[Tool] Porting XR With a Rust Application

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[Tool] Porting XR With a Rust Application

Post by teleportationwars » Mon, 7. Oct 19, 01:53

Thanks to cg089 for helping out a lot with the learning rust part of this.



If someone wants to come out of the woodwork to do the vanilla balance, you could tell us how you would like the values exposed. We can do anything from expressing it as some bounds on groupings to literally exposing them all.

This isn't actually required, but it would be cool if someone wanted to write some md using
<find_object_surface object="" posname=""></find_object_surface>
to generate new connections. It would be a complex thing to write and XR already has connections that just need a little love but such a tool would still be pretty nifty and allow a lot more cool stuff.

Original Post:

We have been working on some tools in rust to assist with creating TPWAR. This has put us in a position to make a tool for porting XR to X4. To that end, a small cry for contribution:

We could technically create something close to a one-click-solution for porting XR art to X4 by running an executable that locally moves art and generates xml/balance for owners of XR and X4.

We could really use some help in that effort.
- permission from Egosoft...
- quaternions: XR connections are fine for x4 but are rotated 180 degrees
- level of detail (lod): a process needs to be made to triage/change lod values. it is not enough to rename the files or change values in the components files
- vanilla-like balance: we would be making this for TPWAR balance so someone to maintain a vanilla version needs to be found

Here is an explanation of the tools we've made so far:

Teleportation Wars is pretty big. So big that the demand on our time to set values which are acceptable but not identical is by far the largest part. We have 117 new sectors. Those sectors will each require at least 5 regions to cover lockboxes, ore, gas, audio, point of interest etc. Thats a lot of regions, and a lot more values. Something like 50000 values.

These tools are undocumented. If someone would like to use one of these tools and finds our rust too annoying to read or doesn't know enough to edit and compile them for their own use please contact us on the unofficial Egosoft discord https://discord.gg/AWNAKU9 @mewosmith or @albysmith and we would be happy to help you out.

generate weapons to whatever bounds you specify in the config:

https://github.com/mewosmith/Teleportat ... onRefactor

generate ship variants or rebalance vanilla ships based on whatever bounds you set:

https://github.com/mewosmith/Teleportat ... ipRefactor

generate regions with some reasonable randomization with connections to sector offsets:


Some of the tool stuff is pretty nice for people not doing absurd mods. If you just want a copy of the behemoth or to rebalance some specific parts of ships you could pluck whatever xml you want from the output. The weapons have damage falloff. The regions have some unused art in the pool.

We should have an alpha out in the next few weeks of Teleportation Wars 3 with a lot of output from these tools to show off.
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Re: [Tool] Porting XR With a Rust Application

Post by teleportationwars » Wed, 9. Oct 19, 18:55

Sent this email to Bernd in the hopes of getting permission.
Following the instructions from X2-Illuminatus in viewtopic.php?f=181&t=418034, we are reaching out to request permission to create a tool that locally ports XR assets into X4. This tool would only function if the user supplied the XR assets. It would read from an extracted XR and include instructions for how to download and use the XRCatTool.

We have released some of the tools we use to make our teleportation wars mod here:
Thanks for making such a great game!

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