[3.20 beta 1 HF 1] 397017 - Collect lockbox if possible - bugged

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[3.20 beta 1 HF 1] 397017 - Collect lockbox if possible - bugged

Post by zakaluka » Fri, 22. May 20, 05:19

I don't know if this is specific to the beta , it's the first time I've set this global order in a long time. I set all my ships to "collect if possible" on found lockbox. They keep on seeing lockboxes IN stations, that aren't there. It really interferes with about every AI script, and I had to set the order back to "ignore".

In this savefile, look at Mercury XVG-160 in Argon Prime. His fly to order is constantly being interrupted over and over again, he's flickering back and forth to collect dropbox. He will slow down and his current order switches to the station; you see the flashing red lockbox indicator for just about 1 frame or so; and then he starts speeding back up towards the highway. Repeat over and over. It's as if he thinks the station IS a lockbox.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=11UHFX ... lJzbScfhdm

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Re: [3.20 beta 1 HF 1] 397017 - Collect lockbox if possible - bugged

Post by Vardis » Fri, 22. May 20, 23:46

Stations frequently have lockboxes attached to them. Sometimes they're glitched and actually inside a module (often residential ones), and I noticed Paranid modules will sometimes have the lockboxes floating unattached to anything beneath the module.

You can tell if a station has a lockbox if a flashing question mark briefly pops up when you get within your radar range.

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