Forget Khaak and Xenon, the wife is the biggest threat to my Empire

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Post by danleach » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 16:35

I feel sorry for all you attatched people
Apart from the sex a partner aint really much use, ...dump 'em ;) :)

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Post by CrossWire » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 16:41

I got over the problem by building "her in doors" a computer of her own and attached a eBay account, now she spends all day shopping for those useless little items woman shop for, leaving me free to play X3 until my hearts content. :)

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Post by Solfi » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 17:10

esd wrote: I simply got my better half her own computer, equipped with Civillisations 3, Age Of Empires II AOK and The Sims.
... I tried this approach with my ex-gf. The only thing I ever managed to get her to sit down and actually play for a while was Black & White... and that was only because the creatures were kinda cute... And she's an AI-brainiac.

Yes, my ex-gf had a Masters in Computer Science... I found it almost ironical that she worked for Saab, programming the JAS Gripen simulator... (for those of you who don't what is, it's a swedish high-performance fighterplane).

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Post by Hachiman » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 17:11

danleach wrote:I feel sorry for all you attatched people
Apart from the sex a partner aint really much use, ...dump 'em ;) :)
Yeah,along with the house, the car,half your pension fund and your graphics card...[the last one just for spite]..... :D
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Post by Laroo » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 17:44

No wife yet, TF, but girlfriend was getting shirty with me two weeks ago so this weekend sent her to a health spar.

The + + + side;
1. Shes happy wih me again.
2. Weekend of beer X3 and Nachos/chinese take away food.
3. Headache free 2 days.

The - - - points;
1. Cost me £500

Things I do to play games Jesus.

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Post by andysonofbob » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 18:20

Easily the most constructive post so far

Try this: hopefully you and your misses are still on friendly, kissing (pecking at leat) terms…

Buy/borrow/steal a dvd box set, something that you like, but she likes more.

Hopefully the tv is in the same room as your pc

Now tell her that you are helping someone by Beta testing his mod and apologise for being such a geek/nerd and say ‘I hope you dont mind but it’s the two nights when we only mong and I will not be more than 3 m from you. If she is not 100% self centred she should just ‘tut’ and let you get on with.

Very important bit! She will not let you do this for long so take the following

Not long after she has started watching the DVD (we are talking a couple of minutes here) make a ‘bloody idiot!!’ gesture and curse mildly at how annoying the 'mod' is. Now quickly get up and randomly peck your misses on the cheek and get back to the game now that you feel better after this quick peek. This tells the misses that she is in the forefront of your mind and you aren’t really enjoying the game; it’s more of a chore and hey, she has always known you’re a bit of a geek etc.

Also make sure that you half watch the DVD (which is very possible with X3) so you can now and again make some comment on it so as far as she is concerned you are just sitting in a different place than normal

Another general woman tip I find works a treat.
When she asks you what she should wear e.g. boots: Say that looks nice, what else were you thinking of? Let her try on the next pair. When she shows you say ‘nice, but I think I prefer the first pair.’ This lets her think that she was right first time which was obviously her first choice. She also gets to try on another pair and get complemented.
I hope this helps my friend and fellow brothers


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Post by G Morgan » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 18:28

My greatest achievement in university was teaching my flatmate how to play Halo on X-box (yes I know its a FPS and on a console at that but this was a huge achievement). She was complaining about our late night come home drunk and have a 16 player Halo tournument trait. One day she came in for coffee and found we were a player short and she filled in because she had nothing better to do.

Despite spending the entire game running around randomly either looking directly up or down she managed to make one kill by mistake with a shotgun and enjoyed it. The next 3 years resulted in her actually becoming good at the game (better in fact than some of the boys that used to play as well). Pity the fact that she was my flat mate precluded her becoming my g/f. Would have been interesting though she'd probably insist that I played an FPS with her rather than playing X3 had it happend.

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Re: Forget Khaak and Xenon, the wife is the biggest threat to my Empire

Post by BoNe MacHiNe » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 19:16

Tymi wrote:My wife bought X3 for me for Chrimbo. Now when ever I try and put a few hours in she asks me something to do around the flat.

I try to book game time in advance it usually goes something like this
ME:"Are we doing anything Wednesday night darling?"
HERINDOORS:"Absolutely nothing, did you have something in mind?"
ME:"Thought I'd spend the evening playing X3"
HERINDOORS:"Well we do need to go shopping, and those shelves need putting up, and the loft needs boarding" etc. etc. etc.

