Ships scale image (25 ships)

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Post by scoochy » Wed, 27. Dec 06, 21:24

Wow, this game has come a long way since this was made up over a year ago!

Wish I had the time to complete this, but new job included a bit more travel than first advertised. Things are settling down a bit, so I think it may be time to continue where it was left off. After I play around with all the fantastic new additions though.
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Nice list

Post by Martin Logan » Wed, 27. Dec 06, 21:31

This seems like a good way of comparing ships im looking forward to haning it on my wall :lol:

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Post by thearpy » Fri, 29. Dec 06, 06:09

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Post by Constipated_Vigilante » Fri, 29. Dec 06, 06:21

That's awesome. I had no idea of the massive scale between ships. It seems so different when I'm flying around in my Buster. But when I saw an Orca fly around in Argon Prime today I could see it clearly from 50km away - that was a "holy shit" moment.
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Post by KanineLupus » Fri, 30. Mar 07, 08:34

OK - given the fact I've been studying the cap ship sizes in 3DS Max for the purpose of building a new station big enough to internally dock a dozen Cap ships, I can tell you now you scale is quite out of whack for some of the ships.

Using an in-game distance and comparing screenshots is not as acurate as you might think. The target point which provides the 'distance' (which you are then using to try and judge scale) is taken either from the central point or the 'pivot point' ...still trying to work out exactly which. This makes it almost impossible to judge the TRUE distance btwn your ship and the facing edge of the ship your trying measure scale one.

The only way you can get an acurate size comparison of the ships is the capture the model sizes in a modelling application. I'll PM you all the size stats when I get done :)

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Post by jlehtone » Fri, 30. Mar 07, 08:44

crayolakidd wrote:Here are the dimensions of the two (although J is slightly altered as have re-modelled to distinguish visually from the K - length is identical to the original though.)

The only way you can get an acurate size comparison of the ships is
I have parked Phoenix and K next to each other and K is about half of Phoenix.

Fly big ship about to 0,0,0. Fly with suit next to it. Record your position. Quite accurate values even with mere sector map readout.
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Post by KanineLupus » Fri, 30. Mar 07, 08:53

Just realised I've been crossing wires on M1 & M2 names for Teladi - shows how much I fly their ships. Did edit the original post but obviously not quickly enough, lol. Mind you, does beg the question as to what's so special about the Phoenix that it so dwarfs it's own M1 vessel ...considering the ships the M1 needs to carry you'd think the reverse would be the case!! Probaby why I got wires crossed I think

Will still send full list of stats your way once all compiled - still turning up a few surprises along the way, but may well prove useful to others designing stations/docks & the likes :)

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Post by Lancefighter » Fri, 30. Mar 07, 22:29

Don't forget that fish-eye effect or whatever its called :P

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Post by Arwan » Thu, 7. Jun 07, 06:32

wow considering how long ago it was that i had helped to make the picture along with some other people its quite remarkable to see that it still gets posts from time to time... now there are more ships LOL...

still would like to see a final copy
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Post by apricotslice » Fri, 8. Jun 07, 07:59

Arwan wrote:still would like to see a final copy
So would I.

If you would like to send me a final version, I'll include it in the X3 Handbook, version 3 thats in progress :)

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