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Notice to Modders: Version 3.30 now on public beta! - Last updated 2020-06-25

Posted: Fri, 8. Feb 19, 12:11
by KlausM
Keep an eye out for Beta updates in the Public Beta Feedback forum. You now have the opportunity to test your mods with the new version before your players do!


Starting from Update 2.00 we have been taking the opportunity to list some of the modding-related changes which normally go unannounced into patches.

X4 Wiki - Breaking Changes

Please note that this will always be just a subset of the changes which may have an impact on mods, but at least it provides a little more information to modders. Added features such as new script actions or Lua/FFI functions are not announced, since they will not break existing mods. However, the corresponding documentation will be updated (e.g. XML schemas in the catalog files).