Have to wonder why she bought it for me when she always tries to stop me playing it!
AAAAHHH HHAA HHHHHAAAAAA (I laugh in sympathetic crazed frustration) :rofl: I can totally relate to you. When I sit to play my games a torrent of comments on what needs to get done in the house comes out of my wife, blah blah blah :rant: blah blah blah. It drives me insane, and this is at night, when one should be resting! :headbang: But Skeeter is right, you have to do something nice to her, like paying the feryman at river Styx, then she may let you play.
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Post by MillerTime » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 20:23

Man I really have it good.

Here's my typical day. Get up make her coffee and see her off to work, make myself a coffee and go play ti'll 11am. 11-12pm clean house do few choores. Play from 12pm to 2pm then go to the gym and workout. come back home and play from 4-6pm when she gets home. Then she has my full attention and the house is clean an supper is on the table :)

I got her a laptop + few MSN games = lots of free time.

BTW I have two computers on my desk one plays while I read the forums at the same time.
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Post by Xmortis » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 20:44

A wife, and an 11 month old baby. Thats me. I can't play games during daylight hours anymore. Baby goes to bed ~8pm. Wife goes to bed ~10-11pm. My gaming hours ~11pm-2am.

I wake up at 7am for work.

The result? Tired. Boy am I tired :) But I'm at least satisfied that I can get my gaming fix.

Of course that won't fly every night. I take periodic break nights to keep the wife's threat meter in the green.

My wife once said "You're like a kid." In response to my gaming hobby. I replied.. "Whats wrong with that? I'd rather have a child-like side than be a stuck up, serious and unhappy person." She had no answer for that.

She knew darn well I was a gamer before we got married. Heck, we lived together for 3+ years before hand. So not like she wasn't warned! 5 Years married.. so I guess we've got the balance of things right.

My advice to those without wives/partners. Marriage is not freedom. Be warned. Also be sure to let them know exactly who you are before you marry. Let them see you at your worst after being on a 12+ hour gaming binge.

Oh, and weekends are 'quality time' and 'honey-do time'. Thats Honey Do This and Honey Do That time.

BTW - I let me wife know I can't stand TV..which is true. So in the evening if she put some horrid program on, I can justify going to game early. I'd rather suffocate in space than be forced to watch a crappy sitcom or so-called 'reality' TV series.

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Post by Goffries » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 20:46

HA! i got you all beat... my girlfreind sits down with me and either plays x3 on her computer or we play it togethor on mine and try to figure out the best ecnomical desicions and stuff... i love her so much

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Post by Hansaw » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 21:20

LOL This is so cool... So I'm not the only one with a Mrs for a headache.

I got my Mrs a Sony PS2 and Game Boy Advance and I also built her a PC connected to cable Internet with every damn game she has ever shown any interest in.. She also has Sky TV and and how much time will she spend on any of this lot.... NONE! if I put her PC on it would blow out the cobwebs, only time I get to play is when she is at work and stays there for the night, she works in London and has a flat there.

When she is here I spend my time sitting with her in the same room with my computer watching those damn cooking programs she loves so much (YUCK!) I hate them. Can I play while she watches TV?.. NO because she can't stand looking at the back of my head, she says.

And for all you young people without a woman, you got a HUGE shock coming as a relationship is not all sex and bliss, for her its a headache and for you its hardwork and lots of spent cash LOL.

Stay safe!

Hansaw sits for the 1st time in his brand new M3. After smilling happily to himself he looks about and becomes frustrated. "I paid enough for this ship, so where's the damn MP3 Player!" he yells

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Post by EsGi » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 21:34

Goffries wrote:HA! i got you all beat... my girlfreind sits down with me and either plays x3 on her computer or we play it togethor on mine and try to figure out the best ecnomical desicions and stuff... i love her so much
She got any sisters. :lol: I could do with an upgrade.

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Post by FredFox » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 21:59

I'm reading these posts out to my wife - the PC is in the living room with the TV, and she's laughing. While I'm playing, my wife either watches TV or reads a book or works or surfs the net on her laptop.

We've got a son who's 20 months old. When he goes to bed around 7ish I get to play. We alternate who's "on call" each night in case our son wakes up. I can play games or do what ever I want, after my son has gone to bed, and to be honest I'd rather spend the time with him than playing computer games - he'd rather I did too :) It's the same at the weekends, once our son is sorted out it's time for us.

We've got it sorted. We've spent many nights hardly speaking to each other because we've been completely wrapped up in whatever we're doing :) When one or the other wants to go out with friends, we go, if we go out together our son comes with us.

I love it. Wouldn't change a thing.

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Post by dave woods » Mon, 9. Jan 06, 22:05

l LOVE MONDAYS :D 7.00 emerdale 7.30 corry 8.00 eastenders 8.30 corry 9.00-9.30 bath TWO and a HALF x3 heaven :D :D :D
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