Problem with Shopping List

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Problem with Shopping List

Post by keeshah » Wed, 25. Dec 19, 21:01

Hi guys,
maybe somebody has a hint for me, I spent a lot of time with this and just can't seem to find a solution. So I thought, I ask here for help.
This new feature of X4 (Or did I miss it before?), so show a shipicon, when you add it to the ships you build in the Shopping List, my own ships, the modded ones, don't show that icon. I get the placeholder graphic.
I added this to my mod in my libraries:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<icon name="ship*" texture="extensions\nadia\assets\fx\gui\textures\ships\ship*.tga" height="256" width="256"></icon>
And also the file with the grafics in:
...SteamApps\common\X4 Foundations\extensions\nadia\assets\fx\gui\textures\ships
But, I don't get the icon.
I still get the placeholder with the ? in it, and also no errormessage in the logs. Besides a lot of messages, that there ain't some .sig file.
Anybody with an idea for me, what I might have done wrong or additionally need?

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