Station Designs (Build Plans & Screenshots)

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Re: Station Designs (Build Plans & Screenshots)

Post by Roger L.S. Griffiths » Thu, 14. Mar 19, 23:40

Just a quick update, my EBI Space Station One is starting to shape up a bit, ALL ship equipment dock support plus S/M Fabrication. Frame rates are pretty bad in sector BUT since 2.0 there seems to be far less of an issue with game freezes during builds and the planning screen is working better.

Will update with new screenies and plans either tomorrow night or over the weekend but a summary of the changes are:-
  • Increase of max population to 32k with an upgrade to 40k possible with the addition of more habbitats
  • Added 3 x XL Maintenance Docks
  • Added 3 x L Maintenance Docks
  • Added 3 x S/M Maintenance Docks
  • Added 3 x S/M Fabrication Docks
Trying to build up funds for my first XL Ship plan (c. 112M required) in order to make the XL maintenance docks fully functional. Then starting the burn to c. 500M credits for the L/XL dock plans.

Currently have full S/M ship production capability at both EBI Station One and my HQ. Will also post my plans (and some screenies) for my HQ, nominal baseline Outpost, and the small scale Defence Station that I refer to as an Overseer.
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