like throwing a suitcase with money down the drain every month.

Anyway, hopefully I have some more time after that period again. I got extremely bored with the vanilla version of X3 and am having a really hard time to find the energy and willpower to start over in the DDRS mod. :-( X3 is great but it misses a 'goal' or a point to actually playing. Perhaps once I have time I will get into the scripting side of things and develop it to my own taste. As I am reading and writing various code all day long at work and the little spare time I have, it is hard to find motivation to start such a project at the present. But who knows once things calm down? At least there is an excellent engine to work from in X3. It's just lacking a general motivating factor, and the universe is a bit static - the races are completely meaningless beyond the notoriety variables right now...
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Post by Widow Maker » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 00:43

Ha ha, had a problem but then i got my girlfriend a DS with nintendogs. Worked so well as required daily play. (cost £100 in total) then got myself one. could link them together which was fun for both of us. When she got bored of that, animal crossing came along. more daily play to keep her entertained. It also means she understands my inner geek.

My advice daily play games so that she can give you time to release your geek when ever you want.

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Post by JabbatheHutt » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 01:59

easiest way out for married guys - get divorced

worked for me :P
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Post by Kurt Shur'Tugal » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 06:23

and just FYI, it is possible to spend too much time on the computer.[/quote]

i cant beleive younjust suggested that :o no true gamer would ever suggest such a thing :rofl:

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Post by Chris_ni » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 09:32

Lets take a look at how the races in X3 would deal with this

Argon: Seal off your front door while she's out and claim that you've made earth safe from the Xenon (rename your hall way to Brennan's Triumph)

Boron: Give up, run away and look for someone friendly

Split: Get annoyed and take it out on somebody else

Paranid: Tell her she's not worthy to stop you

Teladi: Ask her to name her price then haggle her down

Xenon/Khaak: Say nothing, just kill

Pirate/Yaki: Say somthing insulting and kill

Of course, this is just how i see the X-Universe responding to this kind of thing. I'm by no means telling you to tell your wife she's not worthy, or to kill her (no one likes the Xenon anyway)

If i had to go with one of them though, i always fancied annexing my house...

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Post by XanII » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 11:02

Sigh, wives... they want your attention and all you can think about are what is the proper PPC loadout for your capital ships. Or missile attributes.
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Post by handy388 » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 19:37

I quit X3 ever since my college starts again and cannot understand why would anyone drag their female companion into a unproductive life of videogaming.

Remember, when you are playing X3, you are interacting with machine, not even live person.

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Post by Chris_ni » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 21:23

X3 is damn usefull when you can't leave the house and your bored

but its usually best to wait till the misses is out of the room, saves all the "oh not again!" and likewise phrases

i always find the rubutle of "would you rather i was down the pub drinking?" very useful

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Post by bobioman » Thu, 24. Aug 06, 22:16

I quit X3 ever since my college starts again and cannot understand why would anyone drag their female companion into a unproductive life of videogaming.

Remember, when you are playing X3, you are interacting with machine, not even live person.
what's the difference between that and watching a movie or a T.V. show, besides the fact that gaming actually uses your brain?
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