[2.60 b4] Building Drones unavailable (Shipyard)

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[2.60 b4] Building Drones unavailable (Shipyard)

Post by paiku » Wed, 9. Oct 19, 16:36

After time more and more Drones become unavailable at my shipyard / wharf. If i build more after some time even more will be unavailable increasing building time by alot.
Beeing at 298/298 drones right now (297 unavailable) while not building anything.

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Re: [2.60 b4] Building Drones unavailable (Shipyard)

Post by RoverTX » Wed, 9. Oct 19, 19:08

Same thing all 1200 of my build drones are unavailable at my mega shipyard. Before even with all build bays being used I didn't use all the build drones up.

In the below save a bunch of ships are being built but if you wait around for them to finish the drones do not become available again.
https://forums-rover.s3.amazonaws.com/2 ... ave.xml.gz

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Re: [2.60 b4] Building Drones unavailable (Shipyard)

Post by Imperial Good » Sat, 19. Oct 19, 04:30

I am running into this problem with 2.60 release. 1130 construction drones and all of them unavailable and ship build times hitting the 1 hour mark for L and XL. The station has the effective production capability of 2 Warfs, 3 L shipyard and 1 XL shipyard, with drone usage in 2.50 and early 2.60 betas never passing 800.

Even if I shutdown the facility so no ships are in production over 1,000 build drones remain unavailable. Teleporting to the station did not help. Changing the station manager did not help either.

Currently the only way to compensate is to build more build modules on the station so more ships are built in parallel. If this is affecting NPC stations then it would explain why some people are reporting that HOP and TEL are getting bulldozed by the Xenon since they might not have the ship production capabilities to hold back the Xenon due to the longer build times.

Save can be provided if needed.

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Re: [2.60 b4] Building Drones unavailable (Shipyard)

Post by SPiDER » Sat, 19. Oct 19, 21:57

I can't believe a bug like this made it through to release....

so sad.......

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Re: [2.60 b4] Building Drones unavailable (Shipyard)

Post by Carsten007 » Sun, 20. Oct 19, 19:52

In my Game to.
It affects all KI shipyards and my 3 yards and the xenon yards.
The result is that the ships are produced extremely slowly and so the economy is almost broken in my score.

And another engraving bug is that many ships do not properly fire their guns and towers or shoot at all.
Also newly produced from the shipyards.
Hopefully that will not be so life, because that would be the end of my score with 350 hours.

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