Scanning for Blueprints....

Please post any spoilers for X4: Foundations here.

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Scanning for Blueprints....

Post by vectorprime27 » Fri, 9. Aug 19, 04:13

I don't know if the data leak signals in the game are random or not, but tonight I picked up Blueprints for an Argon L Habitat Module and a HOP Claytronics Production Module free of charge. I was gathering up all the goodies to use an Spacesuit EMP to steal them when I came across a video in which the player managed to find a data leak signal and grab the blueprints for the Large Argon Habitat Module. So I fired up my game and went hunting in the same place he found his. After about 5 minutes I found the a data lead in the same Argon L Habitat Module that gave me the Blueprints once scanned. It was in a different location on the Module than in the video, but it was there none the less. Saved a cool $22 million and the hassle of stealing the plans and taking a rep hit. Shortly after that I went looking for the blueprints for the Claytronics Production Module and it took about 15 minutes to hit the mother load again, saving myself about $25 million this time.

The Large Habitat Module with the data leak that gave out the blueprints was at the Wharf in Argon Prime. In the video and my game it was on the Habitat Module closest to the highway (there are two). The Claytronics data leak was on the back side of the Claytronics station in True Sight (there are two modules on the station). So far I've used the blueprints to augment the station I built to take over a Sector, and used both in my new Claytronics station. Not sure if this will help anyone, but thought I'd share the info. Saved me oddles of cash and I didn't have to go EVA and make things go boom!

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Re: Scanning for Blueprints....

Post by grbaker » Fri, 9. Aug 19, 05:02

Using your Scan (shift-2) you will find from time to time a data leak which may reveal the blueprint for the module it is attached to.

Free blueprints... also you can space walk EMP bombs onto 'most' station modules which will generate four Data Leaks. Scan each of these in you space suit and you will get the blueprint too unless a) you already have it.... b) its one of the ship production modules.

edit - oh and some time they shoot at you for this.... :lol:

I have paid for very few modules in my game.

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