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**X3 Player Guides,Tutorials and other Useful Information** Updated 15/09/06

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 02:05
by TSM
As we have so many good guides for X3 I thought it might be best to have them all in One thread

Player Handbook
apricotslice's [Guide] X3 Handbook v 1.1 *First Release*

Player Guide's
Apricotslice's Mapping Service Guide to starting off in X3
Relief's :: A NOOBS GUIDE FOR MONEY :: and other things, lots of fun info for all!
Giskards X3 player guide
Apocholypse's X3 Guide, all you need to know
Chip's X3 TUTORIAL - Starters controls Mission 1 & 2 Walkthrough
Apricotslice's X3 for Pacifists (NEW 6/08/06)

Trading and Economy Guide's
augustini's newbie guide to make credits (NEW 15/09/06)
WillWilk's Sector and Universe Trader Guide WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS
Giskards X3 Trading Networks
Storm666's X3: Complex’s and Consumption: Understanding the requirements
Tsar_of_Cows The Profit Guild Guide to Opportunities for Profitssss
Giskards X3 Economy Guide Version
strataholic's Supply and Demand Trade Chart(Printable)
FyreByrd's Sector Trader/Universe Trader Guide Now Available (X3)
Lord Such's X3 Sector Planner (a big hit for X2)
Merroc's Super-de-duper All-in-one Complex Profit Calculator including asteroids(Downloadable)

Combat Guide's
Giskard's X3 Combat: The Right Role (guide)
Krusade's X3 Combat Guide
RavenIII's Guide to Corvettes...Combat. [X3 Guide]

Capping Guide's
The Cuban Nightmare's The X3 Capturing Guide

Ship Guide's
RavenIII'sTractor Beam Guide (NEW 19/03/06)
AsterXiphos's Missile Info (Exel spreadsheet)
Boronshark's X3 Ship Stats
Slade_x's X3 Ship Pictorial Guide *Spoiler* Ships & their Pics
rtd's Ships: Statistics Prices and where to buy (Exel spreadsheet)
Pixel's X3 Guide to configuring your weapons

Walkthrough Guide's
Simon Moon's X3: Reunion Complete Walkthrough (SPOILERS)

Guide's to everything
Roguey's - "Guide's to everything"
The ultimate X3 guide to everything by nilof
Pccenter's X3 Galaxy Map and Various other useful bits(Printable) There was too much in this to make a proper title ;)

Sector Maps Spoiler
Nicholas Kabourakis's Yet another X³ sector map - v1.0
Jaga's X3 Universe Maps (NEW 4/10/06)

Merroc's *SPOILER*Excel sheet with all the asteroids in the game (X³)
Ryuujin's How to make cleaner, sexier looking complexes
X3 Race Rank List
Factory node counts (NEW 02/05/06)
Dave Toome's Ship/Factory 3D Models and Stats Viewer version (NEW 10/08/06) WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS

If you spot anymore you feel warrant being in here please pm myself or another Mod/Admin about adding them

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 05:56
by Kane Hart
Thanks I hope this always stays updated and pinned thanks a lot great for old or new plauers :)

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 14:42
by Steerpike
Looks good, but I get a 404 for "Boronshark's X3 Ship Stats ".

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 15:17
by Boronshark
The link is slightly incorrect. The "S" in X3Ships.xls needs to be a capital.

Hope that helps :)

FYI, the database has been updated with a couple of corrections, mainly relating to the Xenon fighters and I'm in the process of addiing hull strengths. When finished I'll upload the new version (currently v2)

This is the correct link :)

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 16:07
by Mauzi!
Try this link for Boronshark's nice ship list:

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 18:31
by Apocholypse
Have to say, very nicly done Boronshark!

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 21:17
by Finan
Another good guide. The Profit Guild Guide to Opportunities for Profitssss by Tsar_of_Cows

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 21:34
by nilof
How about the guide compilation in my sig?

It is far more complete.

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 23:12
by nilof
Hey, TSM, you are at exactly 555 posts right now! ^^

Could not resist. ^^

You deleted your post?

Then it makes 554 :P .

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 23:21
by TSM
Cheers Guys I edited links and added new one's plus broke them down into the sections(idea nicked from Nilof :P) they cover Nilof your's contains some obsolete links as Commanders Space Station is no more or will be when he takes it offline :( , now thats 555 posts :P

Posted: Sat, 12. Nov 05, 23:53
by nilof
Commanders space station is in the X2 part, and especially now when i have split it up in the X2 and X3 section, the X3 section does not contain anything outdated(last time I checked).

Posted: Sun, 13. Nov 05, 00:04
by TSM
was just a heads up anyway could you stop posting until I over take you please thanks :D 557 posts :wink:

Posted: Sun, 13. Nov 05, 10:06
by nilof
You know you are linkning to the wrong part of my guide, right?

By the way, here's the code to link to the X3 section:

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[url=]The ultimate X3 guide to everything by nilof[/url] 
The ultimate X3 guide to everything by nilof

Posted: Sun, 13. Nov 05, 10:27
by Player.
Theres is an X2 guide made by myself here ... entry32519

Posted: Sun, 13. Nov 05, 18:25
by Krusade
Heres a link to my combat guide