[4.0 HF3] TER Tokyo / balance or possible bug

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[4.0 HF3] TER Tokyo / balance or possible bug

Post by slober » Wed, 7. Apr 21, 22:07

Situation when we have TER Tokyo vs XEN K

TER Tokyo has only 1 Shield MK2. XEN K I guess fully equipped.
When Player in the sector Tokyo is dying very quick. When player out of sector Tokyo starts to repair hull and recharge shield.

May you please check the video:

Link on save file:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/11y-EyS ... sp=sharing


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Re: [4.0 HF3] TER Tokyo / balance or possible bug

Post by Imperial Good » Thu, 8. Apr 21, 07:57

Part of the issue may be the wiggle dance the ships are doing as I have noticed large reductions in damage of involved ships when it occurs. As the ship is rotating very fast and randomly it might limit the number of turrets that can be factored in to damaging the target.

In low attention combat weapon systems have a limited angle of operation, such as guns only dealing damage in a 90 degree arc in front of the ship. Although none of these ships have guns, turrets have similar limitations depending how they are placed. If the K ends up pointing in a sub-optimal direction then some of its turrets might not get factored in.

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