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[MOD][V 1.06] Improved Bombers

Posted: Sun, 20. Oct 19, 02:25
by RoverTX


Bombers in Vanilla are worse bombers than Frigates and Corvettes. Frigates have more capacity, and Corvettes have more launches.

This mod aims to fix that. It Allows Bombers To Use Missile Turrets And Buffs Their Missile Hold To 100, except the Minotaur Raider which isn't fully a bomber has had its possible hold only buffed to 50.

This has bombers matching Frigates capacity, and outclassing Corvettes launcher count.


Note 1: The medium turret launchers for medium ships are different blueprints than the ones for large ships. If you have already bought the launcher turrets blueprints this will ensure the ones for the medium ships are given to you. If you haven't you will get both the large and medium version when you purchase from the faction representative.

Note 2: to change missile type for the turret launchers on the top middle of your screen, where the turret behavior icons are, click the bottom icon for each turret.

What Is Modified?

In all the layout files for M ships the turrets are patched to ensure only bombers can use the missile turrets.
Patched the bomber ships macros to give them more missile storage.
Patched the library ware file to allow for blueprints for the turret missile launchers for m ships.
Patched the library icon file to ensure the turret missile launchers have icons in the equipment menu.
Added an MD file to ensure no issue with blueprint miss match.


Steam Workshop


1.02 Release Version

1.03 Stop Xenon P from using missile turrets. Also nerf Minotaur Raider to 50 missile count as it is not a full bomber.

1.04-1.06 Change local build system to avoid un needed things in release

Re: [MOD][V 1.06] Improved Bombers

Posted: Thu, 14. Nov 19, 04:22
by Warnoise
Thank you for the amazing mod. Will AI use them too?

Re: [MOD][V 1.06] Improved Bombers

Posted: Thu, 14. Nov 19, 04:43
by RoverTX
They will yes.

Re: [MOD][V 1.06] Improved Bombers

Posted: Thu, 14. Nov 19, 22:12
by Rastuasi
3.0 removes the bomber, how will it affect this mod?

Re: [MOD][V 1.06] Improved Bombers

Posted: Fri, 15. Nov 19, 01:19
by Buzz2005
didnt remove it just renamed it to gunship or something like that

Re: [MOD][V 1.06] Improved Bombers

Posted: Fri, 15. Nov 19, 02:36
by RoverTX
Yeah they just renamed they. They are still terrible and have no unique purpose. This mod stays may just rename it.