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Game Freezes indefinitely at Random

Posted: Mon, 20. Nov 23, 21:17
by AlexeiTechnik
Hello dear EGOSOFT, denizens of the forum,

My name is Alex, I have the exact same issue persisting as this thread.

So far tried:
NVIDIA updated
MB drivers updated
few minor unrelated fixes to registry

Game is 6.20 Community of Planets Collector's Edition

Lots of mods (which just might be the issue though it worked fine for 8d+ game time.

I honestly feel pretty bad about my 8d+ gametime save.

First the issue started after the completion of PAR/HOP plot when TIR is created. I worked around by going to remote system and SETA for a little while. Then got back and flown through the same sectors to HQ to finalize the plot and the plot was concluded. After an hour or so the freezes went back(player in Avarice systems). Something in game is happening which freezes the whole thing exactly the way thread author describes it.

No point in adding dxdiag or system specs so here is the save game. ... drive_link

Any help would be greatly appreciated, really.

Thank you!

Re: Game Freezes indefinitely at Random

Posted: Mon, 20. Nov 23, 21:39
by Alan Phipps
With an extensively modded game that may make loading the save academic, and no system or game state information, it is rather unlikely that any here can help you effectively.

Re: Game Freezes indefinitely at Random

Posted: Thu, 23. Nov 23, 08:02
by Incinerator
Are you using SETA while in a sector where you are building a station?

I noticed it might freeze when I add stuff on my PHQ while in the personal office and use SETA. When checking cpu threads in processmonitor, its stuck in two threads on commands related to drones while sound process continues like it should.